Generation Starters Of Old And New


Hey guys, so Pokemon Black and White has been out for a while and I think people are starting to warm up to the new batch of Pocket Monsters (if you didn’t like them already). At first I thought the new Pokemon looked awkward and that their names weren’t very creative. I was beginning to think that Nintendo had no more ideas left, but the inhabitants of Unova have grown on me in just a short time. It’s been a while since I’ve played my Pokemon Black Version, but I remember clearly when I had to choose my starter. I chose Snivy—he looked the cutest and the coolest. Oh and it’s pronounced SN-IVY, in case you didn’t know. The Unova starters—Snivy, Oshawott, and Tepig—are great, but how do they compare to the starters of past generations?

The Kanto starters are almost as iconic as Pikachu itself. Bulbasaur, Chamander, and Squirtle remain perennial favorites. There’s not much I can say about them that you don’t already know. They’ve got great names, great artwork, and great voices, what’s not to love? Bulbasaur is like a dinosaur with a plant symbiont attached to its back. Charmander is a fire lizard (salamander?) Squirtle is like a blue mini ninja turtle. The original trio set the standard really high for the next generation of starter Pokemon.

I remember all the hype surrounding the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver. I know I was excited to get the games and see the new Pokemon. The Johto starters include Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. Chikorita looks like a dwarf brontosaurus (my best description based on what it involves into). Cyndaquil’s Pokedex information describes it as the “fire mouse” Pokemon, but it has a really long nose. Totodile is easily the most familiar. It’s a chibi crocodile that stands on its hind legs. I felt like the creators did an excellent job on these starters and found them very stylish.
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Pokemon Mudkip

By Anonymous

So I heard you like Mudkips? Everyone does, you just can’t fight it. They are the cutest Pokemon you can get, that is just an opinion though. How do you get a Mudkip? Mudkip is a starter Pokemon along with Treecko and Torchic in the Hoenn region. You have to get one of them from Professor Birch, the professor of the Hoenn region that studies Pokemon environments and habitats. His lab is located in Littleroot Town. All of his starters are at level five, just like all of the starters in all of the regions. Treecko is the grass type Pokemon, that looks kind of like a gecko. Torchic is the fire type Pokemon, which looks sort of like a baby chick. And Mudkip, the mudfish Pokemon we all know and love, is the water type Pokemon you can receive. Let’s get our Mudkip now!

Everything will go by pretty smooth for a while. You may encounter a member of Team Aqua or a member of Team Magma, but all in all everything will go by easily. When you arrive in Rustboro City to take the gym challenge so you can get your first badge and be one eighth closer to be able to challenge the Pokemon League. The leader of the Rustboro City gym is Roxanne. Roxanne trains rock type Pokemon. Rock type Pokemon tend be preferred for the first gym. I don’t know why. All but in the Johto region. In Kanto there is Brock for rock type Pokemon. In Hoenn there is Roxanne for the rock type Pokemon, and in Sinnoh there is Roark for the rock type Pokemon. I believe in the Unova region the first gym does not use rock type Pokemon. Anyway, time to get back on topic.
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Pokemon In The Distant Future

By Carl00456

Pokemon is very limited due to its time. The technology today cannot fully surpass the capabilities of Pokemon in the modern world. Imagine Pokemon in full HD on your TV. There could be 3D battles live over Wi-Fi or even augmented reality where you can throw a virtual poke ball and catch a Pokemon and then you could pet them and train them up, it would be really popular and cool! Unfortunately, this technology does not exist but, hopefully, some day it will. This is just a list or explanation of some of the things that could be made.

Virtual Pokemon battles would certainly be a hit. Wouldn’t it be fun to get a pokeball out of your pocket and send out your Pokemon to battle? It would look amazing and it would make you think that the Pokemon were real. Furthermore, you could pet the Pokemon and evolve its moves. Augmented reality contests sure would be interesting. The Pokemon would probably look like holograms but it would still be quite fun. I would love it if a kid was bullying you at school so you settled it with a Pokemon battle!

