How To Get A Celebi In Gold And Silver Without The Event Or Gameshark

By Jill/Redterror117

Please note before going through this that the method used to obtain Celebi has a chance of being harmful to the cartridge, as one of the requirements for this is a Bad Clone. I am not responsible in any way for damage done to someone’s game for attempting this. Anyways, if done correctly the result of these steps will result in the player getting their very own Celebi, using some hidden hex values. Anyways before you begin, you will need three things: An egg that will hatch a Pokemon knowing Beat Up as its third move (the third move being important), a Bad Clone, and any five unneeded Pokemon. The easiest way to get the egg is to breed two Pokemon together with the same move set, such as Sneasel. The reason Beat Up is needed is because its assigned hex value is 251, the same as Celebi. This essentially means that you can produce any Pokemon in the game with this method (on the exception of Ledyba, because the move that shares its number is Struggle, which can’t be learned). As for the Bad Clone, there are different methods to getting one. The Box Clone technique can be used to obtain one, though it may take several tries. The ‘successful’ clones can be used as the third requirement.

Next comes the steps. Drop the egg with Beat Up into a box, with the five unneeded Pokemon and the bad clone in the party. Next, head for the daycare in Goldenrod City, and drop the Bad Clone into the Day Care. Following this, ask for it back. The Bad Clone will be turned into a ?????, a different type of glitch Pokemon. As a safety precaution, finish the rest of the steps without trying to view this Pokemon’s info or Pokedex. Move ????? to the top of the party, then log onto the PC. From there you will need to grab one more unneeded Pokemon using the ‘Move Pokemon Without Mail’ option, and place it at the top of your party. At this point you will have seven Pokemon in your party, the newly withdrawn Pokemon being the first, followed by the ?????, then the other five.

It’s at this point that things may start to become a bit more complicated. Return to the daycare with the seven Pokemon, deposit the ????? back into the daycare, then go back to the PC. From here, you will need to deposit the first and second Pokemon , then use the ‘Move Pokemon Without Mail’ option again, to grab the egg and place it at the top of the party. Following this, deposit the rest of the Pokemon except for the egg into the PC, then withdraw any Pokemon that were not designated for use in this glitch. With a full party of an egg plus five, proceed to move around (preferably in a place where no Pokemon battles will be encountered), until the egg hatches into a Celebi. You’re not done here however, as the Celebi will be hatched at level 0, meaning that it cannot be levelled up normally. In order to fix this, the Celebi will need to be dropped into the Daycare until it becomes at least level 2.

After Celebi has hatched, the ????? should disappear from the daycare, if the steps are followed properly. However there is the odd occasion where it may still remain. The problem with ????? Is that it cannot be released through the use of the PC, so the only way to remove it altogether is to trade it to an older generation (Red, Blue, or Yellow), and dispose of it from there.

Once you become more comfortable at using this glitch, you can take it a step further, and with research create items as well. While the third move of the egg determines the resulting Pokemon, the fourth move will determine the item held by the hatched Pokemon. If Reflect is the fourth move for example, the resulting held item will actually be the GS Ball, which can be used to trigger the event in the Ilex Forest to summon Celebi.


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Battling For The Love Of Bug-Types! Summary And Review


Hey guys! Today I’ll be summarizing and reviewing the 23rd episode of Pokemon Black and White. Right away, our heroes walk into the Castelia Gym, a spacious building that resembles a greenhouse garden. Burgh greets them and introduces them to the gym’s unique environment—filled with all kinds of trees and plants straight from Pinwheel Forest. The stadium rises from the ground and the battle begins right away.

Burgh sends out his first Pokemon—Dwebble. Ash counters with Tepig. Tepig leads with Tackle, but Dwebble dodges it and uses Dig. It follows up with a super-fast X-Scissor, which prompts Burgh to explain that it carries a lighter rock on its back. An Ember is blocked by Protect, but Tepig lands a direct hit with another Tackle. It uses Flame Charge next, but is thwarted by Protect, and Dwebble knocks out Tepig with Rock Wrecker. Cilan and Iris discuss strategies while Ash chooses a new Pokemon.

He decides to make it a bug-on-bug match and sends out Sewaddle. It leads with Razor Leaf and the crustacean uses Protect. Sewaddle dodges the incoming X-Scissor with a String Shot and uses Bug Bite, but cannot penetrate Protect. It is able to get Dwebble out of its shell and unleashes a flurry of String Shots, Tackles, and Razor Leaves for the equalizer.

