All About Pokemon Spearow And Weezing

By Anonymous


One of the widest type of Pokemon outside of normal type Pokemon probably is a flying type Pokemon. All flying type Pokemon except for the new Tornadus are flying type Pokemon and normal type Pokemon. This is probably why there are so many flying type Pokemon, along with normal types, because they are mostly likely mixed, at least the large majority. Flying type Pokemon have been used by gym leaders three times now.

The first was Flakner, the first gym leader in the Johto region, he can be a bother to most beginning trainers because his flying type Pokemon are pretty strong. The second is Winona, Winona is the sixth gym leader of the Hoenn region, she trains flying type Pokemon, of course. The third to use flying type Pokemon is Skyla, the also sixth leader to use flying type Pokemon in a league. She is the gym leader of the Unova region. There are usually more than one flying type species in a region, in the Kanto region you have a Pidgey but also a Spearow. Spearow is a Pokemon that is a lot like Pidgey and can be battled and captured almost just as early as a Pidgey.

In the anime Ash Ketchum tries to capture a Spearow when he first starts his journey, but all he did was make it angry, so it called all of its friends and other Spearow and they chased Ash and his Pikachu. Pikachu eventually shocked them all and they were able to go safely to a Pokemon Center, away from the Spearow. Spearow is also a normal type Pokemon and a flying type Pokemon, he will evolve into a Fearow. Spearow has some nerve and isn’t really the strongest Pokemon in the world, but probably and most likely can get the job done with other Pokemon as long as they are around the same level as Spearow. Spearow is in the Kanto Pokedex along with its evolution, Fearow. You will find several Spearow at low levels around the same place you can find a Fearow but this is not always true, sometimes in certain areas, you can only find a Fearow where there are higher leveled Pokemon, and a Spearow where they are low leveled. Very rarely can you find Spearow and Fearow in the wild at the same time. What do you think about the flying Pokemon Spearow?


Have you heard of a poison type Pokemon before? I am sure you have, they are the most important Pokemon, or at leas tone of them. They get some powerful attacks, some very powerful attacks. One of the most famous attacks that you will see a lot is probably Toxic. Toxic will poison the foe, by giving them the poisoned status conditions. After each turn in battle the foes Pokemon will lose some health points. What is different is with toxic, a Pokemon will not just lose health points every turn. What Toxic will do is poison the Pokemon and every turn they will lose a little more health points, every turn it will lose more every turn. A Pokemon that is a posion type is Weezing.
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Flying And Grass Type Pokemon (Video Games)

By Anonymous

Flying Type Pokemon

Out in that world of Pokemon! The Pokemon universe is one of the most interesting and greatest of all the universe out there! Pokemon live in the sea, in trees, forests, urban area, the sky・What? How could something live in the sky? Well, I should have said travel in the sky. But, out of all of these Pokemon each and every one of them have their own type. These types are all guided somewhat towards the elements. Today, or just in this article, I will be talking to you about a single Pokemon type. This type, as stated above about the sky, will of course be about the flying type Pokemon! Flying type Pokemon are usually of course birds. They are used outside of battle among trainers for flying. Yes, just flying. That is only if that particular trainers has the Hidden Machine Fly and the gym badge that allows that attack or move to be used outside of battle.

You simply teach it to your flying type Pokemon and then select that Pokemon and go to Fly, a map will appear and you will be able to select where to fly to. You can only fly to spots that you have been to. As in, if you are in Pallet Town and want to fly to Pewter City, it works because you have been there. But if you want to travel to a place like Saffron City, a place you haven’t been to yet, you wouldn’t be ale to fly there until you travel by foot. Flying type Pokemon have an advantage over grass and bug type Pokemon to name a few. If the flying type Pokemon uses a flying type move to attack it will get a boost since it is the same type at that move. None flying type Pokemon that have flying type moves won’t be able to get the boost but it will have close to the same effect.

Electric, Ice, and Rock type Pokemon have an advantage over flying type Pokemon. Ground type Pokemon have no effect on Flying type Pokemon nor do their moves. The same counts for the above, an electric type move known not by an electric type Pokemon but by another type of Pokemon won’t have the boost that an electric type Pokemon who uses an electric type move would have. The first flying type Pokemon was Pidgey, a dual type, Pidgey is both a flying type Pokemon and a normal type Pokemon. The only pure flying type Pokemon is Tornados of Unova I believe. What or who is your favorite flying type Pokemon out of all the six hundred plus? Or what is your favorite flying type Pokemon in each region?

