Hilda, Hilbert, And The Ferris Wheel Incident

By Vanilla Titanic

Herdier (Doggy) Lv. 23
Simisage (Sim Sim) Lv. 23
Pignite (Snouty) Lv. 25
Sandile (Sandy) Lv. 21

Tranquill (Feather) Lv. 19
Mienfoo (Chop Chop) Lv. 20
Dewott (Teddy) Lv. 22
Vanillite (Froyo) Lv. 19

Hilbert-I am so happy! I have just defeated the Nimbasa City Gym Leader! I cannot believe it! I thought I did not stand a chance! Now, my team consists of Sandy, Doggy, and Sim Sim, and Snouty, which are all stage 1 evolved. However, that red thing keeps on following me… I am starting to think that it might actually be a Pokemon… Oh well-I am so happy!

Hilda-OMG!!! I just can’t tell you what happened today…

That guy N, the turquoise color hair guy, took me up to the ferris wheel. He seemed as though he wanted to tell me something private… I was pretty eager and anxious along the way. However, he did tell me something private, but he told me something that almost made me had a heart attack. He is the leader of Team Plasma! Remember, the weird people in the gray and black suits, hats, and pants!??? I was really shocked! I just could not believe what happened! After that, he came to me, and he grabbed me on the collar. He told me that I could join him to become the Team’s leader also. He also mentioned if I did not want to, he would throw me off the ferris wheel. I punched him in the face. After that, I sent out my Chop Chop I caught a few days ago. It used Karate Chop on the window, shattering a hole. After that, I sent out my Feather. I hopped on its back, and then it flew out of the shattered hole. I could not believe it! I just committed a crime… I cannot stand it… My mind is collapsing… UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!

Hilbert-A weird thing just happened.. Actually, 2! First of all, I just walked outside of the gym, and the Ferris Wheel at Nimbasa was locked up. A bunch of Policemen came. There was a broken part in one of the carriers of the ferris wheel… Weird… After that, the green haired guy I last saw at Castelia came to me. He said that he was N, and that he needed someone to fulfill his destiny. He told me that I could be one of them. I was skeptical at first. However, N pulled out 2 Pokeballs. After that, when they popped open, a small black and blue dragon with a small steel warrior popped out. He told me that those Pokemon were called Deino and Pawniard. He then told me that if I would join him, I would get both. What a great deal! Getting two rare Pokemon for just joining someone. I then agreed, and they were mine. I am so excited to start our journey!
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Hilda, Hilbert, And The Beginning

By Vanilla Titanic

Hilbert-Hi everyone! I am walking at the harbor at Castelia City! What a view! The Skyarrow Bridge looks just totally fantastic! It is one bold suspension bridge! Snouty loves the view! He is really sad that he isn’t a water type because he can’t swim. Oh well, you get what you get… Other people commented that they have never seen a Tepig before! Wow, I am lucky!

Hilda-I am loving it here! Teddy and I are eating the most famous ice cream in Unova! I am so glad Teddy evolved into a Dewott! The Casteliacone is awesome! I had to wait in line for about 30 minutes to get one though… Who cares! It is totally worth it! I was previously visiting at a small art gallery, Studio Castelia, with one of my friends, N. He has long turquoise hair, and is really nice and a great partner! However, N disappeared in all of a sudden! Oh well… The artwork at this local gallery is really stunning. There are artworks of many different Pokemon! I loved the painting with Victini at the mysterious island, Liberty Garden. There is rumor that you can go to the garden from a cruise ship in this city! I really want to go! I also really want to meet Victini! It looks so cute! There were other paintings of the city, the famous Skyarrow Bridge, some natural landscapes, and even a painting of the most mysterious legendaries, Reshiram and Zekrom! Also, I somehow feel something is following me, whether it is a Pokemon or a person. I can just feel it! It is red and yellow… Hmmmm…

