Pokemon Coliseum – The Game

By Matt

You’ve already heard about this new (or should I say, old) game. Now there are many different concepts to cover here. This game is divided into Story Mode and Coliseum Mode. The first one is the main story involving the hero (you). Coliseum Mode deals with competitive battling with preset teams, or just linking up a GameBoy Advance and battling with your friends. In Story Mode, the Shadow Pokemon you catch here will not disappear; if you happen to pass by a Team member that has a Shadow  Pokemon (like I did), they will most likely reappear at the end of the game at the same place.

Tyranitar, one of the last Shadow Pokemon you will have to catch, belongs to the boss of Team Plasma, and if you cannot catch it the first time, you can always come back and try again a second time (or as many tries as you need). In battle, the “Run” command has disappeared; that’s because there’s no wild Pokemon in the Orre region! Instead, this is replaced by “Call”, which I’ll explain the effect of later. When you battle with Shadow Pokemon, your goal is to purify them. If you decide to use the ones you captured in battle, you can see that they have five segmented bars of purple where the EXP should go. You have to purify them (in-game, “open the door to their heart”) by battling with them frequently.
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How To Get Zorua Using The Event Celebi And The Relocator

How to get Zorua using Event Celebi and the Relocator

ZoruaZorua. Everybody’s favorite little Black & White teaser Pokemon. You’ve had him dangled in front of your face by Pokemon Sunday, and perhaps you even bough his Pokedoll at the 2011 US world Tour ( I know I did). Yet, you cannot seem to get him on your game; even after spending 30 minutes sitting in front of Gamestop trying to figure out how to get your event Celebi. Well don’t be frustrated, because I have provided a guide to demonstrate how to get Celebi to your new game using the Relocator, and meet your new foxy buddy.

What do I need to get Zorua?

1. Gamestop Celebi: You will need have grabbed a Celebi from a US Gamestop before March 10, 2011. If you did not receive your Celebi and would like to purchase one please scroll to the bottom of this article. It is unverified if another Celebi will work, please comment if you know more.
2. Two Nintendo DS systems: You are required to have 2 Nintendo DS systems are also required to complete the transfer; there is also no way to use Nintendo Wi-fi to do this. You will need two DS systems in close range of each other.
3. The Pokemon Relocator Confusion about obtaining Zorua has spawned from the odd fact that the player must use the Relocator, not the Poke-shifter, to activate the event. This is why when you use the Poke-shifter to try and send the event Pokemon to your game, it won’t work
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Johto Region Pokemon Part 4

By Amanda

Lugia is a psychic and flying type legendary Pokemon, known as the diving Pokemon, and has the same name in Japan.  It has strong attacks like aeroblast, sky attack, and hydro pump.  Lugia starred in one of the Pokemon movies, being Pokemon movie 2000.  It helped Ash make it to Ice Island to get the third treasure to bring balance to the world.  It also starred in three episodes in Pokemon Master Quest season, where the parent Lugia was searching for its child. This is the first time seeing a child legendary Pokemon ever, where the child was kidnapped by Team Rocket, then captured its parent.  Ash and friends helped free the two Lugia and return them back to the wild.  Celebi is a psychic and grass type legendary Pokemon, being known as the time travel Pokemon, and known as Serebii in Japan.  It has the power to go back in time to the past, present, and future.  It has strong attacks like magical leaf, leaf storm, and future sight.
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Zoroark: Master of Illusions Movie Review

By Joey DiGiacomo

A must see Pokemon adventure, and one you do not want to miss. This movie brings us back to an earlier generation where Ash and his friends are back to simply have fun, but it soon goes wrong when the new Pokemon is released. The new Pokemon can change into anything that is around it, but seems to have a tail every time. This may be a movie you contemplate seeing, but just keep in mind, it is kind of an intro to the new generation and hopefully newer and better movies.

As we have seen in the earlier movies, the Pokemon are interactive and do not disappoint in the movie. We do not see any of the new Pokemon, but we do see the introduction of an exciting new Pokemon. This new Pokemon is named Zorua, and the evolved form of this is named Zoroark. Both of these new Pokemon show us the sort of Ditto like ability we have seen before, by that I mean they can transform into basically any living thing or object that they are around.
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