Grass Type Pokemon

Ah yes, a nice place, I am thinking of a nice, quiet, peaceful place・Can you guess where it is? I will give you a hint. It is in the world of Pokemon, and is quite common in all of the regions. It is not in the sky, close to water usually, could be by a cave or near a mountain. It is a meadow, the grassy plains where the Tauros graze. You are still right if you guessed forest though! Because all of this Pokemon have types. Like that Tauros for example is a normal type Pokemon.
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Pokemon Missingno. An Overview (Part 2)

By Jill/Redterror117

This article is a continuation of “Missingno.: An Overview (Part 1)”, which follows the overview and details of one of the most well-known glitches of the Pokemon franchise. In this section, I will cover the side effects of encountering Missingno. in the game, the response that Nintendo gave when news about Missingno first started to surface, and some other interesting tidbits about this Pokemon.

The appearance of any version of Missingno. will cause a few additional effects to occur, on top of getting a placeholder Pokemon. First of all, the item in the sixth slot of the bag will duplicate itself 128 times. The reason for this is somewhat simplistic: in the game’s data, there is a pair of values which determine whether or not a Pokemon has been seen, similar to an on/off switch. Missingno.’s ‘seen switch’ is shared by the item quantity of the sixth item in the player’s bag, and so when encountered, this switch is turned ‘on’, the item quantity goes up 2^7 (2 to the power of 7, 7 coming from the 7 bits of data needed to represent 99+ items). On top of item duplication, Missingno. has the tendency to scramble the data of the Hall of Fame (if the player has already completed it), and after its stats are viewed, it can also scramble the sprites of trainers and Pokemon, though viewing a non-glitched Pokemon can reverse any graphical damage. In Yellow, the yellow and red version of Missingno. can be rather nasty, though only if its caught. On top of scrambling the Hall of Fame and causing other graphic effects like its Red and Blue counterparts, the Yellow-exclusive Missingno. can cause the player and all NPCs to be duplicated, the duplicates then walking around on the screen at random.

Not long after the discovery of Missingno., Nintendo decided to step in and make an official claim about it. While they did eventually accept its existence in their Customer Support section, their recommendation to solve the graphical errors that followed were useless to the situation. The information about Missingno still exists in Nintendo Support, and states the following:

“MissingNO is a programming quirk, and not a real part of the game. When you get this, your game can perform strangely, and the graphics will often become scrambled. The MissingNO Pokemon is most often found after you perform the Fight Safari Zone Pokémon trick.

To fix the scrambled graphics, try releasing the MissingNo Pokemon. If the problem persists, the only solution is to re-start your game. This means erasing your current game and starting a brand new one.”

However releasing Missingno. does nothing to solve the problem. The only way to fix the issue (short of restarting the game) is to view the stats of a non-glitch Pokemon. And despite the fact that this is a well-known solution, it has yet to be added to their customer support.

Now as promised, a few more facts about Missingno.. As its appearance changes, so too does its moveset. The basic glitch block Missingno. has three attacks: two Water Gun attacks (yes, two) and a Sky Attack. The Yellow-exclusive version has Pay Day, Bind, and Water Gun. Finally, the two Fossil Missingno. and Ghost Missingno. have the moveset of the Pokemon last viewed before capture. There are also over thirty different variants of Missingno., all of which are slightly different (though share most of the same characteristics, such as appearance). The glitch Pokemon also has a sibling glitch, ‘M, which shares similar characteristics to Missingno., such as appearance and type. However when encountering ‘M, you capture it twice: after successfully capturing it once, the battle still continues. The ‘M captured the second time will register as a Ditto, and if ‘M is sent to the PC, the game will likely crash. As a final tidbit of information, Missingno.’s existence in the game is essential. As each Pokemon is assigned a variable, and there are 256 possible variables (in the computer language, these variables go from 00 to FF), there has to be something in place of the 105 unused variables. Therefore Missingno. exists in the game as a placeholder for those unused spaces, its existence in the game intended as well, considering the fact that it is the only glitch Pokemon with a proper name (Missingno. having an actual meaning).


