Pokemon Attacks And Natures #3

By Harry Ackerman

I decided to make this one a 5th generation exclusive article, so all 4 Pokemon I cover in this article will be from the new 5th generation. 🙂 In case you’re wondering I will make exclusive articles for the rest of the generations too, but probably not right away.

Anywho like always I’ll be talking about other good natures for your Pokemon to have if it doesn’t have that one specific best nature recommended by someone or somewhere, what some bad natures could be, and some nice attacks (in my opinion at least) for them to know. 🙂

Just keep in mind this isn’t 100% accurate because the most beneficial nature for a Pokemon to have can be highly dependent on what moves you teach it.

For this 5th generation exclusive article I will talk about Reuniclus, Victini, Excadrill and Unfezant. 🙂

So first off Reuniclus, my favorite jelly Pokemon. :3

Reuniclus’ highest stat is Special Attack with 125, so a nature that boosts that stat would be the best, and with a Speed stat of 30 (being its worst stat) that would be the best to drop. So the best nature for a Reuniclus to have is Quiet, but any stat that is boosting Special Attack would be good for the awesome psychic jelly buddy. 🙂

As for attacks like almost every psychic type Pokemon, Psychic is one of the best moves you can teach Reuniclus. A few more decent special attacks you could teach it are Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Future Sight, Focus Blast, Hyper Beam, and possibly Hidden Power depending on what type it is. Just make sure you teach it Psychic!

I wouldn’t recommended you teach Reuniclus physical moves because it’s Special Attack is so much higher than its Attack, but if you absolutely must teach it a physical move the only good one it can learn is Dizzy Punch. Psyshock would be quite a bit better if you want your Reuniclus to know a physical damaging move though, since it’s a special attack that does physical damage.

Now I honestly think that teaching your Reuniclus Pain Split would be a bad idea, because of Reuniclus’s high base HP you’d have to wait until its health is really really low to get any sort of healing benefit out of that move. If you want your Reuniclus to know a healing move then teach it Recover (learned at level 24).

The attack Trick Room is a must to teach your Reuniclus, especially if the nature your Reuniclus has lowers its Speed stat, because this attack makes fast Pokemon slow and slow ones fast, and because Reuniclus is so slow you can see how this attack would be beneficial.

Substitute coupled with Recover is another great move combo as well because of Reuniclus’s high HP.
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Pokemon Kanto Region – Eighth Gym

By Anonymous

You did it! We can go to the Pokemon League! We have been in all the towns and we fought all the gym leaders! Actually, no you haven’t. There is still one more left. It is the final gym, located in Viridian City. Go there and you can earn your last badge. Your at Cinnabar Island so it should take quite a while to go back to Viridian City. Actually, I think you can use Fly, which is a flying type attack but you can use it outside of battle to go to places you have been before. Just use Fly and go to Viridian City. The gym there is a ground type gym.

You might want to hold on to some water Pokemon but you could always be into surprises so go ahead and bring a varied amount of types. The gym is filled with powerful Pokemon, be on the lookout for the powerful ground type attack known as Earthquake. If you bring a Flying type Pokemon then Earthquake can’t harm you, it won’t effect it. Once you get to the gym leader, the final gym leader, challenge him. His name is Giovanni, and he will put up a big fight. When the battle begins he will send out a Rhyhorn. Rhyhorn is a ground and rock type Pokemon. Giovanni’s is at level forty five. Don’t let it use Earthquake or it could very well harm your chances of victory. You should be able to eventually get it down. He will then send out a Dugtrio at level forty two.

Dugtrio is a solid ground type Pokemon. He is actually very fast. Dugtrio, like Rhyhorn knows Earthquake so be on the lookout. You should be able to take him out, just use a Hyper Potion or another healing item if you need some help. If you can take out the Dugtrio he will send out Nidoqueen which is at level forty four. Nidoqueen is a poison and ground type Pokemon. It also knows Earthquake like the Dugtrio and Rhyhorn. Nidoqueen has an attack called Body Slam which can Paralyze you, I suggest a Full Heal or Paralyze Heal to be used. Nidoqueen will take a bit of time to take down if you don’t have any Pokemon that has an attack advantage over it. But if you defeat it you will face a level forty five Nidoking which is also ground a poison type and knows Earthquake.

