Sewaddle And Burgh In Pinwheel Forest! Summary And Review


Hey guys! Today I’ll be summarizing and reviewing the 18th episode of Pokemon Black and White. Our heroes begin at the edge of Pinwheel Forest—a large forest that is notorious for people getting lost inside. It is the only obstacle keeping them from Castelia City and the next gym badge. They enter and are promptly ambushed by a Sewaddle. It knocks Ash down and unleashes a surprise attack on Pikachu. Ash tries to catch it, but it uses its web to avoid the Pokeball and retreat. They try to run after it, but they cannot and become lost.

Iris plans on getting them back on the right path, but is made fun of when she leads them to a dead end. They decide to get to higher ground and spot a very big and tall tree. Upon their arrival, Iris and Ash get excited and ascend the tree. Near the top, they spot a weird looking object. To their surprise, a man jumps out! He introduces himself as Burgh and goes on about his pure heart. Cilan recognizes him as the famous Bug-type trainer. The party finds out that Burgh is actually the gym leader of Castelia City and they join his desire to live in the forest. Sewaddle strikes once again but becomes docile when it sees Burgh.

They all decide to take a rest while Cilan prepares a delicious meal. Burgh explains how Sewaddle greet one another. He, Pikachu, Iris, and Axew all take turns saying hello, but Sewaddle headbutts Ash instead. A prospective trainer must first familiarize himself with these bug-type Pokemon in order to successfully catch them. They learn to “live in the forest” by following Sewaddle and doing what it does. They watch it roam the forests and take a nap with it in the prairie. It takes a stop near a bush of leaves and gets attacked by two Woobats. Just when it looks like it’s going to get a thrashing, Ash takes the hit, which allows it and Pikachu to fend off the hostile Woobats.
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Scraggy—Hatched To Be Wild. Summary And Review!


Hey guys! Today I’ll be summarizing and reviewing the 17th episode of Pokemon Black and White. The show begins with our heroes taking a break somewhere along the road to Castelia City. Ash’s egg starts to glow, indicating that it’s about to hatch. They gather around in anticipation around the glowing egg, but are startled when Axew accidently trips and pushes it down a hill. They chase after it and Pikachu ends up using Quick Attack to catch the egg before it collides into a boulder. Almost immediately, the egg hatches and reveals a Scraggy and Ash uses his Pokedex right away.

Scraggy seems happy to see Ash, but greets Pikachu with a Leer and a Headbutt. Ash decides to let his new spunky Pokemon have a battle. Pikachu goes easy on it, but it is obvious that Scraggy is outmatched. Afterwards, Ash sends out Pidove, Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy to all meet and play with the newly-born. The sun starts setting and everyone gathers around to eat dinner. Meanwhile, Team Rocket receives instructions from Pierce and comment that they are now on “Stage 2” of their operations.

The scene turns back to our heroes and it is night time. Everyone is sleeping except for Axew who notices Scraggy is missing and alerts Iris. Ash and Cilan wake up and they all start looking around in the forest. Axew tracks down Scraggy’s footprints and they find it head-butting a tree. A disgruntled Galvantula pops out and unleashes a flurry of electric and bug type moves. Pikachu is able to scare the Galvantula away, but not before Scraggy suffers much damage. Iris and Axew look in the forest for herbs, and fix up a healing salve for the injured Pokemon.

The next scene involves Team Rocket delivering the meteorite to Dr. Zager who promptly runs some tests. The meteorite subsequently radiates violet leaving James, Jessie, and Pierce in awe. The following morning, Scraggy wakes up and is back to normal, but when everyone is ready to eat breakfast, it goes missing again. This time, Ash sends out all his other Pokemon to help in the search. They end up tracking him to the same tree, but this time it is surrounded by multiple Galvantula. Pidove, Tepig, Pikachu, Oshawott, and Snivy all engage in battle and rescue their friend. Afterwards, they finally eat, but Axew and Scraggy bump heads. Cilan says that the two would make perfect training partners, so Ash and Iris decide to battle. The two only know two moves apiece and so they mainly exchange Scratches and Headbutts. They battle ends up in a drawn when Dragon Rage hurts both Pokemon. Our heroes continue on their journey to the next city.
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Pokemon Episode summary : Pokemon Scent-Sation


