Japanese Gashapon Nuku Nuku Time Pokemon Figures

There is a new series of Pokemon figures that was just released in Japan called “Nuku Nuku Time” gashapon figures. For those of you not familiar with gashapon figures, they are only sold in vending machines in Japan. They are also called “gatcha gatcha” figures. Each figure comes in a random plastic capsule with a paper insert.

They are absolutely adorable. Each figure is playing with a ball of yarn. There was 5 figures in the set: Pikachu, Litten, Mimikyu, Nagisa (Lana’s Eevee) & Alolan Vulpix.




Nagisa (Lana’s Eevee)

Alolan Vulpix

This is our 2nd official look at Lana’s Eevee “Nagisa”. The first glimpse of Nagias was released in the Takara Tomy Chupa figure series that were sold in the Pokemon Center and a handful of stores throughout Japan.

These figures were only sold in Japan and tend to sell out in the machines very quickly, but you can still get them on Pokevault while supplies lasts.

How To Get A Celebi In Gold And Silver Without The Event Or Gameshark

By Jill/Redterror117

Please note before going through this that the method used to obtain Celebi has a chance of being harmful to the cartridge, as one of the requirements for this is a Bad Clone. I am not responsible in any way for damage done to someone’s game for attempting this. Anyways, if done correctly the result of these steps will result in the player getting their very own Celebi, using some hidden hex values. Anyways before you begin, you will need three things: An egg that will hatch a Pokemon knowing Beat Up as its third move (the third move being important), a Bad Clone, and any five unneeded Pokemon. The easiest way to get the egg is to breed two Pokemon together with the same move set, such as Sneasel. The reason Beat Up is needed is because its assigned hex value is 251, the same as Celebi. This essentially means that you can produce any Pokemon in the game with this method (on the exception of Ledyba, because the move that shares its number is Struggle, which can’t be learned). As for the Bad Clone, there are different methods to getting one. The Box Clone technique can be used to obtain one, though it may take several tries. The ‘successful’ clones can be used as the third requirement.

Next comes the steps. Drop the egg with Beat Up into a box, with the five unneeded Pokemon and the bad clone in the party. Next, head for the daycare in Goldenrod City, and drop the Bad Clone into the Day Care. Following this, ask for it back. The Bad Clone will be turned into a ?????, a different type of glitch Pokemon. As a safety precaution, finish the rest of the steps without trying to view this Pokemon’s info or Pokedex. Move ????? to the top of the party, then log onto the PC. From there you will need to grab one more unneeded Pokemon using the ‘Move Pokemon Without Mail’ option, and place it at the top of your party. At this point you will have seven Pokemon in your party, the newly withdrawn Pokemon being the first, followed by the ?????, then the other five.

It’s at this point that things may start to become a bit more complicated. Return to the daycare with the seven Pokemon, deposit the ????? back into the daycare, then go back to the PC. From here, you will need to deposit the first and second Pokemon , then use the ‘Move Pokemon Without Mail’ option again, to grab the egg and place it at the top of the party. Following this, deposit the rest of the Pokemon except for the egg into the PC, then withdraw any Pokemon that were not designated for use in this glitch. With a full party of an egg plus five, proceed to move around (preferably in a place where no Pokemon battles will be encountered), until the egg hatches into a Celebi. You’re not done here however, as the Celebi will be hatched at level 0, meaning that it cannot be levelled up normally. In order to fix this, the Celebi will need to be dropped into the Daycare until it becomes at least level 2.

After Celebi has hatched, the ????? should disappear from the daycare, if the steps are followed properly. However there is the odd occasion where it may still remain. The problem with ????? Is that it cannot be released through the use of the PC, so the only way to remove it altogether is to trade it to an older generation (Red, Blue, or Yellow), and dispose of it from there.

Once you become more comfortable at using this glitch, you can take it a step further, and with research create items as well. While the third move of the egg determines the resulting Pokemon, the fourth move will determine the item held by the hatched Pokemon. If Reflect is the fourth move for example, the resulting held item will actually be the GS Ball, which can be used to trigger the event in the Ilex Forest to summon Celebi.


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Sewaddle And Burgh In Pinwheel Forest! Summary And Review


Hey guys! Today I’ll be summarizing and reviewing the 18th episode of Pokemon Black and White. Our heroes begin at the edge of Pinwheel Forest—a large forest that is notorious for people getting lost inside. It is the only obstacle keeping them from Castelia City and the next gym badge. They enter and are promptly ambushed by a Sewaddle. It knocks Ash down and unleashes a surprise attack on Pikachu. Ash tries to catch it, but it uses its web to avoid the Pokeball and retreat. They try to run after it, but they cannot and become lost.

