Pokemon Episode summary : Pokemon Scent-Sation


By TokoyamiTheDark

Ash, Misty and Brock finally arrives at Celadon City, for Ash’s fourth badge, the Rainbow badge. Then they enter a perfume shop, where Brock and Misty both tries different perfumes. Ash counters that what they are doing is a complete waste of time and money, which shocks the kimono girls in the shop. Then, the shop’s owner, a Geisha girl with make-up, kicks Ash out of the shop for what he said about the perfume. Misty and Brock follows him, as Ash decides to go to the Gym to get his fourth Badge, the Rainbow badge. As he enters the Gym, he is stamped with a big, red ‘X’ stamp by mad girls who witnessed what happened at the perfume shop, for as the perfume is made in the Gym itself!

Usually, only girls may enter, but on some conditions, boys can also enter. Brock and Misty are welcomed inside the Gym. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to enter the Gym to steal all of the perfume, but gets kicked out of the gym at the next moment. Ash, peeking at he gym’s windows, sees the Gym Leader, but is astonished as he recognizes her : she’s the Geisha girl that owns the perfume shop! Sitting with a Gloom telling stories to people including Brock and Misty, Ash then crosses paths with Team Rocket, who gets an excellent idea to help Ash sneaking into the Gym ; disguising him as a girl!

As for Jessie and James, they disguise themselves as typical adults and put their plans on work ; they will pretend to be the parents of Ash (nicknamed Ashley) wanting her to be registered in the Gym. So, they enter the Gym, and everything is OK. Misty, Brock, and Pikachu still recognizes Ash despite his disguise, and looks in a funny way at him.In front of Erika, Ash reveals his disguise and asks her for a Pokemon Battle. She gladly accepts, and, as a Grass-type Gym Leader, she mainly uses Pokemon like Tangela, Weepinbell and, of course, her Gloom.

With Erika being distracted by the match, Team Rocket manages to find all of the perfumes stored in a safe. However, perfumes are very sensitive to combustibles, and the whole gym soon gets blazed in an intense fire! Team Rocket has fled with the ‘secret’ perfume, while Brock’s and Misty’s Pokemon tries to extinguish the fire. Erika suddenly remembers that she forgot her Gloom inside the Gym! Ash runs inside, as hasty as always, and, after a while, finds Gloom. However, it releases an horrid stench, and, after many attempts at grabbing it, Gloom let itself being grabbed by Ash, who exit the Gym safe and sound ; Ash came out only with a few burn scars.
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Rematch At The Nacrene Gym! Summary And Review


Hello guys! I will be giving a summary and review of the 16th Pokemon Black and White episode. The episode picks up right where the previous one ended, at the Battle Club. Don George begins his training lesson with Ash’s Tepig and tells him that the trainer must also train beside his Pokemon. Tepig and Ash start their training on a treadmill, trying to increase their stamina and speed. Don George turns up the intensity by having them dodge “shadow balls” at the same time. At first they struggle, but soon enough, they master the exercise and are noticeably stronger and tired. While Tepig rests, Oshawott is sent out to train.

Don George shows them a water-type training environment that looks like an enlarged swimming pool. There, Ash and his Oshawott are to swim against the current to build up their muscles and stamina. Meanwhile, Cilan and Iris feed a fully rested Tepig, but can’t seem to find Axew. Axew is mischievous and messes with the computer that controls the current strength. Ash and Oshawott are caught off-guard by the increase in current, but Osahwott adapts and performs Aqua Jet. Don George tells him to aim for the target, but the otter falls just short.

After they complete their training, Ash goes back to the Nacrene Gym to have a rematch with Lenora. Like last time, she shows her Pokemon, Watchog and Herdier (she evolved her Lillipup), before the match. The match begins with Tepig facing off against Herdier. Tepig opens with Ember and Herdier defends with Protect. It counters with Shadow Ball which Tepig dodges with relative ease thanks to his newfound speed. Herdier uses Roar and forces Oshawott to switch out. Lenora switches her Pokemon with Watchog to reenact the situation from their last match.