Burgh sends out his Whirlipede, which makes Ash use his Pokedex. Cilan and Iris are worried for their friend as they discuss more strategy. Whirlipede seems to be unaffected by String Shot and uses Steamroller to land a direct hit. Another Steamroller rolls over Sewaddle as it uses Razor Leaf in vain. Iron defense negates the incoming Bug Bite. Burgh continues to dish out punishment with Steamrollers and orders up a Solarbeam for the knockout. Just when Sewaddle looks like it’s done for, it evolves into Swadloon! String Shot still has no effect, but a new move, Energy Ball, catches Whirlipede off-guard. Ash orders a Tackle that clinches the knockout.
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Top 3 Of Emerging Powers: Playability

By Kenny Wisdom

Kenny Wisdom here again, with a breakdown of the top 3 most tournament playable cards from our new Pokemon Black and White set, Emerging Powers. To be completely honest, there’s not a whole lot to love in this set, but there are still a few good, metagame shifting cards that need to be mentioned, so I’ll break them down here. I’ll probably either write longer reviews of each card and/or switch to a top 5 format for further sets (particularly Noble Victories, as that looks like a fantastic set) as there will certainly be more to talk about, usually. Without further ado…

#3: Tornadus/Thundurus

These cards (at least Tornadus) are pretty essential in new Zekrom builds. Zekrom was always a deck with a lot of potential, but that had two main problems. The first of which being that it was kind of an “all or nothing” sort of deck, where if you didn’t hit the combo early and keep it going consistently you basically had nothing. You didn’t really have a back-up plan, nor did the deck play any secondary attackers (besides Yanmega sometimes). You either got the combo off early or you lost the game, period.

The second problem was it’s softness vs. Donphan. Not only does Donphan hit you for weakness, but being a S1 that requires one energy and a plus power to OHKO you while you require 3 energy to swing into it for 80 damage was pretty ridiculous against you. Thundurus solves the first problem by being a mostly-reliable way of doing a turn 2 80, which is nothing to scoff at. Additionally, Tornadus solves the Donphan problem (sort of) by being resistant to it. The Zekrom deck still isn’t amazing in my opinion, but it went from decent/good to solidly good, perhaps very good. The best thing about these cards is that Zekrom isn’t even the only thing they’re good in, so the potentially is pretty endless here. Definitely some of the most interesting cards from this set, and personally the two that I think will be the most widely used as this format shapes up and for as long as this set is legal.

#2: Gothitelle

Probably my favorite card in the set, it’s proven itself to be a winner already. Think of it as a Vileplume from Undaunted, except for you can still play trainers, while your opponent can’t, and it’s a much better attacker that has some synergy with Reuniclus, Twins, and Pichu (aka the Ross/Team X-Files engine from the 2011 Pokemon World Championship). Another ridiculously good card that’s going to be used for as long as it’s legal in the format. Much like Tornadus/Thundurus, Gothitelle is such an interesting card that although it is very good in combination with Reuniclus, it’s not the only thing it’s going to be good with. It has so much potential and the fact that it’s going to be legal for another two+ years is only to it’s advantage. The downside of this card when compared to something like Vileplume is that you have to focus on it as an attacker and can’t just slap it in with a basic engine like you could with Vileplume, but I don’t think that’ll prove to be too much of a problem and ultimately may even help it out to an extent. With Plume you have to build around it completely by playing very little trainers, or even sometimes completely omitting them. Having to attack with Gothitelle is a very even trade-off for not having to build around Vileplume.
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Pokemon Beartic Review

By Jack Snell

Hey y’all, hows it going, Jack Snell here and today Ill be reviewing the much hyped card from Emerging Powers, Beartic #30.

Let’s start with some stats. Beartic is a Stage-1 Water-type Pokemon that evolves from Cubchoo (the adorable pokemon with a water droplet on its snout). It has 130 HP, which is incredibly high considering it’s a Stage 1 Pokemon. This is also great for Beartic as big attacks like Reshiram’s Blue Flare, Zekrom’s Bolt Strike will leave it with 10 HP, (as no attack does exactly 130 damage), which forces the opponent to use a Plus Power or two to finish Beartic off, if they wish, in one turn. Vileplume is therefore a great partner for Beartic, preventing the opponent one shotting Beartic by locking them out of Pluspowers, preventing the, using Switch to escape the attack lock and preventing them using other crucial trainers like Catcher, Communication and Rare Candy. It has a x2 Metal weakness which is great; you don’t see too many metal-type decks nowadays, with the prevalence of fire decks, and Beartic isn’t weak to the usual Electric type for Water-types, so it’s a great card to be played now. It has no resistance, which isn’t too much of a surprise. However, a drawback would be its three colourless energy retreat cost which is massive and almost never payable.

