The Reasons Behind The Strange Look Of Generation IV Pokemon

By Tony Tanaka

Many people think the new Black and White Pokemon characters look strange. But why is this? I think the reason is because the Pokemon company switched their design team. The biggest lost is the fact that Satoshi Tajiri hasn’t worked on the games since the days of Gold and Silver. This is probably the main reason why Generation III and Generation IV Pokemon looked so different from Generation I and Generation II Pokemon. Generation V which is just coming out will probably look just as strange.

There is a team of people that are in charge of designing the monsters. They come up with all the ideas. They decide which ones are the best and refine them into the final characters. After that, Ken Sugimori draws the chosen designs. In the first generation, there was a group of four people including Ken Sugimore. Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon, had the role of approving the monsters and suggesting changes after the basic ideas were designed. Presently, Junichi Masuda took over after Ruby Sapphire.
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