Watchog uses Mean Look right away. This time, Ash and Oshawott are ready for Lenora’s strategy. Right away Oshawott uses Razor Shell and catches Watchog off guard. Ash is excited to use Aqua Jet, but it is unsuccessful twice. He tries to use Water Gun, but misses as well. Lenora makes a quirky remark before issuing a Confuse Ray which connects. Oshawott takes a punishing Thunderbolt, but with his last remaining strength, makes a direct hit with Aqua Jet resulting in a double knockout.
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The Battle According To Lenora! Summary And Review


Hey guys! Today I’ll be summarizing and reviewing the 15th episode of Pokemon Black and White. Ash, Iris, and Cilan had just arrived to Nacrene City in the previous episode and now Ash is ready to challenge Lenora, the Nacrene City gym leader. Lenora, Hawes, and the trainers go through the museum and are allowed into a restricted room. It turns out to be a library where Lenora recommends that Ash studies about the Unova region. She points at a book and recommends that Ash should “take a peek” at it.

Ash is hesitant to read because he wants to battle, but Iris and Cilan hint that Lenora may be testing him. He pulls the book and that triggers the bookshelf to move, revealing a hidden staircase. The gym leader reveals that it was a test, and that she can get a sense of what the trainer is like by observing what kind of book he or she chooses. She comes to the conclusion that Ash is very straight-forward. They go downstairs and are introduced to the Nacrene City gym.

Before the battle even begins, Lenora reveals the two Pokemon she will be using: Lillipup and Watchog. There is some interaction between Lillipup and the others and the match finally begins after Hawes explains the rules. The battlers agree to a 2-on-2 match. The match begins with Lillipup using Roar on Tepig, forcing it to switch with Ash’s Oshawott. Lenora follows up her move by switching to Watchog and using Mean Look. Our protagonist is visibly shaken up and so is his Pokemon. Watchog’s Low Kick catches Oshawott off-guard, but is able to block the ensuing Thunderbolt with his scallop shell. Oshawott gets in a Water Gun, but loses his shell when he tries to use Razor Shell, and is knocked out by another Thunderbolt. Lenora switches back to Lillipup as Ash sends out Tepig again. Tepig doesn’t last very long, as he is outclassed by Lillipup’s speed and eventually gets knocked out by Take Down.

Ash thanks his Pokemon for the tough match and apologizes for his own shortcomings. He is saddened, but hopeful for his rematch. The trio goes to the Pokemon Center where Iris and Cilan give Ash advice. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is shown to steal the meteorite at the museum. The next morning, our heroes set out to the town’s Battle Club for some training. Don George is there to meet them and is familiar with the situation. He offers to provide rigorous training and the episode ends with the door opening to the Battle Club.
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A Night In The Nacrene City Museum! Summary And Review


Hey guys! Today I will be summarizing and reviewing the 14th episode of Pokemon Black and White. School has started and I haven’t had much time for these episodes, but hopefully I’ll be able to catch one here and there. Ash, Iris, and Cilan finally arrive in Nacrene City. We get to see a brief tour of the “City of Admiration,” which is famous for its art. Ash is ready for his second gym badge and seeks the city’s museum, which serves as the main attraction and gym. Our heroes are dismayed when they find out that the museum is closed, but see a poster that indicates that it should be opened for an exhibit. They knock on the door and look around when, suddenly, a man bursts open the doors.

The man introduces himself as Hawes, the museum curator, and explains what had happened inside. He and the workers prepared for the exhibit, arranging, organizing, and displaying the newly arrived artifacts. The curator stayed late and was chased by flying flames and other spooky phenomenon. The three are surprised and concerned. Iris thinks that there is a curse on the museum while Cilan believes that there is a scientific reason behind it. Ash just wants to solve the mystery so that he may challenge the gym leader. Hawes takes them on a tour, showing them the Dome Fossil that had just chased him, a Dragonite skeleton, a meteorite, a replica of a Cofagrigus coffin, and a Yamask’s mask among many other items.

At the end of the tour, the trio insists that they spend the night at the museum, in order to investigate. Hawes agrees and the group gets out their sleeping bags. It is not long before we see mysterious and spooky activities going on inside. They are alarmed at seeing a suit of armor walk towards them threateningly. Ash commands Pikachu to use Quick Attack and Iron Tail, while his Oshawott uses Water Gun to extinguish the flames chasing Hawes. The armor falls apart, and the gang goes into the large hall and finds the Yamask mask trying to get out of its exhibition case. The Dragonite skeleton comes to life and tries to release the floating mask. Cilan commands Pansage to use Bullet Seed and we see a glimpse of a Yamask. Hawes opens up the case and the mask escapes and attaches itself to Cilan, possessing him.