Even 3D Pokemon games would be fun. I don’t mean the eye popping 3D that’s in cinemas today, I mean the 3D third person type. You would be able to explore around many cities and places, admiring the beautiful scenery. It would also be awesome watching wild Pokemon run around. I don’t see why they haven’t already done this though as it could be done on the PS3 or xbox360. Moreover, you could use the abilities of Xbox kinect and playstation move to make the game more realistic. This would easily make catching Pokemon more fun and enjoyable. Adding some much needed downloadable content couldn’t hurt either. You could get new clothes for your trainer or Pokemon and new skins for your pokedex.
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Even Team Rocket Has Fans!

By Pheonixxfoxx

Prepare for trouble and make it double…These words have been uttered time and time again by my favorite human characters of the Pokemon anime series. We mustn’t forget Meowth, Team Rocket just would not be the same without   the wisecracking feline.

That’s right!! I have collected memorabilia of Jessie, James, and Meowth since 1998 I believe?! Though, human characters are not merchandised the way the actual Pokemon are, the trio has gotten a decent amount of merchandise and I have the collection to prove it!

My collection of Team Rocket really began when I got my hands on a set of Jessie and James figures at a local mall; little did I know that they were actually bootlegs. Since then, I have gotten the beautiful TOMY figures the bootlegs were based on. Despite the age of the figures, they are even mint in package, and I decided to leave them that way for the time being.

When I learned of the Team Rocket TCG, back in 1999-2000 due to be released here in the US, I knew I had to have the complete set. I did accomplish my TCG task; in fact my English set is 100% 1st edition. I am still working on completing my Japanese set, not many cards are needed now. My Team Rocket set is even housed in an official TCG Team Rocket binder and I even have a matching deck box.

I must admit that Jessie, James, and Meowth are not the only Team Rocket related things I collect. Giovanni, their boss and Persian also occupy my collection. I know I mentioned my Persian prototype plush in a past article. It is a shame it was never put into circulation, for I know I would have ended up with an army of classy cat plush. I hate to say it, but in a way Meowth did get his wish, for he is the top cat as far as merchandise goes! At one point, my Team Rocket collection was becoming a Meowth collection.
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Pokemon Stat Changes (Status Afflictions)

By Matt

To make battles even more exciting (and more unpredictable), status conditions were added in addition to stat modifications. A status condition is one of the following: Poisoned (PSN), Burned (BRN), Paralyzed (PAR), Sleep (SLP), Frozen (FRZ), or Confused. You may know these exist, but not of their hidden effects, so let’s go over them one by one.

Poison is the status affliction which takes away HP over time. There is no change to the Pokemon’s stats: it just pressures them into making better moves before they faint. These kinds of moves are usually utilized by Grass- and Poison-types, and a particular move, Toxic, will “badly poison the opponent”. Normal poisoning (PoisonPowder, the ability Poison Point, etc.) takes out 1/8 of the opponent’s HP every turn. Moves like Toxic will start out with 1/16 HP loss, but increase by 1/16 over time. That means by the 4th turn of severe poisoning, 5/8 of the Pokemon’s HP will be lost (1/16 + 2/16 + 3/16 + 4/16).

The condition Burned may not be as harsh, but is still a major setback. These kinds of moves are used by Grass- or Fire-types. Like poison, the Pokemon will lose 1/8 HP each turn. But, hidden out of sight, the Pokemon’s Attack will lower two stages (that’s half of the Attack gone, if you’ve read about Stat Modifications).

You can use Will-o-wisp for a sure-fire burn, or a move with a side effect of burn (like Scald). Paralysis does not cause any HP loss, but makes the playing field fairer for slow Pokemon.
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Should The Pokemon TCG Company Accept Submitted Illustrations?


For some time now I have been wondering just like many others out there why don’t the Pokemon TCG company accept submitted illustrations of Pokemon cards so they my be printed?. When you think about it will give many talented and creative Pokemon fans a way to express their work and being able to see it get printed into a card. I’ve personally gotten bored with the pretty much same illustrations over and over again not to forget the ones where they look like they were made out of play dough. I have been online and seen some of the creative Pokemon fans “Fake” card displays and I must say some of those are really good and should be able to the recognition they disserve. It will also give the illustration artist a break and time to get to get back to full potential back when the Pokemon card illustrations where amazing like the E series such as Skyridge, Expedition, and Aquapolis which I personally think were they best English illustration cards ever printed.