Pokemon Missingno. An Overview (Part 1)

By Jill/Redterror117

One of the most well-known glitches of the first generation of Pokemon games is Missingno., which is short for ‘Missing Number’. Missingno. Is a Bird/Normal Pokemon (the first type a glitch in itself) in the Red and Blue versions, and a Normal/999 (the latter also a glitch) type in Yellow. What makes it even more unique is that Missingno. has five different appearances between the three versions: a glitched block (only available in Red and Blue versions), a fossil Kabutops, a fossil Aerodactyl, a ghost, and a yellow and red glitched block (only available in Yellow version). The appearance of this glitch Pokemon in the games is determined based upon how it is obtained, which is in one of two ways.

The first method of obtaining a Missingno. is the easiest, but cannot be done in the Yellow Version (as this was later on fixed): All the player has to do is talk to the Old Man in Viridian City and allow him to show a demonstration of how to catch a Pokemon, then immediately after this, fly to Cinnabar City and surf along the eastern shore of the island, prompting a battle. In this method, the following letters determine the appearance of Missingno.:

Glitch Block: If the third, fifth, or seventh character of the player’s name is ‘G, H, J, M, S, T, :, ], a, b, c, m, o, p, or v’

Fossil Kabutops: If the third, fifth, or seventh character of the player’s name is ‘w’

Fossil Aerodactly: If the third, fifth, or seventh character of the player’s name is ‘x’

Ghost: If the third, fifth, or seventh character of the player’s name is ‘y’

The second method is more commonly used to obtain other hard Pokemon without the use of a Gameshark (specifically Mew, hence it’s name ‘the Mew glitch’). In this case, the Player needs to research the special stat that they need to obtain the Pokemon they want (at the end I will list the specials needed for the specific Missingno forms), then ensure they have a Pokemon with Fly, and two trainers they have not battled that will initiate a fight if the player walks into view (the second one needs to be in a place that has wild ditto. The best thing to do is save at the initial setup, in case something goes wrong. To begin, the player needs to take one step closer to the trainer (being in line of sight), then immediately hit START. Fly to the area with the second trainer and ditto. At this point the menu will be unavailable, because the game will think that the player is in the middle of a battle. From here, battle the second trainer (but make sure that there is enough room for the trainer to have to walk up to the player). Defeat the trainer as normal, and then proceed to find a battle with a wild Ditto, using the Pokemon with the desired special stat. Once it transforms into your stat-specific Pokemon, defeat it. Immediately after the battle against the Diito, return to the location of the first trainer, without initiating any other battles in the process. As soon as you return to this area, the menu should immediately appear. Close the menu with the B button, and a battle will immediately follow with the desired Pokemon.

Glitch Block: If the special stat is 31, 32, 50, 52, 56, 61, 62, 63, 67, 68, 69, 79, 80, 81, 86, 87, 94, 95, 115, 121, 122, 127, 134, 135, 137, 140, 146, 156, 159, 160, 161, 162, 172, 174, 175 or 181.

Fossil Kabutops: If the special stat is 182.

Fossil Aerodactly: If the special stat is 183.

Ghost: If the special stat is 184.

Yellow Glitch Block: If the special stat is 31, 32, 61, 62, 63, 67, 68, 69 or 86.

In my next article (part two), I will go into more detail about the well known Missingno., including the side effects in the game that the glitch Pokemon brings, its existence in other games, Nintendo’s response when it first surfaced, as well as some other interesting facts about it.


Fighting Type Pokemon (Video Games)

By Anonymous

Such a huge world in Pokemon. All of these types must add up in a way, of course. What is your favorite Pokemon? Well, that is a common question given among Pokemon trainers to one another. But types, what is your favorite type? Do you have any certain Pokemon in mind with any types at all? Well, this type is not my favorite of course, but it is my article’s topic. This type would be the fighting type. Now when you combine all of the Pokemon together, there will be a fraction for each type, most of this fraction would be equal for the reason of as of yet, I think there is no majority typing when it comes to Pokemon. But one of those fractions would be the fighting type Pokemon. This is just a neat type in general. Fighting type Pokemon have some neat trades. Some fighting type Pokemon, well, not just some, not just some at all. But almost all fighting type Pokemon tend to be the most human-like Pokemon out of every type. It is just a pretty cool fact for you there.

Fighting type Pokemon have advantages over several Pokemon, the most notable would have to be the normal type Pokemon. A normal type Pokemon’s moves will have neutral damage on a fighting type Pokemon, though a move from a fighting type Pokemon will be super effective against the normal type Pokemon, quite literally actually. For the most part, fighting Pokemon tend to be pretty single typed, that type being fighting of course. There still is a decent sized number of Pokemon that happen to be in the dual type, one of the sharing types being fighting. The most common you would find out of these is the fighting type Pokemon and the fire type Pokemon.