The possessed Cilan tells Hawes that he will be punished and sends flames at him. Ash and Iris don’t know what to do. Suddenly, a lady shouts and Hawes identifies her as his wife, Lenora. She sends out her Watchog to disable the ghost Pokemon. Lenora figures out that this Yamask must have come to Nacrene City along with the other artifacts. Hawes thought that the mask he found was a replica and mistakenly put it in a case. The Yamask wanted it back and thought Hawes stole it. It is forgiving and happily goes on its way. After that, Ash challenges Lenora to a gym battle!
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Minccino Neat And Tidy! Summary And Review


Hey guys! I will be summarizing and reviewing the13th episode of Pokemon Black and White. Ash, Iris, and Cilan are continuing on their journey to Nacrene City when they hear a young girl running towards them. The girl trips over a rock and stumbles, causing Ash and Cilan to fall into a nearby stream. While the two boys are drying up, Bianca introduces herself and relays a message from Professor Juniper explaining that she sent Bianca to give Ash a gym badge case. Ash receives his case and hands it over to Bianca to show her his Trio Badge when, all of a sudden, a Pokemon snatches it and runs away.

The trainers pursue it and hide behind a bush. It turns out to be a Mincinno and from the Pokedex, it likes to clean dirty objects, which would explain why it stole the dirty badge case. Bianca instantly falls in love with it and sends out her Pignite to battle. Pignite is tickled to submission prompting Ash to give it a go. Pikachu is ready, but Oshawott comes out of his Pokeball, pleading to battle. Mincinno tickles him and uses Double Slap and then runs away with the badge case. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has just reached Nacrene City and is surveying the city for a specific warehouse.

Back in the forest, Bianca has come up with a plan to capture Mincinno, by using Cilan’s dirty spoon as bait and a platter cover to catch it. Things are going accordingly to plan when it is caught, but it simply walks away with the cover on top of it. Our heroes chase it to a nearby tree and stream. Ash sends out Snivy and uses Attract, but Mincinno dodges it and uses Attract back at her. Ash must call her back and sends out Pikachu. Mincinno proves to be elusive and agile, dodging or blocking most of Pikachu’s attacks. It uses Hyper Voice and then starts to tickle Pikachu. Pikachu is able to resist and uses Thunderbolt on the worn out Pokemon. Bianca jumps at the chance to catch it, but cannot find a Pokeball in time and it starts to run off; however, it sees the dirty Pokeball and quickly runs over to clean it. The Pokeball opens up and catches Mincinno.

Ash finally recovers his badge and Cilan gets back his silverware. The group travels to a Pokemon Center and afterwards, Bianca challenges Ash to a 1-on-1 battle. She uses her Pignite against Pikachu. Pignite seems to have the upper hand and the match seems decided, but in a clash between Flame Charge and Volt Tackle, Pikachu emerges victorious. They become friends and Bianca goes on her way as our trio finally set out for Nacrene City.

We get to see Bianca in the episode! I found her to be an extrovert and quite expressive, much more invigorated and less timid than her video game representation. I welcome the big expression as it should be a positive role model for young girls. I thought she looked awkwardly huge compared to the others in certain scenes. I am impressed that she evolved her Tepig even though it’s her only Pokemon. There’s not much from Team Rocket these days.
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Censored Pokemon episodes

By TokoyamiTheDark

Everyone knows that Pokemon had some censored episodes for many reasons, some being insane. The thing is, some episodes were censored for silly reasons, but I’ll list all banned Pokemon episodes so far as well as the reasons why :

1 – The Beauty and the Beach : This episode was not necessairly banned in the USA, but was banned in Canada. The reason for this is because there’s a swimsuit contest for girls, and the price is hundreds of dollars. James snuck in with inflatable breasts, considered as offensive in North America. Misty loses to Team Rocket, but they lost to Ash’s mother iin the Final round. Chronogically, this episode is between « Tentacool and Tentacruel » and « The Ghost of Maiden Peak »

2 – The Legend of Dratini : Banned because an old man can be seen pointing a gun towards Ash and Team Rocket, mistaking them for poachers. The man then open the Safari Zone for Ash and friends, knowing they do no harm, but Team Rocket ruins the fun, when they capture Dratini, a Pokemon the old man wanted to keep as a secret. In the end, Dratini is believed to be gone, but it actually evolved into Dragonair! Ash is rising the Dragonair and catches a bunch of Tauros, which are sent to Oak’s lab. Then, the gang promishes the old man to keep the Dragonair event a secret from everyone else, then leaves the Safari Zone.