Now its attacks – it’s first attack, Sheer Cold, needs WCC to use; so I think it’s safe to say that Beartic is Double Colourless Energy compatible. ;D It does a sub standard 50 damage, but prevents the defending Pokemon from attacking the next turn. Personally, that’s great! They will be forced to retreat, evolve, or devolve in order to even touch Beartic the next turn. Now; evolving and devolving are pretty rare, so that means retreat, consuming valuable energy. If you can combine Beartic with Catcher or Vileplume you can effectively lock your opponent and this attack is what attracted all the hype.

Its second attack, Icicle Crash, needs WWCC, so once again, DCE can be used. It does a measly 80 damage (well, measly considering how much energy is required for this attack). It provides a OHKO to Donphan Prime which is weak to water-types as well as Reshiram, Typhlosion Prime and Emboar, therefore being a great counter to many popular cards in the format right now.

The artwork is cool if a little generic. Its a tad simplistic and nothing like the stunning Beartic artwork we are due to get in Psycho Drive/Hail Blizzard.

Overall, I give Beartic a solid 8/10. It pairs best with Vileplume and Reuniclus in a Ross type engine and provides a difficult to break lockdown. The HP and weakness make it a real tank but unfortunately so do the high attack and retreat costs, which prevent the arctic bear from hitting top marks.


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Minccino Neat And Tidy! Summary And Review


Hey guys! I will be summarizing and reviewing the13th episode of Pokemon Black and White. Ash, Iris, and Cilan are continuing on their journey to Nacrene City when they hear a young girl running towards them. The girl trips over a rock and stumbles, causing Ash and Cilan to fall into a nearby stream. While the two boys are drying up, Bianca introduces herself and relays a message from Professor Juniper explaining that she sent Bianca to give Ash a gym badge case. Ash receives his case and hands it over to Bianca to show her his Trio Badge when, all of a sudden, a Pokemon snatches it and runs away.

The trainers pursue it and hide behind a bush. It turns out to be a Mincinno and from the Pokedex, it likes to clean dirty objects, which would explain why it stole the dirty badge case. Bianca instantly falls in love with it and sends out her Pignite to battle. Pignite is tickled to submission prompting Ash to give it a go. Pikachu is ready, but Oshawott comes out of his Pokeball, pleading to battle. Mincinno tickles him and uses Double Slap and then runs away with the badge case. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has just reached Nacrene City and is surveying the city for a specific warehouse.

Back in the forest, Bianca has come up with a plan to capture Mincinno, by using Cilan’s dirty spoon as bait and a platter cover to catch it. Things are going accordingly to plan when it is caught, but it simply walks away with the cover on top of it. Our heroes chase it to a nearby tree and stream. Ash sends out Snivy and uses Attract, but Mincinno dodges it and uses Attract back at her. Ash must call her back and sends out Pikachu. Mincinno proves to be elusive and agile, dodging or blocking most of Pikachu’s attacks. It uses Hyper Voice and then starts to tickle Pikachu. Pikachu is able to resist and uses Thunderbolt on the worn out Pokemon. Bianca jumps at the chance to catch it, but cannot find a Pokeball in time and it starts to run off; however, it sees the dirty Pokeball and quickly runs over to clean it. The Pokeball opens up and catches Mincinno.

Ash finally recovers his badge and Cilan gets back his silverware. The group travels to a Pokemon Center and afterwards, Bianca challenges Ash to a 1-on-1 battle. She uses her Pignite against Pikachu. Pignite seems to have the upper hand and the match seems decided, but in a clash between Flame Charge and Volt Tackle, Pikachu emerges victorious. They become friends and Bianca goes on her way as our trio finally set out for Nacrene City.

We get to see Bianca in the episode! I found her to be an extrovert and quite expressive, much more invigorated and less timid than her video game representation. I welcome the big expression as it should be a positive role model for young girls. I thought she looked awkwardly huge compared to the others in certain scenes. I am impressed that she evolved her Tepig even though it’s her only Pokemon. There’s not much from Team Rocket these days.
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Pokemon Kanto Region – Eighth Gym

By Anonymous

You did it! We can go to the Pokemon League! We have been in all the towns and we fought all the gym leaders! Actually, no you haven’t. There is still one more left. It is the final gym, located in Viridian City. Go there and you can earn your last badge. Your at Cinnabar Island so it should take quite a while to go back to Viridian City. Actually, I think you can use Fly, which is a flying type attack but you can use it outside of battle to go to places you have been before. Just use Fly and go to Viridian City. The gym there is a ground type gym.