By TokoyamiTheDark

Ash, Misty and Brock finally arrives at Celadon City, for Ash’s fourth badge, the Rainbow badge. Then they enter a perfume shop, where Brock and Misty both tries different perfumes. Ash counters that what they are doing is a complete waste of time and money, which shocks the kimono girls in the shop. Then, the shop’s owner, a Geisha girl with make-up, kicks Ash out of the shop for what he said about the perfume. Misty and Brock follows him, as Ash decides to go to the Gym to get his fourth Badge, the Rainbow badge. As he enters the Gym, he is stamped with a big, red ‘X’ stamp by mad girls who witnessed what happened at the perfume shop, for as the perfume is made in the Gym itself!

Usually, only girls may enter, but on some conditions, boys can also enter. Brock and Misty are welcomed inside the Gym. Meanwhile, Team Rocket decides to enter the Gym to steal all of the perfume, but gets kicked out of the gym at the next moment. Ash, peeking at he gym’s windows, sees the Gym Leader, but is astonished as he recognizes her : she’s the Geisha girl that owns the perfume shop! Sitting with a Gloom telling stories to people including Brock and Misty, Ash then crosses paths with Team Rocket, who gets an excellent idea to help Ash sneaking into the Gym ; disguising him as a girl!

As for Jessie and James, they disguise themselves as typical adults and put their plans on work ; they will pretend to be the parents of Ash (nicknamed Ashley) wanting her to be registered in the Gym. So, they enter the Gym, and everything is OK. Misty, Brock, and Pikachu still recognizes Ash despite his disguise, and looks in a funny way at him.In front of Erika, Ash reveals his disguise and asks her for a Pokemon Battle. She gladly accepts, and, as a Grass-type Gym Leader, she mainly uses Pokemon like Tangela, Weepinbell and, of course, her Gloom.

With Erika being distracted by the match, Team Rocket manages to find all of the perfumes stored in a safe. However, perfumes are very sensitive to combustibles, and the whole gym soon gets blazed in an intense fire! Team Rocket has fled with the ‘secret’ perfume, while Brock’s and Misty’s Pokemon tries to extinguish the fire. Erika suddenly remembers that she forgot her Gloom inside the Gym! Ash runs inside, as hasty as always, and, after a while, finds Gloom. However, it releases an horrid stench, and, after many attempts at grabbing it, Gloom let itself being grabbed by Ash, who exit the Gym safe and sound ; Ash came out only with a few burn scars.
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Censored Pokemon episodes

By TokoyamiTheDark

Everyone knows that Pokemon had some censored episodes for many reasons, some being insane. The thing is, some episodes were censored for silly reasons, but I’ll list all banned Pokemon episodes so far as well as the reasons why :

1 – The Beauty and the Beach : This episode was not necessairly banned in the USA, but was banned in Canada. The reason for this is because there’s a swimsuit contest for girls, and the price is hundreds of dollars. James snuck in with inflatable breasts, considered as offensive in North America. Misty loses to Team Rocket, but they lost to Ash’s mother iin the Final round. Chronogically, this episode is between « Tentacool and Tentacruel » and « The Ghost of Maiden Peak »

2 – The Legend of Dratini : Banned because an old man can be seen pointing a gun towards Ash and Team Rocket, mistaking them for poachers. The man then open the Safari Zone for Ash and friends, knowing they do no harm, but Team Rocket ruins the fun, when they capture Dratini, a Pokemon the old man wanted to keep as a secret. In the end, Dratini is believed to be gone, but it actually evolved into Dragonair! Ash is rising the Dragonair and catches a bunch of Tauros, which are sent to Oak’s lab. Then, the gang promishes the old man to keep the Dragonair event a secret from everyone else, then leaves the Safari Zone.