If you can manage to take him down you are ready to face Giovanni’s strongest Pokemon. Just be careful that you don’t run out of healing and status healing items. The last Pokemon is another Rhyhorn, at level fifty. It knows the same moves as the first one, but is like five levels stronger so be cautious and you can take it down. If you win you will receive the Earth Badge! Congratulations, you now have all eight gym badges for the Kanto region! You can now challenge the Kanto Pokemon League!

Pokemon Kanto Region – Seventh Gym

By Anonymous

The seventh gym in the Kanto region. If you beat this then you only have one more badge to go before you can challenge the Pokemon League! You should be at Saffron City right now. Seein that you jusst got the Marsh Badge. Head back to Fuchsia City and go south. You should be able to use Surf now. Surf is an attack that allows you to travel in water. Head to the Seafoam Islands. In the Seafoam Islands most of your strengths will be tested. It is mainly an ice filled cave that involves sliding and puzzles. You will need to push boulders and smash rocks. You have to use Strength to shove the boulders in the certain holes so you can slide on them. You will eventually find yourself in a place where you can Surf.

Surf up to a platform, you will notice a blue bird type of creature standing there. Go up to it and challenge it to a battle! That is the powerful legendary ice type and flying type Pokemon Articuno. It will be a tough battle, but you can catch it if you have the proper equipment. Afterwards regardless if you caught it or not, head out of the exit you’ll see nearby the platforms. You should just be able to surf over to Cinnabar Island from here. Once you arrive a new series of things are available. Do you remember that fossil you got in Mount Moon? There is a laboratory that can bring fossils back to life. It is cool isn’t it? Just leave the laboratory and come back and you should have either a Kabuto or Omanyte depending on which fossil you took. Now let’s go to that gym shall we?

The gym should have a heating look to it because it is a fire type Pokemon gym. Hopefully you have some water Pokemon with you to help you out here! Just go and fight the trainers. The trainers will of course all have fire type Pokemon. When you get to the gym leader, Blaine challenge him to a fight and be prepared for a heated battle! Blaine’s first Pokemon is a Growlithe at level forty two. You should be able to drench it down if you have a water type Pokemon. His second Pokemon is a Ponyta, this Ponyta is two levels lower then the Growlithe so it should be easier to defeat. Then he will send out a Rapidash, which should put up a fight. Once you get it down you will have to fight is strongest Pokemon, a level forty seven Arcanine. This will be a tough battle! But if you win you will get the Volcano Badge, and you will only have one more badge to go until you can challenge the Pokemon League!

Pokemon Kanto Region – Sixth Gym

By Anonymous

The sixth gym is in Saffron City, it is close to Celadon City. You just beat Koga and can head from Fuchsia City to Saffron City. Now Saffron City, like most of the other towns, has some other things you can do. Saffron City has a fighting dojo where you fight fighting type Pokemon trainers, if you beat them all you can get a Hitmonchan or a Hitmonlee. Saffron City is also home of Silph Co. Silph Co. invented almost everything you can get from Pokeballs to Potions. Team Rocket raids the place and you need to fight them off. You also meet you rival there and he challegnes you to a battle. There is someone in the building that is so grateful that you saved Silp Co. that he gives you the water type Pokemon Lapras. You must have no more then 5 Pokemon in your party when you receive the Lapras.

Once you make it to the final floor of Silp Co. you will meet the president. And I think the Team Rocket boss is there and you have to fight him first. After he leaves the Silp Co. president will give a Master Ball. As you should know, a Master Ball is a Pokeball that never fails. That’s just about it for Saffron City, now let’s head to the gym. In the gym there is a teleporting type of puzzle if I remember right. There are several platforms you can walk on and you teleport to a new room. If done correctly you’ll teleport into the room with the gym leader Sabrina. The main status condition you should worry about is confusion. Sabrina knows telekinesis and is a Psychic Pokemon Master.