You might want to hold on to some water Pokemon but you could always be into surprises so go ahead and bring a varied amount of types. The gym is filled with powerful Pokemon, be on the lookout for the powerful ground type attack known as Earthquake. If you bring a Flying type Pokemon then Earthquake can’t harm you, it won’t effect it. Once you get to the gym leader, the final gym leader, challenge him. His name is Giovanni, and he will put up a big fight. When the battle begins he will send out a Rhyhorn. Rhyhorn is a ground and rock type Pokemon. Giovanni’s is at level forty five. Don’t let it use Earthquake or it could very well harm your chances of victory. You should be able to eventually get it down. He will then send out a Dugtrio at level forty two.

Dugtrio is a solid ground type Pokemon. He is actually very fast. Dugtrio, like Rhyhorn knows Earthquake so be on the lookout. You should be able to take him out, just use a Hyper Potion or another healing item if you need some help. If you can take out the Dugtrio he will send out Nidoqueen which is at level forty four. Nidoqueen is a poison and ground type Pokemon. It also knows Earthquake like the Dugtrio and Rhyhorn. Nidoqueen has an attack called Body Slam which can Paralyze you, I suggest a Full Heal or Paralyze Heal to be used. Nidoqueen will take a bit of time to take down if you don’t have any Pokemon that has an attack advantage over it. But if you defeat it you will face a level forty five Nidoking which is also ground a poison type and knows Earthquake.

If you can manage to take him down you are ready to face Giovanni’s strongest Pokemon. Just be careful that you don’t run out of healing and status healing items. The last Pokemon is another Rhyhorn, at level fifty. It knows the same moves as the first one, but is like five levels stronger so be cautious and you can take it down. If you win you will receive the Earth Badge! Congratulations, you now have all eight gym badges for the Kanto region! You can now challenge the Kanto Pokemon League!

Pansear And Simisear

By Jo

The elemental monkeys were never really favorites of mine when the games first came out. They were advertised and had merchandise, though that never really helped improve my opinion of them. It wasn’t until I received my own Pansear in the Dreamyard and used my sister’s Pansage when level grinding in her game, that I realized how useful they little monkeys could be.

Pansear, the High Temp Pokemon, appears to be based off from a monkey, though also holds physical similarities to fire and flames. It seems to be wearing red ‘pants’, the waist zigzagging with its cream colored torso. Its arms and lower half of its face match its torso and its tail, upper half of its face, ears, and ‘hair’ are the same red as its ‘pants’. The very tip of Pansear’s tail is in the shape of a small flame, and its ‘hair’ appears to be sculpted in the same flame-like pattern. Pansear is the only non-starter Pokemon to have the starter-exclusive ability, Blaze. It is also the only member of the three elemental monkeys that doesn’t learn a move that is otherwise only available through TM (Pansage learns Grass Knot, and Panpour learns Scald). According to its pokedex entries, Pansear live in caves and volcanoes. When Pansear is angered the temperature of its head tuft reaches 600 degrees F. It uses that tuft of hair to roast berries. Pansear’s name seems to be a combination of the words ‘pan’ (most-likely a reference to chimpanzees) and ‘sear’. The ‘ear’ in its name could also be a reference to the three wise monkeys, Pansear being the representation of “hear no evil”. Pansear’s name could also be taken as a pun of pan searing.

Pansear can only evolve into its final form, Simisear, when exposed to a Fire Stone. It is the only Pokemon not to be introduced in the first generation games to be able to evolve via Fire Stone. Simisear, like its pre-evolution, has features of both monkeys and flames. Simisear appears to be wearing a pair of red pants as well, the edges zigzagging. Simisear’s tail is fluffy and resembles a puffy cloud of smoke as well as cottony-like, white shoulder pads. Its arms are the same shade red as its ‘pants’, ‘hair’, tail, upper half of its face, and outer ears. Its fingers, though, are the same crème color as its torso, lower half of its face, and toes – and it looks as if it is wearing fingerless gloves. According to its pokedex entries, it loves sweets because they become the fuel that it burns for energy. It apparently has a flame inside its body and scatters the embers from its head and tail to burn its foes. Simisear’s name most-likely comes from the words ‘simian’ (which are often referred to as being “higher primates” and are known as Old World monkeys and apes) and ‘sear’.