Hilbert-OMG! One guy with long turqoise hair came. He did not give me his name. However, he did give me an offer for a Water Stone, Fire Stone, or Leaf Stone! He told me that my little Pan Pan can evolve using the Leaf Stone! I am so happy! I finally can have a first evolution Pokemon! Pan Pan evolved into this Pokemon called “Simisage..” Oh well! He is still my little Pan Pan! Oh ya, I also saw that guy embark on a weird black ship that seems worn down at one of the docks. It seems awfully quiet in there… Maybe it is abandoned…

Hilda-I am at Café Sonata in Narrow Street. I didn’t like the street there… It was awfully dirty with trash all over the place… I also saw these guys in black suits, pants, and hats run… I think they are thugs… Oh well… In the Café, there are musicians that play many songs with Pokedrums , Pokepianos, and Pokebasses… So vibrant out here… The musician saw me, and he pulled me over to the side. He then gave me a stone that was pure white. It was no bigger than my hand .He told me that it was a legendary Pokemon that was very rare and special. He told me that I should use it “when times get rough, it will appear.” He then gave me a bottle of lemonade.
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Unova At A Glance (Prologue)

By Vanilla Titanic

Suzico-Hello, my friends and family! This is Mr. Suzico, the first president of the brand new discovered region, Unova! Welcome to land of Unova! We have been exploring many new places, and are in the stage of planning to build new cities! Not only that! New land means new Pokemon! So far, over 70 new Pokemon have been discovered in various locations. Scientists estimate that there will approximately be 150 new Pokemon in total! Unova is already planned for many new things, such as an Amusement Park, a big, spectacular city near the dock, new Gym Leaders, and even a new Elite Four! This will be great, everyone! Thank you, and may Unova carry on!

100 years later…

Entralink-Rows and rows of people, old and new alike, are lining up at the grand entrance to the new world. Many are excited and anxious to get in, for there will be a new bank filled with many new Pokemon. Inside, there is a colossal dome with vibrant swirls of purple, pink, and blue. There are also many different trees planted here and there. Groups of Musharna and Munna float randomly around the whole dome. Assistants busily scurry around, trying to help people. What makes this bank so special is that Pokemon from all regions, legendaries and regular alike, are stored here. To the biggest surprise, they are playing with many people. Some also come to store, retrieve, and borrow some Pokemon. Bliss and joy soars and dances through the atmosphere of the dome. However, there are a few passages that are restricted. The long, thin passageways lead into a maze… What is beyond that maze? No one knows…

Nimbasa City-Lots of people are here in this city. The Battle Subway is filled with tourists and challengers, novices and experts alike. Many people are also heading toward the sports stadium. Some are also lining up at the Pokemon Musical, waiting impatiently to buy tickets to the upcoming premiere “Poke Poppins,” starring the Elite Four member Caitlin’s Gothitelle as Mary Poppins. The most tourists and trainers are entering the amusement park. Lights dancing and flickering in the fair breeze. The new ferris wheel built in the amusement park draws many people. Everyone is having a great time.
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Meet Pokemon Raikou

By Anonymous

Ah yes, the legendary beast of the Johto region, Raikou. There are however two other legendary beasts known as Entei and Suicune. These three have been chosen by Ho-oh to watch over the world and see if humans have properly bonded with their Pokemon, which will signal Ho-oh’s return to the Bell Tower. This is just how the anime tells it. When the bell rings, Ho-oh will come to the tower, awaiting the chosen trainer for a battle. This is really awesome. Entei is the volcano Pokemon, Suicune is the incarnation of water, and Raikou, Raikou is the incarnation of Thunder. He is a yellow colored Pokemon, his fur is yellow. He has four legs, and some black tiger like electric bolt stripes throughout his body. His tail is an icy blue static color, it is a bolt basically, there is a static shape that is kind of like a spiky ball on the end of his tail.