3 – Electric Soldier Porygon : Probably the MOST famous of all banned episodes, it revealed that Porygon was a NetNavi (being able to go in cyber space) and carry humans with it. However, viruses and trojan horses becomes the danger once entered in a LAN network. A scientist was researching about this and test it on As hand friends. But, however, when the cyper space begins to explode due to viruses, Porygon flees with the gang while Pikachu does a Thunder Bolt attack. The red and blue colors were swapping so fast, it caused over 600 seizures in Japan in December 1997. Most of them were young children, and emergencies at hospitals were full everywhere in Japan. Pocket Monsters got kicked out of the TV Anime for a while, and the episode never got translated, nor availlable on the Internet. Geez, way to ruin the Holidays a week before Christmas…

4 – Holiday Hi-Jinx : Censored due to the fact that Brock catch a cold, and get kissed by a Jynx. Nothing wrong here…exept for black-skinned people who complained about Jynx and Smoochum being ‘racist’ Pokemons simply because they have a human shape and deep black skin. This episode was supposed to air in America tha day of Christmas itself, December 25, and featured Santa Claus (no joking) as well. Jynx and Smoochum were nicknamed as ‘the Negroes Pokemon’, causing an outrage with black-skinned people. As a result, Smoochum’s and Jynx’s skin got colored purple at the release of Pokemon Gold and Silver. And another banned episode who ruins the holidays….

5 – Barboach and Whiscash (fictional name) : Got banned in Japan due to earthquakes striking the country, doing hundreds of deaths and thousands of injured people. But why did they banned this episode? Because Whiscash, being extremely territorial, caused a magnitude over 8.5 in the episode. Shogakukan thought the episode would remind people of the sad event that struck Japan earlier, so they decided to not air the episode at all.

6 – Team Rocket VS Team Plasma : Another episode who got banned due to natural disasters. Another earthquake struck Japan, doing even more danage than the previous one AND accompanied with a tidal wave. Shogakukan could not delay other episodes to put the Teams’ battle, so it never aired anywhere…not even in Japan.

So this is it for the banned episodes. I hope you have found this article interesting.



Ash’s Tauros

By Anonymous

Fans of the Pokemon anime have surely noticed that, when Ash visits Professor Oak’s lab or when an episode is featured there, Tauros roam en mass. The Pokemon belong to, as one may have assumed, Ash. The question though is where did they come from? Most would assume he caught them on that one Saturday morning that they were on vacation to visit their aunts and uncles for that blasted family reunion, or some other excuse. The minority of die-hard fans that proudly admit to have seeing every one of the near seven hundred episodes have probably Googled and found the truth behind the Tauros.

The story behind the herd never made it to American television, as it was a banned episode here in the States. The episode starts with Ash, Brock, and Misty, just their names make me nostalgic, reaching the safari zone where the warden, moving to defend the reserve, confronts them with a firearm. Not even a few minutes in and already the episode is banned, given it was aired on 4Kids and they’d have censorship and lawsuits up the wazoo if they’d aired it. Over the next few minutes, Ash and co. get set up, buying safari balls and such, when Team Rocket gets caught eaves dropping, ruining their plan already. The three baddies consent to staying with the warden while the three buddies go and explore. During this time, Ash unintentionally catches not the initial one, but twenty-nine extra Tauros. Meanwhile, Team Rocket interrogate the warden about a picture Misty had noted, one of a Dratini. During their talks, Jessie, James, and Meowth both try force, again using a weapon, and the good-cop bad-cop routine, with Meowth sporting a Hitler moustache. Oh, look, another blatantly obvious reason the show was banned. Ultimately, Team Rocket discovers a Dratini hiding in the safari zone’s lake, Ash, Brock, and Misty save the day with the help of the Dratini’s Dragonair mother, and the warden is reunited with the Dratini from the aforementioned photo. The episode concludes with the tried-and-true final joke of the old Pokemon episodes, with Ash sending his Tauros catch to Professor Oak, who is trampled by the newly caught herd. In later episodes, there are a few mentions and use of the Tauros Ash caught, including the use of one in a tournament, and one vague reference to their origin.
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The Deino Line

