Sewaddle And Burgh In Pinwheel Forest! Summary And Review


Hey guys! Today I’ll be summarizing and reviewing the 18th episode of Pokemon Black and White. Our heroes begin at the edge of Pinwheel Forest—a large forest that is notorious for people getting lost inside. It is the only obstacle keeping them from Castelia City and the next gym badge. They enter and are promptly ambushed by a Sewaddle. It knocks Ash down and unleashes a surprise attack on Pikachu. Ash tries to catch it, but it uses its web to avoid the Pokeball and retreat. They try to run after it, but they cannot and become lost.

Iris plans on getting them back on the right path, but is made fun of when she leads them to a dead end. They decide to get to higher ground and spot a very big and tall tree. Upon their arrival, Iris and Ash get excited and ascend the tree. Near the top, they spot a weird looking object. To their surprise, a man jumps out! He introduces himself as Burgh and goes on about his pure heart. Cilan recognizes him as the famous Bug-type trainer. The party finds out that Burgh is actually the gym leader of Castelia City and they join his desire to live in the forest. Sewaddle strikes once again but becomes docile when it sees Burgh.

They all decide to take a rest while Cilan prepares a delicious meal. Burgh explains how Sewaddle greet one another. He, Pikachu, Iris, and Axew all take turns saying hello, but Sewaddle headbutts Ash instead. A prospective trainer must first familiarize himself with these bug-type Pokemon in order to successfully catch them. They learn to “live in the forest” by following Sewaddle and doing what it does. They watch it roam the forests and take a nap with it in the prairie. It takes a stop near a bush of leaves and gets attacked by two Woobats. Just when it looks like it’s going to get a thrashing, Ash takes the hit, which allows it and Pikachu to fend off the hostile Woobats.
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Deerling And Sawsbuck

By Jo

The changing of the seasons in the newest games was one of the most anticipated features for the fans. And nothing really displays the effect the seasons have on the game play more than the changing of Deerling and its evolution, Sawsbuck’s, appearance. There is a reason why they’re called the Season Pokemon, after all.

Deerling is based off from a fawn, a young deer, and the changes of the seasons. While their color scheme changes every month, a few things about their appearance stay the same all year around. One of the things that doesn’t change for Deerling is the yellow flower atop its head. The flower stays there all year around, as does the freckling of spots on its back, the color of the inside of its ears, the yellow, curving band around its waist, and the cream color below that band. Above the waist, the color found there depends on the month. During Winter (April, August, and December), a grayish brown makes up its coat. In Spring (January, May, and September) a light pink is present. Summer (February, June, and October) brings a vibrant green shade to its short fur. And lastly, Fall (March, July, and November) brings a warm, Autumn-like orange to its coat. According to Deerling’s pokedex entries, its color and scent of their fur changes to match the mountain grass. When they sense hostility, they hide in that grass, perfectly masked by the grass’s aroma. Over the ages, Deerling have been used to mark the seasons and the time of the year. Deerling’s name seems to come from quite a few words, including ‘deer’, ‘dear’, ‘yearling’, and ‘darling’.
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Seasons in Pokemon Black And White Versions

By Matt

A new feature in Pokemon Black and White allows different events to happen during the seasons. The seasons also determine which Pokémon can be found, much like animals appearing during various seasons. The four seasons, though, do not last for about three months each. At the start of the next month, a new season begins, and it causes changes in the weather. Misaltron City always was raining when I visited it in Autumn. When it became Winter, it started snowing, so you can always tell the season by visiting this city.

Starting in January, Spring is the first season, followed by Summer in February, Autumn in March, and Winter in April. This continues until the last cycle, which is Winter in December. As you walk along on the routes, you can see that the trees have changed color, as well as the grass you walk through to encounter wild Pokemon. Each season allows you to go find more opportunities to do things you normally couldn’t do with other cities.
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Pokemon: Changing Of The Seasons

By Jo

With so much hype over the new Pokemon Black and White games that will be released in a little less than a week’s time, I thought I’d cover a new feature that I’m pretty excited about – the changing of the seasons. Many have probably seen screen shots of snow and falling leaves, though, the appearance of the Unova region isn’t the only thing that’s changing each month.

In the original games, there was no sense of time. Days didn’t change into nights. Weather conditions didn’t become more extreme. There wasn’t a need for it, since Pokemon that evolve by those means didn’t exist yet. It wasn’t until Johto that time began to matter as Espeon and Umbreon were introduced in that generation. In the third generation, weather conditions like rain were made available in battle. And then in the forth, Pokemon became able to evolve at certain locations into Pokemon that they otherwise couldn’t. So now that seasons have been added, you can expect lots things having to do with them become regular game play with Black and White. Continue reading “Pokemon: Changing Of The Seasons”

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Pokemon Black & White Episode 1: In the shadows of Zekrom

By Joey DiGiacomo

Ash, a Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town sets off for another adventure with his partner Pokemon, Pikachu, but what Ash doesn’t know is that Team Rocket is on the plane Ash is riding.

As soon as Ash lands into the new region, things get fishy. A huge thunderstorm comes towards Ash and Pikachu at a fast pace. While this thunderstorm is hurdling towards them Pikachu gets captured out of nowhere by Team Rocket. They realize Team Rocket is a problem, but Ash and Pikachu panic once lightning strikes. Ash sees a shadow of a Pokemon who is causing these lightning strikes.The mysterious Pokemon in the thunder cloud electrocutes everyone, foiling Team Rocket’s plans once again. Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt into the vortex like cloud, it makes the Pokemon even more mad, the mysterious Pokemon electrocutes Pikachu, making him use all of his electricity. After that something is wrong with Pikachu. He is now unable to use his electric attacks.
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Pokemon Best Wishes Episode 002 Review

By Trainer_Auro

From the first episode we saw plenty of new stuff. New Pokemon, new people, new places, and new features. While Ash is his same old self, we’ve already seen a drastic change in some other important, recurring characters; Team Rocket. Their profound lack of “Blasting off” is actually a welcome sight to me. While it’s been as age old a tradition as Brock’s perversion, I’m glad to see it go, as it allows for a much needed change in atmosphere. You’ll be hearing a lot of praise from me about that. As long as they keep being awesome, I’ll keep talking about it.

This time, we’ve got the continuation of episode 001 (big surprise there) starting off where we left off, with Zekrom’s cloud hovering over Professor Juniper’s lab, and Pikachu discharging large amounts of electricity into the room.
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