Raikou has a yellow face and red eyes, on his forehead is a black structure and he has puffy white around his cheeks. He has a mustache type structure that is the same icy blue as his tail where his mouth is. It is a very cool looking Pokemon. He has a purple flowing main that also resembles the thunder cloud. In the thirteenth Pokemon movie, Zoroark the Master of Illusion’s Raikou is a star. He is in his shiny form which makes his tail and his mustache a gray color. It gives his yellow body a gold color. His white puffs are a bit darker like a light gray. His main is also a dark yellow instead of purple color. A pretty cool look for Raikou.

In the anime Raikou isn’t seen much at all, literally. If you watched Pokemon Chronicles there was a short movie about Raikou called the Legend of Thunder. It is a pretty cool movie, all based in the Johto region which I thought was pretty cool. It isn’t really a movie, it is split up into part. The Legend of Thunger Part 1 and so on. I think it has about three parts. What do you think of Raikou?


Pokemon Stats

By Anonymous

In Pokemon battling there are many mechanics for one to first understand. The basic Pokemon battle doesn’t take much thinking, mainly just acting. But advanced and competitive battling is said differently. Each Pokemon has something called a stat. Or more so stats. Stats are what Pokemon have that basically grade their power. This is done by first the basics, the base stats of a Pokemon determine everything.

Usually if a Pokemon has a base stat in the one hundred or above era it is just great. You could probably work with a ninety and maybe an eighty base state. These stats are based upon all the characteristics and all areas of a Pokemon’s powers. The first, HP, is health point. Health Points are what the Pokemon’s health is based on. A Pokemon attack does so much damage, if a Pokemon has high HP it is harder to take it out.

The next it Attack. Attack is what the Pokemon’s physical power is graded on, moves such a Take Down are based on physical power. If a Pokemon has high attack, it is harder for the opponent to get their Pokemon to survive the attack, unless they have high enough defense to last. Next is defense, this is basically the Pokemon’s physical power for defenses. A Pokemon can stand for physical attacks if it has higher defense. The next is Special Attack. Special Attack is similar to attack, but for non-physical attacks. A move like Dragon Pulse is like this. The higher a Pokemon’s Special Attack, the stronger the Pokemon’s non-physical attack’s are.

The next is Special Defense. Special Defense is based on how the Pokemon can block special attacks, if a Pokemon has high special defense then special attacks will do less damage on it. The final is speed. Speed is a very basic attack and one of the most important, the faster the Pokemon determines how it can go first. If it goes first it let’s you get the first attack which can help the outcome of the battle. Out of these stats you may have noticed that the HP and defenses were similar, if a Pokemon has high for all of these it will be very hard to take out. In most cases you will notice that the Pokemon can only have one really good defense stat and the other be a good HP stat. You can choose between these. Stats are very important in battling.

Special Pokemon Information

By Anonymous

Having an organized team is important in a Pokemon battle. It requires a lot of focus to set up on a strategy as well. And it can be very stressful if your strategy doesn’t work out, meaning you will have to go the entire battle thinking of another way to win the battle. But in most cases you can’t just use brute force, mainly just a backup strategy will be your best chance. It is hard to think of all these strategies. But another major point in battling is the Pokemon’s power.

A Pokemon has moves, each move has a certain attack power. This power is very important so you have an idea of how much your attack will do damage wise. Another point is accuracy, if a move has one hundred accuracy it will most likely be able to hit the opponent’s Pokemon. If it has thirty accuracy like most one hit KO attacks, it will most likely miss, but it is all based on probability. That is the main thing to worry about when it comes down to it. Each move has something called a power point. These are a limited amount of numbers that go down every time an attack is used.

An ability called Pressure cause a Pokemon to use two power points per attack which can really drain them down making you run out of power points quicker. A Pokemon also has an ability, each ability is unique and is shared by a few Pokemon. An ability like Pressure stated above is usually only used with legendary Pokemon and a few dark type Pokemon. Some abilties alow Pokemon to gain power like Flash Fire which raises fire power when a fire move is used to the Pokemon.

