For the Player and Collector: HS Triumphant

By The Pidgeot

Hello again, I just finished opening my HS Triumphant booster box and I must say I had fun opening it. Then again who would not love to open booster boxes. From this box I must say I got pretty lucky with the ultra rare cards. I pulled five, very good, very playable prime cards; Celebi, Magnezone, Machamp, Mew and Gengar primes. I even pulled three legend pieces completing one of the two legends from this set. But enough about what I pulled, I’m here to inform you all once again the ups and downs of the HS Triumphant Set. To me this set probably is a more positive set added to the pokemon TCG world than negative. So lets get to it!
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Picking Your Emboar Line

By Keny Wisdom

With the release of Pokemon Black & White, many new decks and deck ideas have popped into competitive player’s minds. Not the least of which are those involving Emboar. Emboar/Reshiram, Emboar/Reshiram/Ninetales, and Emboar/Magnezone to name a few. With this article I’m going to help you to pick the correct Tepig and Pignite lines to go with your Emboar deck. Although this may seem like an inconsequential decision, it actually bares a good deal of importance, as there’s absolutely no reason to be running a subpar version of a card, particularly when they are all just about the same rarity. Without futher ado, let’s jump into it!


There are actually 4 different varities of Tepig. There were two printed in the Black and White set, and 2 additional promos. One of the promos is available in a tin with 4 HS-block packs and a Black and White preview pack, and the other is packaged into a blister pack w/ a booster of Black and White (or three boosters or Black & White, depending on which version you buy). We’ll be going through them one by one here.
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The Top 5 Cards of Black and White: Playability

By Kenny Wisdom

Hey folks, Kenny Wisdom here again, this time I’ll be talking about the top 5 most playable cards in the new English Black and White set. Note that I’m talking purely about their viability in tournaments, and not how the card art looks or how much I like the Pokemon, or anything of that sort. Next week I’ll be bringing a similar article focusing on the top 5 cards with the best art in the set, but for now I’m purely looking at power level.

It’s also important to note that I’m not counting re-prints in my estimation. Pokemon Communication is certainly a fantastic card, but it’s not new to this set, and therefore not eligible to be included on this list. Without further ado, let’s begin.
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The Infamous VileGar Deck

By Anonymous

Here is a very famous deck used in the trading card game by TCG players. The infamous VileGar deck. The VileGar deck consists of two main pokemon, Vileplume and Gengar. VileGar is a popular deck archetype in competitive Pokemon Trading Card Game play. The deck centers around the synergy between the Stormfront Gengar and the Undaunted Vileplume. Spiritomb from Arceus is used to set up, Gengar is used to attack, and Vileplume is used to keep a continuous Trainerlock on the opponent. The deck has placed well in numerous Battle Roads at the beginning of the 2010-2011 season.
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A breakdown Of The Pokemon TCG Online And It’s Benefits

By Kenny Wisdom

Hello readers,

For those who aren’t aware, my name is Kenny Wisdom, and I’m a competitive Pokemon TCG player from Washington State, U.S. This is my first Pokezine article, but I’ve written several dozen articles for, and I’m a regular part of various Pokemon communities, both on and offline. If you’d like to read any of my other work, please search Kenny Wisdom on, or contact kwisdumb on the Pokegym or Heytrainer.

Today I’ll be talking to you about the Pokemon TCG Online. For those not in the know, the Pokemon TCG online game just came out, meaning that as of right now, for free, you can play the TCG vs. computer AI, using pre-constructed decks from the Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver era. For now you can only play against the computer, but in the future it’s been revealed that you’ll be able to play against other players with all the cards in the game. Even more, there will be prizes and tournaments for the game as well, so this is going to become a very key component to the TCG, particularly if you plan on playing competitively.
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The Facts About Pokemon Luxray GL Lv. X

By Jack Borkowski

Luxray GL lv.x, the most difficult Lv.x to get is commonly referred to “the best card in our format”. Well to be honest I disagree, yeah I know some people will think differently to me but seriously I disagree completely. I’m going to go over the pros and cons of this card and overall answer “is this card worth getting”. First let’s go over the card in general. It’s poke-power Bright Look is probably the best poke-power in the game. It lets you pick one of the opponents benched pokemon and bring it up to the active spot. This can really annoy your opponent by bringing up a pokemon with a high retreat cost. You can also bring up a pokemon with low hp and K.O it.

Now the attack is where this card puts me off a little. It’s attack Flash Impact does 60 damage with a lightning energy and a energy gain but it also does 30 damage to one of your bench pokemon. This is terrible with cards like garchomp c lv.x in our format and even doing damage to your pokemon is bad overall. Another bad thing is the cost of the card itself. People are selling them for $80 each which is over the top.
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