3 – Electric Soldier Porygon : Probably the MOST famous of all banned episodes, it revealed that Porygon was a NetNavi (being able to go in cyber space) and carry humans with it. However, viruses and trojan horses becomes the danger once entered in a LAN network. A scientist was researching about this and test it on As hand friends. But, however, when the cyper space begins to explode due to viruses, Porygon flees with the gang while Pikachu does a Thunder Bolt attack. The red and blue colors were swapping so fast, it caused over 600 seizures in Japan in December 1997. Most of them were young children, and emergencies at hospitals were full everywhere in Japan. Pocket Monsters got kicked out of the TV Anime for a while, and the episode never got translated, nor availlable on the Internet. Geez, way to ruin the Holidays a week before Christmas…

4 – Holiday Hi-Jinx : Censored due to the fact that Brock catch a cold, and get kissed by a Jynx. Nothing wrong here…exept for black-skinned people who complained about Jynx and Smoochum being ‘racist’ Pokemons simply because they have a human shape and deep black skin. This episode was supposed to air in America tha day of Christmas itself, December 25, and featured Santa Claus (no joking) as well. Jynx and Smoochum were nicknamed as ‘the Negroes Pokemon’, causing an outrage with black-skinned people. As a result, Smoochum’s and Jynx’s skin got colored purple at the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver. And another banned episode who ruins the holidays….

5 – Barboach and Whiscash (fictional name) : Got banned in Japan due to earthquakes striking the country, doing hundreds of deaths and thousands of injured people. But why did they banned this episode? Because Whiscash, being extremely territorial, caused a magnitude over 8.5 in the episode. Shogakukan thought the episode would remind people of the sad event that struck Japan earlier, so they decided to not air the episode at all.

6 – Team Rocket VS Team Plasma : Another episode who got banned due to natural disasters. Another earthquake struck Japan, doing even more danage than the previous one AND accompanied with a tidal wave. Shogakukan could not delay other episodes to put the Teams’ battle, so it never aired anywhere…not even in Japan.

So this is it for the banned episodes. I hope you have found this article interesting.



Here Comes The Trubbish Squad! Summary And Review


Hey guys! It’s that time again. Today, I’ll be doing a summary and review of the 12th episode of the Pokemon Black and White series. Ash, Iris, and Cilan continue their journey to Nacrene City, when they suddenly see a group of Kindergarteners riding their tricycles approaching them. The kids throw dirt balls, hitting Ash and Cilan. Two ladies run up and apologize on behalf of the kids. We see a brief interruption by the Sandile with sunglasses. The women bring back our heroes to their daycare center, where they introduce themselves. Carina is the elderly woman, and Daniella is her granddaughter.

The two explain the situation of how the kids found a Trubbish in a nearby junkyard. The children fell in love with it and dubbed themselves, the “Trubbish Squad.” The kids wanted it to stay with them in the class, but Daniella refused, saying that it is too dirty and smelly to be allowed in a classroom. The Trubbish Squad constructs a secret base in a tree house surrounded by trash from the junkyard. Ash volunteers to try to reason with them, but only gets caught.

Ash and the Squad get to talking and the kids are instantly attracted to Pikachu. Avery is revealed to be the leader of the group and he eventually gives back Ash’s signature hat (Ash lost it at the start of the episode). A cut scene shows Team Rocket waiting at a train station. They are met by an unknown man who delivers a case containing some meteorite. Back at the clubhouse, Trubbish releases some of its smell, thus forcing Ash and the others to go outside. A few moments later, the sunglass-wearing Sandile appears and is hostile towards them. Pikachu and Trubbish are able to defeat the Sandile.

The others become impatient and confront Ash and the children. Daniella won’t tolerate their behavior and sends out her Deerling. Ash has a change of heart and sides with Avery and the others by having Pikachu battle. A big problem develops when Deerling accidentally gets knocked into some junk, which makes the entire surrounding unstable. Everyone must work together in order to protect the children. After the situation is safe and clear, Daniella agrees to allow Trubbish to stay with them. As our heroes get ready to set off, Carina entrusts an egg to Ash.
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Pikachu : Gotta Dance! Synopsis

By TokoyamiTheDark

The mini-movie begins with our hero’s Pokemon finding a strange building. Inside, Team Rocket leaves Meowth in a luxury room and tells him to take care of the room while they’re away until the Boss will come. So, three Whismur holding maracas are under Meowth’s supervision, which then make a stick appear in his paws. The stick has the ability to control Pokemon to make them dance to the music (exept the one holding it) so Whismur, Wobbuffet, Cacnea and Seviper all begin to dance with Meowth holding the stick. But then, Seviper chases the Whismur, which get locked in a jail by Meowth so he can eat all what he can without being disturbed.

