A Teenager’s View On Cinccino

By Matt

Pokemon White Version has currently been bringing me a lot of surprises, especially with Minccino. Since I have limited knowledge of the fifth Generation Pokemon, I do not know which Pokemon evolve and which do not. In the Japanese versions of Pokemon, Cinccino is referred to as Chillaccino, which sounds like a type of coffee. Cinccino is a Scarf Pokemon because of the scarves that it appears to be wearing. Of course, it’s not a scarf, maybe just fur.

In the game, I have yet to evolve a Minccino into Cinccino. As a guy, I find Cinccino one of the few Pokemon that are really, really hot (serious). I find Cinccino sort of strange; this is one of the few Pokemon (maybe even the only one) that undergoes a one-letter name change. But I still love them, no matter what its name is; I can always just rename it. I find Cinccino so hot that I could talk all day about it, but explaining more about it would be a better choice for the audience (sighs of relief). Cinccino has a capability to learn more moves through TMs.
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Pokemon Black & White Tips: Victini Beatstick

By: Brian Hsieh

Pokemon Black and White have reached the United States and have been around for over a week now. The Victini event is still in progress so be sure to get one through Nintendo wifi before it ends. While the gameplay has so many features that I could discuss, my main point will be about the Victini event.

Once you acquire the Liberty Pass found in the Pokecenter (a man in a bellhop uniform will give it to you), you’ll be able to use it when necessary. Once you enter Castelia City, which is right after you win the second badge, you can walk on the outskirts of the city to find the docks. On the farthest dock to the left, there is a boat that will take you to Liberty Island. Once you arrive, you’ll notice that Team Plasma has taken over the island.
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How To Train Your Pokemon Team

By Anonymous

We all have this perfectly trained team in mind. A team that lets us eliminate the opponent with one hit every single time. A team that represents all of the hard work that we put into them. However, It seems people ask themselves, ‘But how do I do it?’. Well, I am here to help you find which way of training will work for you and what steps to take to reach you ultimate goal. Now lets get started.
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Pokemon Mew #151

By Leonie Herson

Mew, the new species Pokemon, was the first truly rare and elusive Pokemon to catch during the first generation. Known as the 151st Pokemon in the Pokedex, mew was only obtainable through the following sequence of events (named the “Mew Glitch):

1. When facing the gambler near the underground tunnel entrance (from Lavender Town to Celadon City), immediately press the start button before he notices you and select to fly to Cerulean City. He will see you as you fly away.

2. From Cerulean’s Pokemon Center, head towards Bill’s house and run into the boy facing North in the maze (above the Lass). Defeat his slowpoke (lvl 17) then immediately fly to Lavender Town.

3. At Lavender Town, go west towards Route 8 and the menu should pop up. Press “B” and Mew will appear at lvl 5. Mew is a great asset to any team as it has well-balanced stats and can learn every TM and HM available. It’s synchronise ability also comes in handy because if Mew is poisoned, paralysed or burned, so too does its opponent.
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The Two Great Ground Pokemon of Generation Five

By Emily

Note: this contains spoilers, which some people may not like.

Pokemon Black and White have definitely improved the difficulty of Pokemon battles, and going in unprepared is a very bad idea. Especially with your final battle against N and Ghetsis. The legendary dragon N controls and many of the Pokemon on Ghetsis’ team are incredibly strong and can easily destroy an entire team of Pokemon.

However, two ground type Pokemon stand out as being near-essential in helping you win. Excadrill for Black and Krookodile for White are possibly the best Pokemon you can use in the two final battles of the main story.
Excadrill is very useful in Pokemon Black because it has immunity to Zekrom’s strongest attack, Cross Thunder. Excadrill has a very high attack stat and can learn both Earthquake and Drill Run, which will be able to faint Zekrom in only one or two attacks. Because Excadrill can learn both X-scissor and Brick Break, it will also be useful against Ghetsis’ strongest Pokemon, Hydreigon.
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Catching Zoroark

By Princeofbrawl

There is a pokemon that you cant catch in pokemon black and white his name is Zoroark (Im just going to tell you about Zoroark).  Zoroark, the illusion fox pokemon:

Type: dark ability:
Illusion height:5’03”
Weight: 178.8 lbs.

And here’s how to catch it.
First, you need a shiny Raikou, shiny Entei and shiny Suicune.  At the special event at game stop you cannot get Raikou or Entei because that dates have already passed, but Suicune is still open. He appears on Jan 31st, 2011 through Feb 6th, 2011.
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Having the perfect Team!

By Amanda

When you begin your pokemon journey, you start out with either a grass type, a water type, or a fire type pokemon.  Which ever one you begin with will be your partner, who will help you overcome tough situations.  Now to find five more pokemon to your team, which your allowed six pokemon total.  The first thing is to figure out which types of pokemon that will help you on your journey.  A Flying type can give you ad by flying you from town to town when you win a certain amount of badges.  And Flying types has an advantage against bug, and grass types, and are not affected by attacks such as earthquake.  But they are weak when it comes to electric types, so watch out.  A Water type, if you didn’t choose a Water pokemon as your starter, can surf you to islands and places that are on water, and are strong against rock, and ground types.
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