Iris plans on getting them back on the right path, but is made fun of when she leads them to a dead end. They decide to get to higher ground and spot a very big and tall tree. Upon their arrival, Iris and Ash get excited and ascend the tree. Near the top, they spot a weird looking object. To their surprise, a man jumps out! He introduces himself as Burgh and goes on about his pure heart. Cilan recognizes him as the famous Bug-type trainer. The party finds out that Burgh is actually the gym leader of Castelia City and they join his desire to live in the forest. Sewaddle strikes once again but becomes docile when it sees Burgh.

They all decide to take a rest while Cilan prepares a delicious meal. Burgh explains how Sewaddle greet one another. He, Pikachu, Iris, and Axew all take turns saying hello, but Sewaddle headbutts Ash instead. A prospective trainer must first familiarize himself with these bug-type Pokemon in order to successfully catch them. They learn to “live in the forest” by following Sewaddle and doing what it does. They watch it roam the forests and take a nap with it in the prairie. It takes a stop near a bush of leaves and gets attacked by two Woobats. Just when it looks like it’s going to get a thrashing, Ash takes the hit, which allows it and Pikachu to fend off the hostile Woobats.
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Scraggy—Hatched To Be Wild! Summary And Review!


Hey guys! Today I’ll be summarizing and reviewing the 17th episode of Pokemon Black and White. The show begins with our heroes taking a break somewhere along the road to Castelia City. Ash’s egg starts to glow, indicating that it’s about to hatch. They gather around in anticipation around the glowing egg, but are startled when Axew accidently trips and pushes it down a hill. They chase after it and Pikachu ends up using Quick Attack to catch the egg before it collides into a boulder. Almost immediately, the egg hatches and reveals a Scraggy and Ash uses his Pokedex right away.

Scraggy seems happy to see Ash, but greets Pikachu with a Leer and a Headbutt. Ash decides to let his new spunky Pokemon have a battle. Pikachu goes easy on it, but it is obvious that Scraggy is outmatched. Afterwards, Ash sends out Pidove, Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy to all meet and play with the newly-born. The sun starts setting and everyone gathers around to eat dinner. Meanwhile, Team Rocket receives instructions from Pierce and comment that they are now on “Stage 2” of their operations.

The scene turns back to our heroes and it is night time. Everyone is sleeping except for Axew who notices Scraggy is missing and alerts Iris. Ash and Cilan wake up and they all start looking around in the forest. Axew tracks down Scraggy’s footprints and they find it head-butting a tree. A disgruntled Galvantula pops out and unleashes a flurry of electric and bug type moves. Pikachu is able to scare the Galvantula away, but not before Scraggy suffers much damage. Iris and Axew look in the forest for herbs, and fix up a healing salve for the injured Pokemon.

The next scene involves Team Rocket delivering the meteorite to Dr. Zager who promptly runs some tests. The meteorite subsequently radiates violet leaving James, Jessie, and Pierce in awe. The following morning, Scraggy wakes up and is back to normal, but when everyone is ready to eat breakfast, it goes missing again. This time, Ash sends out all his other Pokemon to help in the search. They end up tracking him to the same tree, but this time it is surrounded by multiple Galvantula. Pidove, Tepig, Pikachu, Oshawott, and Snivy all engage in battle and rescue their friend. Afterwards, they finally eat, but Axew and Scraggy bump heads. Cilan says that the two would make perfect training partners, so Ash and Iris decide to battle. The two only know two moves apiece and so they mainly exchange Scratches and Headbutts. They battle ends up in a drawn when Dragon Rage hurts both Pokemon. Our heroes continue on their journey to the next city.
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Pokemon Episode summary : Pokemon Scent-Sation


By TokoyamiTheDark

Ash, Misty and Brock finally arrives at Celadon City, for Ash’s fourth badge, the Rainbow badge. Then they enter a perfume shop, where Brock and Misty both tries different perfumes. Ash counters that what they are doing is a complete waste of time and money, which shocks the kimono girls in the shop. Then, the shop’s owner, a Geisha girl with make-up, kicks Ash out of the shop for what he said about the perfume. Misty and Brock follows him, as Ash decides to go to the Gym to get his fourth Badge, the Rainbow badge. As he enters the Gym, he is stamped with a big, red ‘X’ stamp by mad girls who witnessed what happened at the perfume shop, for as the perfume is made in the Gym itself!