For the past three generations the fire type starter Pokemon has evolved into a fighting type Pokemon dual type with fire type Pokemon. Now for advantages, well, weakness with fighting type Pokemon, counters if you will. The one type of Pokemon that can have a super effective hit on the fighting type Pokemon would the flying type Pokemon. Now, not just a flying type Pokemon, but also any flying type Pokemon move. The type of the Pokemon doesn’t matter as much as the move. Another note, fighting type Pokemon attacks have no effect on ghost type Pokemon, much like normal type attacks. Unless you have your Pokemon use the attack Foresight. The first fighting type Pokemon was most likely Machop in the Kanto region. Machop has no dual types, its final evolution would be Machamp which is still a fighting type Pokemon. Who is your favorite fighting type Pokemon?

Fire Type Pokemon (Video Games)

Ah yes, the mighty Charizard. A favorite among some of the oldest trainers of Pokemon. I would agree with them. In this world of Pokemon there is a ton of Pokemon, yeah we all heard that before of course. But there are also at least a small handful of types out there. Just about seventeen or so. As stated above, Charizard, a fire type Pokemon and a flying type Pokemon, is of course part fire! This article will go over a few details about the fire type in the Pokemon universe. Fire type Pokemon are among some of the strongest you will encounter, but all Pokemon are pretty close in strength if paired with their own tiers. The main weaknesses to the fire type Pokemon are water types, of course. But there are also ground types and rock types.
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Pokemon Sudowoodo And Evolution

By Anonymous

Alright, there are a ton of Pokemon. Different in their own way. It is really cool when you get to thinking about it. Now they all are their own species. But you might start to wonder that some of them have to be related in some way. They just look as if they can’t be passed up when compared to another Pokemon. Take a Pichu for instance, it evolves into a Pikachu. Not to mention that they have really close names, but also they look alike. Just about the same Pokemon though they are different species. An evolution may seem to be a different species but I like to think of them as a more mature and not to mention more powerful form of their pre-evolved forms. How do you evolve a Pokemon? Well there are many, many ways of doing so. You see, a Pokemon such as Charmander has three evolution stages, Charmeleon and Charizard. This particular Pokemon evolves by level up. Meaning it will evolve at a certain level, this is the most common type of evolution. And now, if you take a Pichu and want to evolve it into the famous Pikachu, level up will help, but won’t work. This Pokemon evolves by friendship. Level it up, have it hold a Soothe Bell, get it to respect you fully. Now you have a Pikachu, surprise, surprise Pikachu doesn’t evolve by level either. It evolves with an evolution stone known as the Thunderstone. You must give this stone to Pikachu whenever you feel it time to evolve it or you want to evolve your Pikachu. Another type of evolution is by trade, for instance, you may want to evolve your Machoke into a Machamp. Level sadly won’t work, you have to trade it with another person for it to evolve. A Pokemon like Onix will evolve if you give it the Metal Coat and trade it to someone.

In some rare cases you can find a Steelix in the wild at Iron Island in the Sinnoh region. Some Pokemon, like Eevee, the ruler of evolution, will evolve into Leafeon if you level it up by the Moss Rock. That is the majority for evolutions right there.

So far the current Pokemon that evolves by level and is the highest leveled Pokemon to evolve to date is Hydreigon. It is impossible to have a Hydregion below level sixty four unless it is through a Pokemon event. Evolutions bring strength but some people rather keep there Pokemon unevolved. Ash Ketchum from the anime never evolved Pikachu into a Raichu to this date. Do you like to keep your Pokemon unevolved? If so, which ones? Or do you prefer to keep your Pokemon evolved.


Have you heard of a rare Pokemon? What about a Pokemon that doesn’t even look like a Pokemon, more like a tree. You would think it is a grass type Pokemon, a ground type Pokemon, or maybe, just slightly a bug type Pokemon or a normal type Pokemon. This tree Pokemon is a master of mimicry. This Pokemon is a Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo is a rock type Pokemon, strange isn’t it? Everyone would think it to be a grass type Pokemon from the start. Sudowoodo can’t be encountered in the wild, but found in the wild. Only one of the, in the Johto region blocking the way to Ecruteak City.
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Pokemon Darkrai And Shaymin

By Anonymous


Darkrai is a dark type Pokemon, you can tell just by it’s name. Dark and Darkrai. Darkrai is used a lot in legendary battle. Darkrai is a Pokemon on that contains a lot of speed and special attack. He is one of the final Pokemon in the Sinnoh Pokedex. Number 491 I believe in the National Pokedex, in the Sinnoh section of it. Darkrai has had a lot of news. You could have received him at Toy’s R Us for your Pokemon Diamond or Pearl games. He would have two special attacks known as Spacial Rend, a move usually only used by Palkia. And he also has Roar of Time, which is an attack that is usually used by only Dialga. That attack has to be recharged afterwards. The reason he has these attacks is because in the tenth Pokemon movie. The Rise of Darkrai.

