My Speculation of the Unova Starters

By Logan,

Lately, I’ve been hearing people talk about the Unova starter pokémon. I’m sure most of you pokémon fans like me will probably disagree with some of the things I say about these three. For example, I think Snivy is over-designed.  

Let’s start with Snivy. Like I said before, I think the way that he is designed is a little much. I mean think back to Chikorita and Bulbasaur. They were nothing but green pokémon with very little but cool details like Bulbasaur’s seed and Chikorita’s leaf. With Snivy, it’s got a leaf tail, weird yellow collar things, a yellow swirls-like detail around both eyes, etc. Don’t get mad yet though. I still agree that Snivy is cool. Especially the way he’s so calm and cool. That’s what I love about his personality. Another thing I like is how even though he’s based off of a snake, he has feet, and they made it work. It had to be hard to make a snake design and have feet, but they made it work. 

Conclusion: An over-designed, but cool snake.

Number two, Tepig. Prepare to hate me when I say that Tepig is my least favorite of the three. To start, I just don’t like how he’s a pig. I’m not saying he’s ugly but, I’m just not very fond of pig-like Pokémon, like Spoink. Although, Grumpig is still on my top 20 favorite pokemon list. Another detail I don’t like is how he looks like he’s wearing a black diaper. It make’s him look wierd and like a baby. There are some cool things that I like though. His ears. I have absolutely no explanation why. They just seem cool. I also think his tail is epic. Think about it, a curly tail with a shiny red bulb at the end, epic right?! Just like Snivy, I like Tepig’s personality. He’s fun-loving, and I have also noticed how his battle animation in the games has his tail wagging sometimes. So if you like this starter, then you can hate my comment about him.

Conclusion: A cool eared, epic tailed, diaper wearing pig.

That just leaves one more, and that’s Oshawott. To be honest, I picked this little guy as my starter in Pokémon Black. Most people say that Oshawott is ugly, but I think he’s cute. Yes, I am a guy who thinks Pokémon can be cute. Sea otters are awesome so I was excited to have a Pokémon based off of one. My favorite part of all, the shell on his stomach. I think it’s called a scalchop if I remember from the anime. I think it’s cool how he can take it off and deflect attacks with it. Another thing, this dude is also partly based off a ninja somehow (mostly in his second evolution). Oshawott kind of reminds me of a snowman, but it works with how cute he is. Personality wise, he’s a confident, brave, and curios one. That’s awesome in my point of view. 

Conclusion: A cute, brave, ninja sea otter.I hope you fans post comment of how you see these starters.

P.S. Oshawott has helped me beat Pokémon Black in a little less than a week!

P.S.S. I will probably do evaluations on the evolution too!

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Pokemon 4Kid’s Horrible English Dubbing

By TokoyamiTheDark

Many people complained about 4Kids being horribly dubbing animes licensed to it, and Pokemon was no exeption before 4Kids lost their license. They not only ruined the show with voices, but also by editing images thanks to airbrushing. So, you want a few examples on how 4Kids ruined the series according to some fans?

1. ALL Japanese symbols are erased, giving a weird hollow feel-like in the show.

2. Japanese foods are replaced by North American foods, where in an episode, they dramatically edited Ash so he would hold a huge subway sandwich rather than a tini onigiri (rice cake)

3. Scenes with Japanese cultures are cut, since they don’t match America’s cultures

4. Even money isn’t spared ; a Japanese yen was replaced by an American penny in one of the Indigo League episodes thanks to airbrushing

5. Sometimes, to match America’s cultures, scenes are mirrored, which some makes no sense at all!

But if you thought those was bad, then you saw nothing yet, because the movies’ dub are far worse than the TV animation. Here’ I’ll explain how horrible were the series « Pikachu’s Vacation » were dubbed.

The Japanese intro of Pikachu’s Summer Vacation had one of the most joyful songs in all movies, composed by Hirokazu Tanaka, a famous Nintendo musician who began his career at making music in 1989, in the game Super Mario Land. In the English dub, it is a mere song called « Vacation » composed by Vitamin C. Hirokazu’s song has heartbeating sounds each time a new Pokemon picture was shown, following the rhytm. However, with Vitamin C, the rhytm no longer follows the song, so camera clicking noises were added as if someone was taking pictures.
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