The ability called Levitate allows the Pokemon to not be affected by ground type Pokemon moves. A Pokemon can get their health resotred if they have an ability that allows it, such a Water Absorb, which restores the health of a Pokemon only if it is attacked by a water type attack. A Pokemon also has stats which are based on the Pokemon’s power. HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed, but those will be mentioned later.

Plusle And Minun, The Electric Rodent Pokemon

By Anonymous

How many electric rodents are there? It has been a tradition ever since Pikachu to have an electric rodent. There is one every region. In the Kanto region you will see a Pikachu which is a furry electric mouse with red cheeks, yellow body, a lighting bolt like tail, pointy ears with black on the tips. Why am I describing what Pikachu looks like? Everyone, and I mean everyone should know what Pikachu looks like.

In the Kanto region you will also see Raichu. Raichu has a white belly and an orange body. The same tale as pikachu except it is thin and black and longer and ends with a lighting bolt. The two seem related don’t the they? Pikachu evolves into Raichu with a Thunderstone. In the Johto region you will see a Pichu. Pichu has a pale yellow body and pink cheeks. His ears a flat and black and it has a little black tail that looks like a small lightning bolt it is the pre-evolved form of Pikachu. To get it to evolve into a Pikachu it must have friendship with it’s trainer. A Soothe Bell usually helps out in making it trust you faster.

In the Hoenn region you will see Plusle, it looks like a Pichu but it’s body is a creamy color and it has red ears and tail, it has red cheeks with the plus sign in the middle which is tan, seems pretty cool? It was a rough description. There is another electric rodent, known as a Minun. Minun looks the same as Plusle with a tan body, a blue tail, and blue ears. It has blue cheeks with the minus symbol in the middle in tan. They are actually related, these two. They have the abilities Plus and Minus which will power up the two if they are together. I think this is because Plusle and Minun came in the third generation which is the same generation where double battles were created.

So Plusle and Minun have their power up abilities for us in a double battle. There is also a move called Helping Hand that also powers up the user’s other Pokemon. Plusle and Minun are both cute additions to electric type Pokemon, don’t you think they are?

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Piplup, The Cute Penguin Pokemon

By Anonymous

The Sinnoh region. A glorious region inhabited by Pokemon and humans that train and capture them for battle. Both are great friends forever. They journey together and they fight together. Your first Pokemon is always one to remember, this is called your starter Pokemon. Professor Oak is a well known Pokemon researcher and a friend of all the professors. He worked on the digital encyclopedia known as the Pokedex. Trainers can get their starter from him.

A friend a Professor Oak is Professor Rowan. Professor Rowan studies Pokemon evolution. You can get a Turtwig, a grass type from him, A fire type Chimchar, or a water type Piplup. Let’s get Piplup. Piplup will be fine for the first fragments of your journey. The first gym is a rock type gym.The leader is Roark. He will throw a lot at you, be careful to winning this match. But it should be easy if you have a Piplup, mainly if Piplup has a water type attack.

Rock type Pokemon are weak against water type attacks. So it should be easy to get your first badge. Piplup is probably the most famous out of the three Sinnoh starters. This is because in the television series Dawn, the main female character in the Sinnoh region parts, chose Piplup as her starter. Piplup travels with Dawn, Ash, and Brock on their journey. Piplup tends to have attitude problems most of the time. Usually thinking he is the better one, or doesn’t like to admit he can’t do something. But Piplup is much like Pikachu is to Ash. Not going into a Pokeball most of the time and always traveling with their trainer walking side by side. Dawn’s Piplup never wanted to evolve. It was unique and different for this reason. Anyway let’s get back to Sinnoh in general. Piplup will evolve into a Prinplip which gets more power then Piplup and will help out your journey for quite some time, that is until it evolves. It will evolve into Empoleon. Empoleon has an emperor penguin type of look an is a water and steel type Pokemon. And odd combination, I think the first of its kind. Empoleon will put up a fight and will always be special for the fact that he is your starter Pokemon.