Dialga and Palkia are Pokemon known as the starts aside form Darkrai in this movie. They have the signature attacks given to Darkrai in the event giveaway to commemorate Dialga and Palkia in the movie. This movie involves Darkrai defending Almamos Town and mainly the garden in Alamos Town from being destroyed by a fight in Space-Time by Dialga and Palkia. You can also get Darkrai form the Membership Card. This card allows you to go to Newmoon Isalnd and capture Darkrai. This is by going to a house in Canalave City, it is a house that is locked unless you go to the event to do it. The event was only for a short time and you could down the Membership pass to your Pokemon Platinum version, receive it at your local Pokemart, and go to Canalave City and challenge Darkrai!

There are words from a voice at the end of the battle on New Moon island. People believe this voice to be the voice of Arceus, who is also believed to be the one who put Darkrai on the island. It is a pretty cool story. Darkrai is a favorite Pokemon among most people, what about you? Is Darkrai one of your favorite Pokemon?


There are many legendary Pokemon, not as much as there are regular Pokemon. One of these Pokemon is known as Shaymin. Shaymin is a grass type legendary Pokemon. Shaymin has no gender but is usually viewed as a female. Shaymin is a rare legendary to obtain. Shaymin was given out over TRU or Toy’s R Us. This was a special level fifty Shaymin that had some special attacks and was in a Cherish Ball with a Classic Ribbon. Shaymin was also given out over WiFi as a Key Item. Or I should say a Key Item was given out to get a Shaymin.
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Capturing Pokemon And Where To Find Them

By Anonymous

Out there in the Pokemon universe you will see many, many Pokemon. We should all know what a Pokemon is, but some new trainers might not know how to capture one of the creatures. Well, most of us hear from the local Pokemon professor, the vast majority would probably point out Professor Oak of the Kanto region telling you to stay out of tall grass without having a Pokemon. Well, that is the truth, it is impossible to leave your hometown unless you have at least one Pokemon in your current part at a time. All trainers get a limit of six in their party, the rest go to the Pokemon storage system.

Your starter is the first you get, of course, allowing you to enter the grass and go to new places. But what about the other five places we have left? You are responsible for capturing the next five and beyond. In a rare situation another trainer may give you a Pokemon for free, but it happens less than five times in each of the games. Anyway, as most of the trainers that teach you in the very beginning, to catch a Pokemon is a simple process.

First you walk around in the tall grass, caves, lakes (if surfing), or ponds. You will know when a wild Pokemon appears. Everything will go as your first battle with your rival. You send you Pokemon out, most likely your starter. It all depends on how long you have been on your journey. But your start would be your first sent out for your first wild Pokemon encounter. Go to attack the wild Pokemon. Choose a straight forward attack like Tackle. You can use Tail Whip too, to lower the defense, but I personally find that best for battles against trainers. It is just not the best to use when fighting a Pokemon you are trying to catch. Use your attacks to weaken it to hopefully around the red HP line. Go to your bag and find a PokeBall, it is the most basic tool for capturing a Pokemon. There are other types of PokeBalls but for now, the basic is the best and the only you have at this point. You use a PokeBall by throwing it at the opposing PokeBall. If it shakes at least three times and clicks, you’ve caught it. If not, it could either be a Criticial Capture. In which the ball shakes once and the Pokemon is caught. Or the Pokemon just plain broke free. Upon capturing the creature you will be directing to your PokeDex where you will learn the newly captured Pokemon’s information. You can also nickname your Pokemon if you wish.
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Tornadus And Thundurus -Tips For Catching them

By TokoyamiTheDark

People who bought Black or White should know about at least 1 of these 2 Pokemon. Tornadus is in Black while Thundurus is in White. What’s common about these two is thet they are roaming Pokemon ; they will flee as soon after you attack them. But once both are reunited in the Abundant Shrine, Landorus will appear and stay here until you decide to challenge it. But we’ll mainly be talinkg about catching Tornadus/Thundurus since they are harder to get than Landorus, since it don’t flee like the other two.