Usually, only girls may enter, but on some conditions, boys can also enter. Brock and Misty are welcomed inside the Gym. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to enter the Gym to steal all of the perfume, but gets kicked out of the gym at the next moment. Ash, peeking at he gym’s windows, sees the Gym Leader, but is astonished as he recognizes her : she’s the Geisha girl that owns the perfume shop! Sitting with a Gloom telling stories to people including Brock and Misty, Ash then crosses paths with Team Rocket, who gets an excellent idea to help Ash sneaking into the Gym ; disguising him as a girl!

As for Jessie and James, they disguise themselves as typical adults and put their plans on work ; they will pretend to be the parents of Ash (nicknamed Ashley) wanting her to be registered in the Gym. So, they enter the Gym, and everything is OK. Misty, Brock, and Pikachu still recognizes Ash despite his disguise, and looks in a funny way at him.In front of Erika, Ash reveals his disguise and asks her for a Pokemon Battle. She gladly accepts, and, as a Grass-type Gym Leader, she mainly uses Pokemon like Tangela, Weepinbell and, of course, her Gloom.

With Erika being distracted by the match, Team Rocket manages to find all of the perfumes stored in a safe. However, perfumes are very sensitive to combustibles, and the whole gym soon gets blazed in an intense fire! Team Rocket has fled with the ‘secret’ perfume, while Brock’s and Misty’s Pokemon tries to extinguish the fire. Erika suddenly remembers that she forgot her Gloom inside the Gym! Ash runs inside, as hasty as always, and, after a while, finds Gloom. However, it releases an horrid stench, and, after many attempts at grabbing it, Gloom let itself being grabbed by Ash, who exit the Gym safe and sound ; Ash came out only with a few burn scars.
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Rematch At The Nacrene Gym! Summary And Review


Hello guys! I will be giving a summary and review of the 16th Pokemon Black and White episode. The episode picks up right where the previous one ended, at the Battle Club. Don George begins his training lesson with Ash’s Tepig and tells him that the trainer must also train beside his Pokemon. Tepig and Ash start their training on a treadmill, trying to increase their stamina and speed. Don George turns up the intensity by having them dodge “shadow balls” at the same time. At first they struggle, but soon enough, they master the exercise and are noticeably stronger and tired. While Tepig rests, Oshawott is sent out to train.

Don George shows them a water-type training environment that looks like an enlarged swimming pool. There, Ash and his Oshawott are to swim against the current to build up their muscles and stamina. Meanwhile, Cilan and Iris feed a fully rested Tepig, but can’t seem to find Axew. Axew is mischievous and messes with the computer that controls the current strength. Ash and Oshawott are caught off-guard by the increase in current, but Osahwott adapts and performs Aqua Jet. Don George tells him to aim for the target, but the otter falls just short.

After they complete their training, Ash goes back to the Nacrene Gym to have a rematch with Lenora. Like last time, she shows her Pokemon, Watchog and Herdier (she evolved her Lillipup), before the match. The match begins with Tepig facing off against Herdier. Tepig opens with Ember and Herdier defends with Protect. It counters with Shadow Ball which Tepig dodges with relative ease thanks to his newfound speed. Herdier uses Roar and forces Oshawott to switch out. Lenora switches her Pokemon with Watchog to reenact the situation from their last match.

Watchog uses Mean Look right away. This time, Ash and Oshawott are ready for Lenora’s strategy. Right away Oshawott uses Razor Shell and catches Watchog off guard. Ash is excited to use Aqua Jet, but it is unsuccessful twice. He tries to use Water Gun, but misses as well. Lenora makes a quirky remark before issuing a Confuse Ray which connects. Oshawott takes a punishing Thunderbolt, but with his last remaining strength, makes a direct hit with Aqua Jet resulting in a double knockout.
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Pokemon Technical Machines And Hidden Machines


TMs and HMs. They stand for Technical Machines and Hidden Machines. Anyone who has played a Pokemon game has experience with them. TMs and HMs are undoubtedly useful, but not all of them, and while TMs are completely optional, a player must utilize HMs to advance the story. Throughout all the Pokemon games, there have been a combined 11 Hidden Machines: Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Flash, Whirlpool, Waterfall, Rock Smash, Dive, Defog, and Rock Climb. The current Pokemon Black and White series contain 6 HMs: Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, and Dive.