You will most likely want to challenge the Pokemon League in the Sinnoh region with him by your side. Empoleon can learn the very powerful water type attack Hydro Cannon, which is taught by a Move Tutor in the Survival Area after you beat the league, and if you can find his house. Will you choose Piplup for your journey in the Sinnoh region?

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Pichu, The Adorable Electric Mouse

By Anonymous

Have you heard of a mouse? Have you heard of an electric mouse? No, not the famous Pikachu. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a smaller Pikachu. Have you heard of it? Yes, it is a Pichu! Pichu is a cute baby Pokemon. The fur of a Pichu is much lighter than of a Pikachu. It is more of a pale yellow. They have the fuzzy black ears much like Pikachu but a Pichu has flatter ears, so the black covers more. They have pink cheeks instead of red. You can get them through breeding a Pikachu or a Raichu. In the anime you will see the Pichu Bros. in a few short films. The Pichu Bros. run around in a city and basically just have fun. It is enjoyable to watch their short movies once in awhile. One of the Pichu’s has tussled hair or something of the such.

That brings me to this next piece. A Pichu can have different ears. In the Pichu Bros. videos, yes. But in the twelfth Pokemon movie. The movie is called Arceus and the Jewel of Life. I’m sure you have hard of it. There is a Pichu in that movie. This Pichu has a difference in it’s ear just as in the Pichu Bros. This Pichu goes by many name, the spiky ear Pichu, the jigsaw ear Pichu, the notch-eared Pichu, no matter what you call it, it’s the Pichu in the twelfth movie and one of the stars. Pichu evolves into Pikachu through friendship, and Pikachu will evolve into a Raichu if you use a Thunderstone on it. Pichu is in the Johto Pokedex even though Pikachu and Raichu are in the Kanto Pokedex.

Pichu can have the color of a Pikachu, but only if it is shiny. This Pichu is known as the Pikachu colored Pichu or just as shiny Pichu, there was a Pokemon event given out a few years back where you could get a shiny Pichu referred to as a Pikachu colored Pichu. Pichu is a pretty cute Pokemon, don’t you think?

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Pokemon Crystal Onix

By Anonymous

A Pokemon can be in all shapes in sizes. Take Ditto for example, Ditto may be a normal type Pokemon but he can transform into any Pokemon that appears in front of him in battle, which is pretty cool. There could be a fat Pokemon like Snorlax, which is also a normal type Pokemon with high HP and attack. But one Pokemon is huge, it is known as Wailord, who is on eof the largest Pokemon to date.

Wailord is a water type pokemon who has a lot of power, mainly just huge though. He has a pretty cool dull look on his face which looks pretty cool. Another notable Pokemon is Onix, he is a rock type Pokemon but is immune to electricity, not because he is a rock type Pokemon but because he is a rock type Pokemon and a ground type Pokemon.

Onix is a long snakelike Pokemon. He consists of several large, dark gray boulders. They build up from being huge all the way down to being a normal size rock. Onix has a loud roar that he uses to intimidate his opponents. As seen in the anime. In the anime, Brock of Pewter City gym uses an Onix against Ash Ketchum who at the time was challenging him to a battle for the Boulder Badge, which is the first badge given out by Brock, the gym leader, in the Kanto region in the Pokemon World.

Ash Ketchum one the battle by uses electricity to turn on the fire sprinklers in the gym that put out the flame, that makes onix weak and Pikachu was able to zap it. In the Orange Island League, there are rumors of a Crystal Onix, which is exactly what it sounds, an Onix made of crystal. This Onix is strange because it lives in a lake. But it does look quite beautiful for being such a giant and intimidating Pokemon for the smaller opponents and those who aren’t ready for a hard battle! The Crystal Onix is shown to have a lot of power. Onix evolves into a Steelix, Steelix is a steel type Pokemon and a ground type Pokemon. What do you think of Onix, is he a favorite, you like his power, we want to hear it!

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