1 – Use the Master Ball on them ; The best idea, as Reshiram/Zekrom are far much easier to catch ; in fact, they’re just as hard to catch as a Deino, therefore easier to catch than a Basculin! Bet you didn’t knew this, did you?

2 – Weaken their health, then block with Wobbuffet ; Another good idea, but requires that the legendary Pokemon flees after your moves. Weaken it as much as possible, let it flee, find it again and use a paralysis move on it. It will flee again, but the other time, bring a Wobbuffet with you as well as many Hyper Potions and at least 3 Quick Balls, 30 Ultra Balls and 15 Timer Balls. Then, shoot the Balls in a frenzy-like way!!!

3 – Hunt during nighttime ; If you’re hunting during the nighttime, Dusk Balls are your friends ; they’re twice as effective as an Ultra Ball during late night and can catch even Legendaries easily. Plus, Tornadus and Thundurus will always be on the northern section of Unova during the evening, so just look around the northern parts for the heavy rain and tornado/lightning.

Now that those hints help you catching these, let’s review both Pokemon as well as Landorus, shall we?

– Tornadus is exclusive to Black and is the only pure Flying-type known (exept when Arceus holds a Sky Plate or a Kecleon gets hit by a Flying type move) Because it is a pure flying type, it has a big disadventage over Thundurus. But Tornadus can learn Smack Down, which is a Rock-type move via TM, giving a super effective blow on Thundurus and neutralizing its immunity to Ground-type attacks, since it is also Electric-type besides Flying. Tornadus can learn powerful attacks, such as Sludge Bomb, Crunch, Psychic and Fly (that’s my Tornadus’ moveset, by the way.) If you ever wanted to have two legendaries whose types aren’t the same, then you should opt for the Black version.

– Thundurus is exclusive to White and is part Flying, part Electric. Because of that, it has a big advantage over Tornadus with its resistance to Flying moves and its offense with Electric-type moves, but is still vulnerable to Smack Down, which Tornadus can learn, and not only receive a super effective attack, but also making Thundurus vulnerable to Ground-type moves! Just like its Black counterpart, Thundurus can learn very similar moves, but lacks Flying-type moves besides Fly, so a good moveset could be (this is the one I use for my Thundurus) : Sludge Wave, Crunch, Thunderbolt and Fly.
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Unova – Accumula Town

By Matt

In the Unova region, Accumula Town is the first town you will encounter. If you can remember from the first few minutes you spent playing, you, Bianca and Cheren caught their first Pokemon in Route 1. There was also a small contest to catch Pokemon if you can remember that precisely. When you walked up to Accumula Town, you would see Team Plasma for the first time announcing their plan to make a better world by having all Trainers release their Pokemon.

The basics of the game are also covered in this town. Professor Juniper teaches you how to use the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon, and the functions of the Poke Mart. As part of the storyline, when you walk outside the Pokemon Center, you will meet N for the first time. He is still a vague character who claims he has the ability to see the bond between you and your Pokemon. It’s a very short battle that can be easily won if you have some backup Pokemon you caught in Route 1.

To the south of Accumula Town is Route 1 as well as your home, Nuvema Town. The west is a gate; follow it and after a few patches of grass, you will reach Striaton City, where you can find and battle the first Gym Leaders in Unova. Like Viridian City or Cherrygrove City, this town can be considered a warm-up town because of little Trainer challenges and its lack of activity. Each of the buildings feature people who will tell you some rookie tips, which are unnecessary for the Pokemon veterans. Also, everyone you talk to will either mention how relaxed and at ease they feel or some more Trainer tips; this town hides, unlike most Unova towns. On the topic of aesthetics, you will notice that there is a soft music in the area, which can only be disturbed by riding your Bicycle.

Like Castelia City, you can alter the music, but not entirely. The first time I entered the house, I didn’t realize that the theme had been altered. It is located north of the Pokemon Center on a hill. Once you go inside, you will find a girl pianist and a guy drummer. You can ask them to play their instrument if you want a slight change in the soft tones of the theme. If you talk to them again, it will say that they are concentrating on their performance. You will soon find that the theme has changed, adding his or her instrument. I haven’t tried this, but if you exit and return to Accumula Town, the theme might be reverted, allowing you to mix with the instruments a little. Regardless of the lack of activity here, Accumula Town is a great place to wind down if one is a real Trainer.

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