A Teenager’s View On Eevee

By Matt

Eevee is regarded by many as cute, adorable, but most of all, popular. I find myself a liking to Eevee too, since it is definitely one of a kind. Eevee, the Normal-type Evolution Pokemon, can evolve into seven different forms, each with its own strength and element. It all started with the first three:  Vaporeon, the Water-type, Jolteon, the Electric-type, and Flareon, the Fire-type. In fact, I remember seeing these on the actual TV show. Team Rocket (the original antagonists) stole Eevee, as well as its evolved companions. Ash and his group were able to catch them and send them blasting off again. Since I was pretty young, I didn’t know what they were until I heard their names.

Another encounter was when I first started playing Pokemon Coliseum. As the hero, you will start off with Espeon and Umbreon, the Psychic- and Dark-type evolutions of Eevee. The Sinnoh region is currently the most recent one to feature the last evolutions of Eevee: Leafeon and Glaceon, the Grass- and Ice-type. In the game, Eevee is very rare to come upon.

Starting from Platinum version, there is no way to get an Eevee, except to migrate it from previous versions. Since I don’t have a DS, I can’t migrate the Vaporeon that I had from my Leaf Green version. Eevee has very poor base stats, but mainly, they are just used to show off by Eevee enthusiasts. It’s expected that you evolve your Eevee using a Sun Stone, a Water Stone, or a Thunderstone. The way to get Eevee’s “Eeveelutions” (as deemed by many members of the Pokemon community) is to make it happy.

Basically, happiness when you level your Pokemon up, but this can be sped up (or slowed down) based on your actions. Herbs, although they are cheap and effective, will make your Pokemon dislike you, thus decreasing its happiness. Choosing your Eeveelution is not that hard at all; it’s mainly just a personal preference, or for a type that you can cover in battle. The first three Eons (Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon) have an elemental absorb ability (Water, Volt, and Heat, respectively). These abilities take Water, Electric, and Fire-type moves and converts 1/4 the damage into HP. Espeon and Umbreon’s abilities are Synchronize, which will give the target the same status problem if it is a burn, paralyze, or poison. Leafeon’s ability is Leaf Guard, which heals its status problems if Sunny Day is in effect.

Glaceon’s ability is Snow Cloak, which raises its evasiveness by one level if Hail is in effect. Each Eon’s stats are different as well. Vaporeon relies on its massive HP and Special Attack, while Flareon is centered in Attack and Special Defense (a strange combination). Glaceon is the exact opposite; it uses Special Attack and Defense to its best. Jolteon and Espeon both depend on heavy Special Attack and Speed. Leafeon leans toward Attack and Defense; and finally, Umbreon is the most defensive, with the highest Defense and Special Defense (combined).

I just covered the basics for battle; but looks are more important, aren’t they? What many end up doing is just keeping the Eevee we all know and love; its evolution potential is wrapped in mystery.


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