You’re in for an intense battle! The first Pokemon she send out is a Kadabra, just be careful, psychic types usually have good special attack. Once the Kadabra is taken down she sends out a Mr. Mime. The Mr. Mime would probably go down fairly easily. Then she’ll send out a Venomoth you should be able to take it down with a fire Pokemon. The final Pokemon she has is her strongest, it is a level forty three Alakazam. This shold be hard to take down. If you happen to succeed you will get the Marsh Badge. Only two more gyms left and you can challenge the Kanto Pokemon League!

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Pokemon Kanto Region – Fifth Gym

By Anonymous

You just beat the Celadon City gym which is the fourth gym in the Kanto region. What next, what place is the fifth gym? You best have a bicycle for getting around now! In order to get to Fuchsia City you must have a bicycle for the simple fact that you have to go through Cycling Road. Cycling Road is a giant downhill slope that will take you from Celadon City to Fuchsia City. Many bikers will stop you along the way and challenge you to a battle. They are sort of strong but if your Pokemon are at good levels and were able to beat the fourth gym leader you should be able to handle it. By the time you arrive to Fuchsia City you should be able to head straight to the gym. However you might want to check out the Safari Zone.

The Safari Zone is a place where you can capture certain Pokemon. There is a fee to enter and you have to use Safari Balls to capture the Pokemon. You can’t just attack them, you actually can’t attack them sadly. You must throw bait. It’s not as bad as it sounds, it is actually not bad at all seeing that these Pokemon are pretty rare. But you should go and check out the fifth gym now. The fifth gym is a poison type gym. This really does give you a good hint that you will need Antidotes and Full Heals to cure your Pokemon of the poison status condition, because it does get in the way. This gym can be a pain because there is an invisible wall that you have to work your way through, meaning if you get caught in this maze you can end up fighting even more trainers.

Once you arrive to the gym leader, Koga be ready to face him, he is a ninja! Koga has four Pokemon, I believe it is the most so far, I think the last gym leader had three. The first Pokemon he will use is a Koffing, just play your cards right and you can defeat it, then he has a Muk, just take it down the same way as you did the Koffing and you can get it. He will then use another Koffing which is the same level as the first Koffing so I guess just battle it the same way. And the best for last, his strongest Pokemon is a Weezing. It is at level fort three. Everything should be going fine as long as you have the full heals or antidotes. At most you would probably have to use a healing item like a Super Potion. After beating Koga you will get the fifth badge, the Soul Badge. You only have three more to go, the next gym is in Saffron City!

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Pokemon Kanto Region – Fourth Gym

By Anonymous

The fourth gym in the Kanto region is located in Celadon City. Celadon City is either the biggest town in Kanto or the second. You should now have the Boulder Badge, the Cascade Badge, and the Thunder Badge. This must mean your in Vermillion City. It is now time for you to head to Celadon City. In Celadon City there is literally a lot to do. For starters, the game corner is in Celadon City. The game corner is just a bunch of mini games and you earn coins. You can also just buy coins but the prizes are great. Such as the TM Flamethrower or the TM Ice Beam. Ice Beam is a powerful Ice type attack that can be taught to some Pokemon. Flamethrower is a powerful fire type attack that can be taught to some fire type Pokemon and even some Pokemon that aren’t fire type. The game corner is definetly something you should consider messing with when your in Celadon City. There is also a building where you can get the Tea. The Tea is what you give the gate guards to let you pass. I believe there is a few trees you need to use Cut on in order to enter the fourth gym.