It would be great to see a contest spur up where people can submit their own illustration and the top three or five or what ever get to see their cards get printed into sets or at least into secret rare cards that come out at the end of a sets. I think that the only down side to this is that many people may write to the Pokemon TCG company asking to get paid for their illustration or not getting printed exactly how they were drawn but I say hey as long as it got printed and share with people around the world what more could you really ask for. If not illustrations then they could maybe take submitted ideas from people where people can write in their idea of a new Pokemon LV X card, a new Legends card, a new prime, or even new ideas for a creative Pokemon move or Pokebody/ Pokepower. Being able to accept all this ideas or illustrations from people will really boost up sales they would have more people going to buy boosters just so they can get a chance of pulling the card that came from their idea, they would get more people interested in Pokemon do to the new really cool fan inspired illustrations, and just a great chance to give back to the fans, players, and collectors after so many years in business.
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The Legendary Birds

By Jo

As the Pokemon games have expanded, so has the amount of legendary trios. Though the first trio, The Legendary Birds (Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres), really set the standards that the others would have to meet in future generations. Some of the criteria that they implemented were that the three should be about equal in abilities, share common traits, and check each other in certain areas. In the games they’ve been referred to by other names, one of the most popular being ‘winged mirages’.

Articuno is the most passive of the three birds. It lives in the highest of mountains to isolate itself from others and dislikes battling. Articuno is thought to be only a myth, a sight that travelers without any chance of surviving see before meeting death at extremely low temperatures. It is supposed to be quite a beautiful sight to behold, with its icy feathers gleaming and its long, flowing tail trailing behind it. According to its pokedex entries, Articuno is said to freeze the moisture in the atmosphere while flying so it actually causes snow to fall after it. Articuno is the first Legendary Pokemon listed in the National Pokedex. Its name comes from the word ‘arctic’ and is most-likely based off from Persian rokh, a giant arctic bird.
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The Classic Pokemon Stadium

By Matt

I was playing with the old Nintendo 64 one day, and I found a very nostalgic game: Pokemon Stadium. It was one of the greatest games of my time, and always brings back memories. Although we didn’t have any Pokemon games for the GameBoy, we would have fun using Pokemon that were provided. When you start the game, you will see a controller configuration and if you have any Game Paks plugged into your controllers.

The first option is Stadium Battle, which will set you up for a battle in one of four cups. Each Cup features different levels and rules, and if you don’t have Pokemon, you can just use one provided, but keep in mind that their moves will be predetermined; usually they end up with strange moves that you never knew they could learn. (Remember, Dark- and Steel-type Pokemon have not yet been invented, so moves like Bite are set to Normal-type as default.) There are 8 Trainers of different kinds to face, and each one you defeat will bring you closer to winning the cup. Each “perfect win” (this is when none of your Pokemon faint) you get will earn an extra continue to be used if your Pokemon are defeated.
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Pokemon Normal Type Move Summaries Part 4

By Matt

I will be discussing Normal-type Pokemon moves. The entire list can be
found at This provides
a complete list with PP, Base Power, Accuracy, and a complete description. When you click on the move, you can see more details, like which Pokemon can learn it.

If I remember correctly, we’re on G, H, and J now.

There’s no moves starting with I, what a shame (Giga Impact is the physical equivalent of Hyper Beam: its power is 150, but the user has to rest on the next turn.

Glare paralyzes the opponent. This can be useful for getting slower Pokemon in your party to move first.

Growl lowers the opponent’s Attack. Charm is a much better alternative for this move (because it lowers two levels).
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Pokemon Collectors, Players, and in Between

By: Brian Hsieh

Pokemon cards can have meanings, depending on the person. If one collects cards as a hobby, pulling holographic cards or any card that completes their set is something to look forward to. To an avid gamer, pulling the best possible card to enhance their decks is vital.

Older sets are coveted among collectors. Not only does opening a booster pack from an older set bring back memories (for those who did collect at that time), it also brings rare, out of print cards that might suit a collector’s needs. Old sets mean nothing to a competitive player. Collectors are also more likely to purchase a booster box over single booster packs, as some wish to complete the actual set that the booster box is in.
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