Then, Meowth is daydreaming ; he imagines the Boss being so happy with the dance stick, he get rid of his Persian and takes Meowth home. Meanwhile, Pikachu and the other discover a small entrance to the building. Pikachu decides to go, but everyone else follows, and they fall on the room where the Whismur are held captive! Doing their best to break the lock, Pikachu, Torchic and Mudkip all use their attacks, which makes enough noise for Meowth to hear. Pikachu, hearing Meowth, Wobbuffet, Cacnea and Seviper coming, tells everyone to hide in the barrels. When Mewoth open the door, he is astonished; the Whismur are gone ; or are they? His musical stick flew of to one of the barrels, hitting a Pokemon’s head, and starting the music! This time, not even Meowth is spared from the song, but once it’s over, the good ol’ rivarly begins! Meowth gets angry while the other Pokemon are fleeing everywhere in the luxury room. Party balls explode with confetti, blankets are torn off, windows are broken, while a Loudred and a Ludicolo dances the Salsa. Everyone goes outside exept for Loudred, which still dances alone.
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Pokemon 4Kid’s Horrible English Dubbing

By TokoyamiTheDark

Many people complained about 4Kids being horribly dubbing animes licensed to it, and Pokemon was no exeption before 4Kids lost their license. They not only ruined the show with voices, but also by editing images thanks to airbrushing. So, you want a few examples on how 4Kids ruined the series according to some fans?

1. ALL Japanese symbols are erased, giving a weird hollow feel-like in the show.

2. Japanese foods are replaced by North American foods, where in an episode, they dramatically edited Ash so he would hold a huge subway sandwich rather than a tini onigiri (rice cake)

3. Scenes with Japanese cultures are cut, since they don’t match America’s cultures

4. Even money isn’t spared ; a Japanese yen was replaced by an American penny in one of the Indigo League episodes thanks to airbrushing

5. Sometimes, to match America’s cultures, scenes are mirrored, which some makes no sense at all!

But if you thought those was bad, then you saw nothing yet, because the movies’ dub are far worse than the TV animation. Here’ I’ll explain how horrible were the series « Pikachu’s Vacation » were dubbed.

The Japanese intro of Pikachu’s Summer Vacation had one of the most joyful songs in all movies, composed by Hirokazu Tanaka, a famous Nintendo musician who began his career at making music in 1989, in the game Super Mario Land. In the English dub, it is a mere song called « Vacation » composed by Vitamin C. Hirokazu’s song has heartbeating sounds each time a new Pokemon picture was shown, following the rhytm. However, with Vitamin C, the rhytm no longer follows the song, so camera clicking noises were added as if someone was taking pictures.
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A Home For Dwebble! Summary And Review


Hi guys! I will be offering a detailed summary and a review afterwards of the 11th episode of Pokemon Black and White. This episode starts out with Cilan preparing delicious sandwiches for Iris and Ash. Pikachu and Axew also enjoy their food without it getting stolen by Darumaka this time. Our heroes take a peek over some rocks to find a curious little Dwebble. They are delighted to see it in the process of choosing and making its home from a nearby rock. It then moves into its new shell, but is quickly kicked out when 3 bully Dwebble steal it from him. After beating up the owner, the bullies dig underground. Cilan cannot believe the injustice and sends out his Pansage to chase after the thieves. They are unsuccessful and the gang tries to calm down the disgruntled crab, but he lashes out in fear and ends up hurting Pansage.

A cut scene reveals Team Rocket meeting up with Pierce. They are given orders to infiltrate the Antimony Research Lab and to download the meteorite data. The sun is setting and the team is setting up camp for the night. Cilan uses a potion on Pansage, but he develops a fever. Iris comes to the rescue by whipping up a healing salve from nearby herbs. The team proceeds to sleep and we see Dwebble show its concern for the green monkey. As our heroes are sleeping, Team Rocket infiltrates the heavily secured research lab and accomplishes their mission. They report back to Pierce and are told to await further orders.

To everybody’s relief, Pansage makes a full recovery and the group heads out to help Dwebble get its home back. The bullies are spotted, but run away, only to be chased by Axew. Now that the wrong-doers are cornered, Dwebble vehemently insists that it wants to fight and get its house back by itself. The three are too much for it and again dig away. Knowing that the brave Pokemon only needs a fair fight, Cilan uses his food as bait to separate the trouble making trio. By using the environment and its deadly X-Scissor move, Dwebble takes back its house in a truly heroic manner. It becomes fond of Pansage and Cilan and decides to join him.
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