Pokemon Black And White

By Anonymous

Everybody’s talking about the new pokemon game, “Black and White.” There is much hype about the new pokemon such as Zoroark, Reshiram, and Zekrom. But not everybody agrees with the newfangled creatures. Some say they’re poorly made, some say they are the best made generation. What do you think? Nintendo will be introducing a whopping 156 new pokemon! In the game you’ll be introduced to a new region call Unova. You also may know the starters of this game which are Tepig the firepig, Oshawott the water otter, and Snivy the grass snake. The new game will be announced in Early March.
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Shiny Pokemon Review For Generation Five

By Emily

With so many new Pokemon making an appearance in the fifth generation games Pokemon Black and White, many new shiny Pokemon are able to be collected. But deciding on which ones to go after first can be difficult, since this generation is blessed with so many great shiny characters. However, the games are programmed such that two of the best shiny Pokemon of the generation can not be found shiny naturally.

Victini is one whose shiny form can not be obtained legally. Its bright white body contrasting with its neon orange ears, hands, and feet are very reminiscent of a clown, which seems to suit Victini’s Pokedex-based personality better than its regular coloration. Reshiram, one of the other Pokemon who can not be found shiny in the games, undoubtedly has the best shiny form of all fifth generation Pokemon. The once white rings on its body have been upgraded to gold, as have the plates on its wings. This new gold color combined with the sublime pink of shiny Reshiram’s body is a great combination of colors that show off the gold of the rings in a strong but reserved way.
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New Black & White Pokemon

By Joey DiGiacomo

The new Pokemon in this next generation are amazing. The starters have to be my favorite of all time. They are very crucial characters, because their evolved form is very powerful. The first starter is Snivy.  Snivy is a grass type Pokemon and he evolves into a determined and majestic Pokemon. Another great starter is Tepig that is like a pig type of Pokemon. He is a fire type pokemon, and his evolved form looks nothing like him. For some reason the evolution of Tepig reminds me of an egg. It is shaped very odd, but has good fire moves.

My personal favorite starter is Oshawatt, he is kind of like a gothic sea otter. He never smiles, but has amazing moves. He is a water type Pokemon, and his moves do not really revolve around that. His moves have the power of a common attack or scratch like the old generations. Overall the moves are pretty amazing, and do have room for improvement. His evolved form likeTepig, looks nothing like the pre-evolved form.
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Pokemon In The Unova Region Part 1

By Amanda

Snivy, also known as Tsutarja in Japan, is one of the best grass starter Pokemon yet.  Not only does it know strong grass moves like leaf blade, leaf storm, but also some new attacks like grass mixer, and grass oath.  In its final evolution, it looks like a snake, loosing its limbs in each stage.  In the anima, Ash owns a female snivy, shown to be very powerful. Oshawott, also known as Mijumaru in Japan is a Water type Pokemon available in Black and White.  It’s known as a sea otter  that has a shell it can detach from its belly to use to attack or defend itself.  It has powerful attacks such as shell blade and aqua tail, and can learn the move water oath.  It also appears in the anima, being one of the Pokemon Ash caught in the Unova region.  Tepig, also known as Pokabu in Japan is a fire type.  Known as the pig Pokemon, it has strong fire types attacks like nitro charge and heat stamp.  It can also learn fire oath, an attack if combined with another oath attack can change the field.  It’s also one of Ash’s Pokemon he caught in the Unova region as well.
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Pokemon Center Reshiram And Zekrom Pokedolls

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have released two new pokedolls, Reshiram and Zekrom. These two new pokedolls are bigger than the normal pokedolls. Similar in size to the DX pokedolls of Dialga, Palkia and Darkrai that were sold back in 2007, but slightly smaller. They are about 2-3 times as big as a normal pokedoll.

Reshiram Pokedoll
2011 Reshiram Large Pokedoll

Zekrom Pokedoll
2011 Zekrom Large Pokedoll

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