By Jo

With every new generation to the games, there comes at least one dragon type with a three stage evolutionary line. The fifth generation came out with two, the Axew and Deino lines. Deino, though, has dragon as its secondary type and has a unique type combination that no other Pokemon outside of its evolutionary line shares.

Deino is primarily a blue dinosaur-like creature with a sort of black hair/fur covering its neck, head, and most of its face. Its neck fur is speckled with magenta spots and it has a ragged, blue tail. Deino’s and Bagon’s evolutionary lines are the only Pokemon exclusively in the Dragon egg group. According to Ken Sugimori, the Deino line was originally intended to be made up of cyborg dragons – part tank and part dragon. The idea was scrapped until late in the game where the creators decided to base the line on the Yamata no Orochi (a serpent-like creature with many heads and tails). According to Deino’s pokedex entries, Deino tends to bite everything and isn’t much of a picky eater. They cannot see, so they tackle and bite to learn their surroundings. Because of this, their bodies are riddled with wounds. Approaching it carelessly is extremely dangerous. Its name seems to come from the words ‘dino’ (a shortened version of the word for “dinosaur”) and ‘ein’ – German for “one”.

Once Deino reaches level 50, it evolves into Zweilous. Zweilous shares many physical traits with its pre-evolution, though has two heads and a wider body. Zweilous, like Deino, has the same sort of black hair covering its neck, head, and most of its face, and is primarily colored blue. It has four legs and two appendages coming off from its back that appear to be wing-like. The red marks on its stomach seem to come from its original design from when it was supposed to be a cyborg-dragon, as they’re tire-mark shaped. Alphabetically, Zweilous is the last Pokemon listed. According to its pokedex entries, Zweilous’s two heads do not get along with each other. Because of this, they compete with each other for food and end up always eating too much. After Zweilous have eaten all of the food in their territory, they move to a new area. Zweilous’s name most-likely comes from the words ‘zwei’ (which means “two” in German) and ‘jealous’ – as the two heads are known to compete for food.
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Pokemon Azelf

By Anonymous

In the Sinnoh region there are legendaries, just like other regions. Legendary Pokemon are special Pokemon that usually only one exist of each species. They have ancient powers used in the past to help in peace in the Pokemon World. In the Sinnoh region there is a trio, just like in the other Pokemon regions. This trio is known as the Lake Trio. Just because the three Pokemon in this trio come from lakes. The first, Mesprit is the being of emotion, it has the powers to wipe people’s emotions or to improve them, Mesprit is probably the most famous out of the trio because it lives near your hometown in the Sinnoh region, in Lake Verity.

The second is Uxie, which is the being of knowledge, this Pokemon is extremely intelligent and has the power to wipe one’s memory, it lives at Lake Acuity which is located by Snowpoint Temple.

The last but not least, is Azelf. Azelf lives in Lake Valor’s cavern which is right outside of Pastoria City. Azelf is the being of willpower, it has the power to control someone’s movements. It can make you start moving against your will, Azelf, in my opinion, has one of the coolest abilities. Azelf is a psychic type Pokemon and does have some power. Azelf has the highest attack stat then both Mesprit and Uxie. The other’s have high special attack but Uxie is a bit defensive. Azelf also has special attack, which is also great. Azelf can be a great physically attacking Pokemon, mainly because you don’t see much physical psychic type Pokemon, especially legendaries.
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Ash’s New Friends

By Carl00456

I didn’t like the character Cilan from the Pokemon Black and White anime at first, but he seems to have grown on me. His small eyes and green hair made me jump to conclusions and think he was going to be another Pokemon trainer that I wouldn’t care about, but his personality shines through and he is actually a great character in the new anime.