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A Home For Dwebble! Summary And Review


Hi guys! I will be offering a detailed summary and a review afterwards of the 11th episode of Pokemon Black and White. This episode starts out with Cilan preparing delicious sandwiches for Iris and Ash. Pikachu and Axew also enjoy their food without it getting stolen by Darumaka this time. Our heroes take a peek over some rocks to find a curious little Dwebble. They are delighted to see it in the process of choosing and making its home from a nearby rock. It then moves into its new shell, but is quickly kicked out when 3 bully Dwebble steal it from him. After beating up the owner, the bullies dig underground. Cilan cannot believe the injustice and sends out his Pansage to chase after the thieves. They are unsuccessful and the gang tries to calm down the disgruntled crab, but he lashes out in fear and ends up hurting Pansage.

A cut scene reveals Team Rocket meeting up with Pierce. They are given orders to infiltrate the Antimony Research Lab and to download the meteorite data. The sun is setting and the team is setting up camp for the night. Cilan uses a potion on Pansage, but he develops a fever. Iris comes to the rescue by whipping up a healing salve from nearby herbs. The team proceeds to sleep and we see Dwebble show its concern for the green monkey. As our heroes are sleeping, Team Rocket infiltrates the heavily secured research lab and accomplishes their mission. They report back to Pierce and are told to await further orders.

To everybody’s relief, Pansage makes a full recovery and the group heads out to help Dwebble get its home back. The bullies are spotted, but run away, only to be chased by Axew. Now that the wrong-doers are cornered, Dwebble vehemently insists that it wants to fight and get its house back by itself. The three are too much for it and again dig away. Knowing that the brave Pokemon only needs a fair fight, Cilan uses his food as bait to separate the trouble making trio. By using the environment and its deadly X-Scissor move, Dwebble takes back its house in a truly heroic manner. It becomes fond of Pansage and Cilan and decides to join him.
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Pokemon Woobat And Swoobat

By Jo

Bats normally symbolize fear, darkness, and at times even super heroes. Though what I love about Pokemon is that the creators normally cause people to reevaluate what they’d normally think of when seeing something and turning the tables on them. Woobat and Swoobat are prime examples of said table turning.

Woobat, the Bat Pokemon, is small and furry. It’s about the least scary thing you could think of, which is the exact opposite of what normally comes to mind when thinking of bats. Its body consists of a great blue ball of fluffy fur, a small set of black bat wings and a pink, circular nose with heart-shaped nostrils. Its eyes appear to be hidden by its blue fluff, and its mouth only contains a pointed tooth in the center. A main character in the thirteenth Pokemon movie wore a hat with a Woobat on it. It was one of the first Unova region Pokemon to be seen. According to its pokedex entries, Woobat inhabit dark forests and caves. They emit ultrasonic waves from their nose to learn about their surroundings. The suction from their nostrils enables them to stick to cave walls during sleep. They apparently leave heart-shaped marks behind. Woobat seems to be the literal interpretation of bat with a heart-shaped nose and may be based off from a type of albino fruit bat. Its name seems to be a combination of the words ‘woo’ (a possible reference to the fact that it evolves based on happiness) and ‘bat’. The Woobat line shares many similarities with the Zubat line as they both evolve into their final form via happiness, both are referred to as being of the Bat Pokemon species and both lines have the ‘bat’ suffix at the end of their names.
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Munna And Musharna

By Jo

In the first generation games and their remakes there was a female picnicker on Route 10 that mentioned wishing there was a pink Pokemon with flowers on it. Fast forward some ten years and out comes Munna, a Pokemon that fits the description Carol gave.

Munna is small and pink has rose-colored (nearly red) eyes, and sort of resembles a piggy bank. It has purple flowers scattered around it and could possibly be based off from the Baku myth (the same one Drowzee is based off from) in which a tapir-like creature eats dreams. Munna could also be based of traditional Japanese incense burners called “koro”. According to its Black pokedex entry, Munna constantly floats in the air. Despite this though, it does not have the ability Levitate. It also states that those whose dreams are eaten by Munna forget what the dreams had been about. Its White pokedex entry says that it eats the dreams of both people and Pokemon. Munna is the only Pokemon to evolve by Moon Stone since the third generation, as Skitty was formally the latest to be released. When it devours a pleasant dream, it expels a pink colored mist. Munna’s name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘moon’ and ‘luna’ (both meaning the same thing), which is probably a reference to dreams normally occurring when the moon is present.
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