Once you enter it will look like a complete garden. This is because the fourth gym is a grass type Pokemon gym. You will have to fight several trainers before you can get to the leader. I suggest you bring some Paralyze Heals, Full Heals, Antidotes, whatever you can to cure some status conditions. Because with some grass type Pokemon in this gym, they have some attacks like Stun Spore Sleep Powder and Poison Powder they can use that can be a nuisance on your part. Upon arriving to the leader, Erika. You should make sure your Pokemon are at full health and then challenge her to a match. The Pokemon are getting stronger for the gym leaders. Her first Pokemon is a Victreebel if you have fire type Pokemon now is the time to shine. Her second Pokemon is Tangela, which should be fairly easy to take down. The final Pokemon you have to fight is a Vileplume. Be careful because this Vileplume knows Stun Spore and Sleep Poweder. If you beat Erika you will get the Rainbow Badge. You will also now have half of the Kanto badges. Only four more to go and you can challenge the Kanto Pokemon League! Next up is the gym in Fuchsia City!

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Pokemon Kanto Region – Third Gym

By Anonymous

You just beat the second gym in Cerulean City. Now it’s time to head for the third gym! The third gym is located in Vermillion City. There are a lot of sights you should see before you head straight to the gym. You need to remember that the gym leaders get stronger and you always need to be prepared. The first place I suggest you seeing in Vermillion City is the SS Anne. It’s a famous ship and its huge. You can fight a lot of trainers and that will help you get stronger. Just check every door in the ship in a handful of them there is a trainer that will battle you. About the time when your outside the captain’s door you will bump into your rival again. Your rival will challenge you. He got a lot stronger since last time so be prepared. If you successfully beat him you can enter the captain’s room.

In the captains room there is not much besides the steering wheel and the captain. Speak to the captain. He will give you the HM Cut. Cut will allow you to cut the tree blocking the entrance to the third gym. Once you leave the SS Anne the ship itself will be departing. Now you can head on over to the third gym. This gym is sat up fairly strange. There are trash cans or at least what looks like trash cans. And a switch in every one. You have to hit the three correct switches in the right order. That will unlock the door to the gym leader. The gym leader is Lt. Surge. He trains electric type Pokemon.

Just to mention, the third gym is an electric type gym. Lt. Surge will open the battle with a Voltorb, you should be able to take it down quickly. You probably wouldn’t have any problems with Lt. Surge unless you chose Squirtle, electric type Pokemon have an advantage over water type Pokemon. The second Pokemon he sends out is a Pikachu. The Pikachu should go down if you don’t let it take advantage over you. The final Pokemon and his strongest is a Raichu. The Raichu may take a while, but you can do it in the end if you keep trying. If you successfully beat him, Lt. Surge will give you the Thunder Badge. You have three badges now, the next gym is in Celadon City!

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Pokemon Kanto Region – Second Gym

By Anonymous

The second gym you will find in the Kanto region is in Cerulean City. You just beat Brock the first gym leader in Pewter City and now your ready to fight the second gym leader! Not yet, you still have to get to Cerulean City. After you leave Pewter City you should find yourself arriving by a cave area pretty soon. This cave is known as Mount Moon. Mount Moon is a tricky place, a lot of trainers would want to challenge you and you might even run into a few Team Rocket grunts. Throughout Mount Moon you will find many Pokemon, mainly rock type or ground type. But you can also run into a Clefairy, the Clefairy’s home is Mount Moon so you might encounter a few in Mount Moon. Towards the end of Mount Moon, or I should say when your around the exit you will see two fossils. The Dome fossil and the Helix fossil I believe.

Choose one on your way out and start heading to Cerulean City! Now that your in Cerulean City your rival might appear to challenge you, it is about time don’t you think? The least battle you had was way back before you beat the first gym! Once you defeated him you should take a look around, the Nugget Briidge has lot of trainers you can challenge to help your Pokemon get stronger to fight the gym leader. If you successfully beat all of the trainers on Nugget Bridge you get a Nugget. A Nugget is an item that you can sell and get a lot of money. Bill the creator of the Pokemon Storage System in the Kanto region lives at the end of a patch east of the end of Nugget Bridge.

Well let’s get down to the second gym. It is a water type Pokemon gym. Meaning all the Pokemon you fight in the gym are water type. If you chose Charmander, it might have a bit of trouble. Water type Pokemon have an advantage over fire type Pokemon. You will fight a few trainers in the gym and then you can challenge the leader of the gym, Misty. Misty has a Staryu and a Starmie, Starmie is the evolution of Staryu as you would have guessed. Take out the Staryu as fast as you can because the strongest of Misty’s Pokemon is the Starmie. If you successfully beat Misty, you will be rewarded with the Cascade Badge. Now you have two badges and can head to Vermillion City, where the third gym in the Kanto region is waiting.