In my experience, most of these HMs are a nuisance because they are mediocre at best, take up an attack slot, and are unable to be forgotten until further into the story. This results in having a 6th Pokemon that knows a bunch of HM moves, more commonly known as a “HM slave.” I find that only 3 out of 11 are actually any good. These are Fly, Surf, and Waterfall. Fly is a decent attack, but the instant transportation it provides is invaluable. Surf is my favorite HM. I don’t know what the general consensus is, but it’s by far my favorite and most useful HM. It lets you roam the seas, and it’s a great attack as well. I haven’t used Waterfall much, but it looks just as promising as Surf.

I wish Flash was not a HM, but I understand why it was. Flash was basically needed for one cave in Pokemon Red and Blue, and I don’t remember how many times it was needed for the other games. You didn’t have to use it for the cave, but it sure made it easier; especially since in Pokemon Red and Blue the cave was pitch black. Since TMs were one time use only, GameFreak made it impossible for a player to make a Pokemon learn it and accidently replace it. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Flash is no longer a HM, but Defog replaces it and has a similar function.
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Pokemon Hoenn, Third Gym

By Anonymous

You just beat Brawly in Dewford Town, now we have to head all the way to Mauville City. Mr. Briney will take you to Slateport City if you go and talk to him. In Slapteport City you will see a lot of merchants and what not. You will also run into a museum on marine related things like boats and submarines. You will have a bit of a walk to do to get to Mauville City when your done running around in Slateport City. Mauville City has a lot of things, it has the box shop and the game corner for starters. The daycare is also nearby. Once your finished walking around you can head on over to the gym. This gym is sat up matching the element of the gym, electric type. You will have to fight several trainers, they will mainly have Plusle and Minun, Electrike, and Voltorb. Just the regular electric type Pokemon you will encounter.

Watson is the gym leader, he is a jolly old man. I suggest you bring some Paralyze Heals or some Cheri Berries which cure paralyzed Pokemon. When the battle starts Watson will send out a Voltroc at level twenty. Don’t let it use Rollout too many times, it also knows Self destruct so be prepared for anything. It also knows Shock Wave which is an alright electric attack, it can do some damage. If you manage to take out the Voltrob Watson will send out a Magneton. Magneton is the evolved form of Magnemite. Be ready for a powerful battle, this Magneton knows Thunder Wave that can paralyze your Pokemon, look out for that attack. It also knows Supersonic which can confuse your Pokemon. It is pretty tough to attack if your Pokemon is paralyzed and confused. It also knows Sonic Boom which does about twenty damage or so.
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The Deino Line

By Jo

With every new generation to the games, there comes at least one dragon type with a three stage evolutionary line. The fifth generation came out with two, the Axew and Deino lines. Deino, though, has dragon as its secondary type and has a unique type combination that no other Pokemon outside of its evolutionary line shares.

Deino is primarily a blue dinosaur-like creature with a sort of black hair/fur covering its neck, head, and most of its face. Its neck fur is speckled with magenta spots and it has a ragged, blue tail. Deino’s and Bagon’s evolutionary lines are the only Pokemon exclusively in the Dragon egg group. According to Ken Sugimori, the Deino line was originally intended to be made up of cyborg dragons – part tank and part dragon. The idea was scrapped until late in the game where the creators decided to base the line on the Yamata no Orochi (a serpent-like creature with many heads and tails). According to Deino’s pokedex entries, Deino tends to bite everything and isn’t much of a picky eater. They cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn their surroundings. Because of this, their bodies are riddled with wounds. Approaching it carelessly is extremely dangerous. Its name seems to come from the words ‘dino’ (a shortened version of the word for “dinosaur”) and ‘ein’ – German for “one”.

Once Deino reaches level 50, it evolves into Zweilous. Zweilous shares many physical traits with its pre-evolution, though has two heads and a wider body. Zweilous, like Deino, has the same sort of black hair covering its neck, head, and most of its face, and is primarily colored blue. It has four legs and two appendages coming off from its back that appear to be wing-like. The red marks on its stomach seem to come from its original design from when it was supposed to be a cyborg-dragon, as they’re tire-mark shaped. Alphabetically, Zweilous is the last Pokemon listed. According to its pokedex entries, Zweilous’s two heads do not get along with each other. Because of this, they compete with each other for food and end up always eating too much. After Zweilous have eaten all of the food in their territory, they move to a new area. Zweilous’s name most-likely comes from the words ‘zwei’ (which means “two” in German) and ‘jealous’ – as the two heads are known to compete for food.
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