We are first introduced to him at his Pokemon Gym. He battles Ash with his Pokemon, Pansage, which I must say could not be a better match with his personality or appearance. He decides to travel with Ash, hoping to improve his job of looking at Pokemon’s relationships with their trainers. He appears to be one step ahead of Ash and Iris and is always ready to do things. I feel that he may be replacing Brock though as he’s got the whole ‘good at cooking food’ going on, which looks delicious by the way.

I like how Cilan always says things like ‘what a unique flavour’ when talking about the style of Pokemon battles. He’s not like normal Pokemon trainers. He makes me want to learn more about his history as he is really interesting to watch. His personality is awesome in my opinion as he seems so clever and out-going and fun, unlike Brock who didn’t really get involved in most things Ash did. He is dressed like a Pokemon butler or chef which is unusual but somehow suits him. Cilan Is always eager to join in Pokemon battles and helps out when he can, whether it’s cooking some Pokemon food or giving some well-needed advice to his friends Ash and Iris. I would really like to see this character develop, get stronger and catch more Pokemon as I can’t see any bad points about him, I mean, he’s not annoying like Iris can sometimes be. I think that Cilan is the best person who has travelled with Ash. I can’t wait to see what happens to him in the anime.
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The Cute water Pokemon Buizel

By Stephanie Sartain

Buizel is my favorite water type from the Sinnoh region. It learns great moves like aqua jet and waterfall. It was also amazing as Ash’s Pokemon in the anime. Buizel mastered the special move ice aqua jet. This move required Buizel to be hit by an ice type move like ice beam or ice punch. Then he would plow forward and hit the opponent with his move combined with the ice. Buizel is a great Pokemon to have on your team. I used one in my Diamond game and it was amazing. I think that Buizel is one of the cutest water types.

Buizel eventually learned ice punch in the anime. I thought that was awesome. Buizel was also in a contest with Ash but lost. That was the first time in participated in a contest before. Dawn Buizel’s original trainer never got to use it in a contest before it was traded over to Ash. The trade was done because Ash’s Aipom liked contest while Dawn’s Buizel like Gym battles so they did a trade. Buizel had its first Gym battle at the Gym in Veilstone City where Buizel went up against Maylene’s Lucario. Buizel learned the move Water Pulse during the battle. The battle turned out in a draw and Buizel was upset. Later Buizel fought its evolved form at the Pastoria City Gym. Buizel was able to defeat it with it’s newly learned Water Pulse. Buizel fought many tough Pokemon but it usually won the battle. This is why I like Buizel so much no matter how tough the battle Buizel just keeps on fighting.
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Tracking Pokemon’s Success

By Matt

For almost sixteen years, Pokemon continues to be one of the best-selling games, popular TV shows, and have many other related products, like cards or bathroom products. It was an ingenious idea to create unique creatures called Pocket Monsters, which was shortened to Pokemon. After a few years from its release date in late 1995 (around when I was born), it gained popularity among many, including me. Soon, fan bases popped out, and people who shared a common interest in Pokemon joined together. I myself learned to respect this idea and become a part of it. After a few years, there are now five different regions, and almost 700 species of Pokemon, and there are still more waiting to be discovered. The TV shows are still continuing, regardless of some troubles in the beginning. I guess it is just an idea that kids love, and cherish.

Even in adulthood, there are children at heart playing the games and even entering the Pokemon World Championships. There are those (including me) that wish Pokemon were real, and there is even some working towards that goal virtually. One attributing reason to Pokemon’s success is the unique Pokemon that exist so far. Many are attracted by their looks, two popular examples being Eevee (and its evolutions) and Pikachu, the global icon. Another reason why it has been dominating the market in games is that their games are interactive and give you a chance to feel like an actual Pokemon Trainer, as compared to games where you play as a certain character.
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