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Pokemon Kanto Region – First Gym

By Anonymous

Most trainers, or probably the older community of trainers started their first Pokemon journey in the Kanto region. Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur are the starters you can get there. The Pokemon professor Samuel Oak is the one who gives trainers their starters, he studies Pokemon and human relations. The main goal when a trainer starts their journey is to challenge the Pokemon League. In order to challenge the Pokemon League you must gather the eight gym badges of the region.

The eight gym leaders of the Kanto region are Brock, Misty, Lt. Surge, Erika, Koga, Sabrina, Blaine, and Giovanni. However in the more modern versions of Kanto, Koga is in the Elite Four so his kid Janine takes over the gym. And the last gym leader of the Kanto region, Giovanni, quit for unknown reasons so Blue took over. The first thing you should do is to make sure you have enough Pokeballs and Potions, usually about three Potions and five Pokeballs work out good enough for the beginning of your journey.

You will go through Viridian Forest and find yourself in Pewter City. Pewter City is the place where the first gym leader is at. The gym leader is Brock, he trains rock type Pokemon. So it might be a little hard to beat him if you chose a Charmander as your starter Pokemon. This is because a rock type Pokemon has a type advantage over fire type Pokemon. Brock will use two Pokemon against you. These two pokemon are both duo types. This means instead of having one type they have two. In this case they a ground type and rock type Pokemon. The first he will use is a Geodude. The Geodude can be defeated quickly if you chose a Squirtle that probably learned Water Gun by now. Or a Bulbasaur that probably learned Absorb.

If you have enough potions and a few other Pokemon aside from your starter with you at this time it should make it a bit easier if you choose a Charmander. Don’t get me wrong, Charmander is a great and powerful starter, it’s just the first few gyms have a type advantage. If you win Brock will give you the Boulder Badge, the very first badge in the Kanto region. Only seven more to go! Next up is the water type gym in Cerulean City!

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Pokemon Kakuna, Impossible To Use?

By Anonymous

Now you can’t really have a useless Pokemon. Unless it is a Magikarp which is believed to be the weakest Pokemon on the planet. But there is one Pokemon that is literally impossible to use, this Pokemon is Kakuna. Now why would I saw Kakuna? It is simple, Kakuna has only one attack, this attack is Harden. All Harden does is raise a Pokemon’s defense stat. All you can do is raise your Kakuna’s defense stat until it becomes a really hard Pokemon to defeat, but it can’t attack back. If it runs out of power points, or PP, the only attack it will be able to use is Struggle. Struggle is an attack that has no type to it, it can only be used when the Pokemon can’t attack, this can be do to running out of power points or if the foe used an attack like Encore, which makes the Pokemon use the same attack it just did, followed by Disable which will make it so it can’t attack using it’s move, it has no attacks. Therefore it will use Struggle, there are other strategies a foe can use on you, but that is a simple one I thought of.

A power point is a number that represents how many times you can use the attack. An attack like Hyper Beam can only be used five times because it has five power points, but power points is for another subject. Back to Kakuna now. Kakuna can have an attack, only if you raise it from it’s pre-evolved form known as Weedle. Weedle is a small worm looking Pokemon. If you raise it to evolve then the evolved Weedle, Kakuna, will be able to use Weedle’s past attacks, which are Poison Sting and String Shot. So you can get a Kakuna with up to three attacks. Poison Sting will allow it to attack the opponent and is the most basic poision type Pokemon attack. This move has a chance of poisoning the foe. Poison is a status effect that will make the Pokemon inflicted with it lose a few health points a turn. String Shot is a bug type attack that will lower the foe’s speed stat. Although it might not be much, Kakuna can still attack it’s opponent. But Kakuna’s evolved form, Beedrill, has more power than that.

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