Pokemon Glitch City And Walking Through Walls

By Jill/Redterror117

One of the most bizarre places in the entire Red and Blue game would have to be Glitch City. Technically, Glitch City can be any of the cities that the player has visited, due to how the game handles travel in between two places. The ‘gateways’ between two places in the game is called a ‘warp’, and by exploiting the step timer of the Safari Zone, it’s possible to break these warps, causing the player to enter into a corrupted version of a city, hence Glitch City. There are different appearances for Glitch City, but they all share the characteristics of randomly assorted tiles and invisible walls. Unless the player has a Pokemon with Fly or Teleport, they are essentially stuck in the city until reset. In Pokemon Yellow, Pikachu’s happiness can be reset upon entering Glitch City. However in Generation III and onward, the mechanic used to travel between two maps was changed, thus removing any chance of entering Glitch City in games after Gold, Silver, and Crystal.

To enter into Glitch City, one must be prepared by having either a Flying or Teleporting Pokemon (with a Pokemon Center recently visited). Also be aware that there are certain places that will not trigger Glitch City to be entered. These places include the insides of buildings or any city itself (however you can do this in Cinnabar Island if you surf along the eastern coast), Begin by heading to the Safari Zone, and entering in as normal. Walk around a bit in the Safari Zone to use up some of your steps, before attempting to leave the zone. When the guard asks if the player wants to leave, reply with no and return back into the Safari Zone area. Immediately save the game, reset, and attempt to exit again. Instead of being asked the same question, the guard will ask you if you wish to play the Safari game (as if you had just entered in from the other side). Respond with no, and walk out of the building. Once outside, immediately fly to anywhere, and begin walking in any route. While you are outside of the Safari Zone, the game still considers you in the game, as it counts your steps as if you were. Once you run out of steps, a message will pop up saying that you have ‘run out of time’, and you’ll be teleported to the Safari Zone gate. Walk outside, and you’ll find yourself standing in the center of Glitch City.

Apart from a lot of distorted graphics, there normally isn’t much purpose to traveling to Glitch City. However by following some additional steps, it’s possible to enable the player to walk through walls, and potentially be able to enter into the Elite Four without having all the badges. First, make sure that you only have one strong Pokemon on hand that can Fly, and make sure that you visit a Pokemon Center for a place you want to walk around in with your trick (so if you want to skip to the Elite Four, visit the Pokemon Center in Viridian City). Find an area as well which has a Pokemon that can poison yours, and a ledge that can be jumped off of (your one Pokemon will help with being able to get here). Once these two things are secured, proceed to begin with the Glitch City steps again, stopping once the player has left the Safari Zone gate with the steps still being counted down. Fly to your designated area, and make sure to carefully keep track of every step that is taken, as you will need to end your last step as you’re jumping over a ledge. While in your area, get your Pokemon poisoned as well. On your last step, jump the ledge, and in the middle of the jump you should be prompted again with the ‘time’s up’ message. Once inside the gate, you’ll be able to walk through walls, but be sure not to enter into the blacked out areas, or leave the building. Walk around until your Pokemon faints, which will cause you to be returned to the Pokemon Center that was last visited. Once you finish in the Pokemon Center, you will be able to walk through walls outside of the building. You can use Fly or Teleport, but if you get into any fights or enter any buildings, you will lose the ability to walk through walls.

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How Generation II Changed Face Of The Pokemon Series

By Jill/Redterror117

Out of all the Pokemon generations released by Nintendo over the years, the second generation of Pokemon games (Gold, Silver, and Crystal) are probably the most influential of the series, not including the first generation (which started everything off). Out of all of the games following the Red, Blue, and Yellow games, the second generation adds more than any other.

Probably one of the biggest changes that the second generation brought to the series was the introduction of two new types: Steel and Dark. None of the games following the Gold, Silver, and Crystal series have added new types of their own, neither have they altered the typing of Pokemon, as the second generation had (though this was to incorporate the two new types, such as changing Magemite and Magneton from Electric to Electric/Steel types). The addition of the two new types helped to balance the system, as the Psychic type had become overpowered since the first generation.

Along with the addition of two new types, another key system was introduced in this generation of games: Gender. While the Daycare center existed in Red, Blue, and Yellow, the second set of Pokemon games made further use of this service, allowing two compatible Pokemon of opposite genders to breed together, producing an egg. Furthermore, the stats and moves of the new Pokemon are determined by the parents that created it. With the ability to breed Pokemon together, Ditto gained a new outlook on its existence: rather than just being for show, its ability to transform into another Pokemon made it capable of breeding with any Pokemon it was placed with, on the exception of legendary Pokemon (which had no gender). This became particularly useful with the introduction of Baby Pokemon as well, special Pokemon that could only be obtained through breeding two specific species together, such as two Pikachu for a Pichu, or two Clefairy for a Cleffa. As it duplicated the other parent, it became easier to breed without having to get two opposite genders, especially if the parents were rarer Pokemon.

Though the legendary Pokemon are still considered to be quite rare, the second generation brought forth a whole new level of rarity: shining Pokemon. Based off an alternate colour, these Pokemon have a rare chance to occur in the wild (the odds being 1 in 8192 to be specific), and because their shininess is determined by their IV values (and not a different value), they can be traded back and forth from first generation games without losing this special quality. Since their release, Shiny Pokemon have become well sought after due to their popularity, guides springing up on how to breed for them (due to the method the game uses to determine whether or not they will be shiny, though in later generations an individual variable was made for this quality).

Apart from these there are still many more improvements that were brought on through the Gold/Silver/Crystal era, such as the introduction of a true happiness value (though Yellow came up with this prior, it didn’t have any other effect in the game), hold items, and a device with multiple functions (the Pokegear in the second generation, which returned in the following games as improved devices). Even though all of these systems would later on be refined and improved for better implements, if it were not for this set of games, none of these new features would have appeared throughout the rest of the series.

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The Main And Normal PokeBalls (Video Game)

By Anonymous

Are you just tripping balls that Professor Oak just doesn’t know what to do with them? Yeah, we all heard that joke before his article is not going to cover every PokeBall type seeing there is just so many of them, it will instead stick to the main ones. What is the first item you ever used to capture a Pokemon? Most likely the average PokeBall we all know and love so much. It has a red cover and a white bottom with a button in the middle that close the ball. It is the most basic version of a PokeBall and is the first introduced to the player or trainer or just whatever the main protagonist goes by. Later in on your journey you will discover the PokeMart which is a store that sells good for use with capturing, battling, and training your Pokemon. If you buy around ten or so PokeBalls you will get a Premier Ball which is a solid white PokeBall but the middle ring is a glowing red. It has the same power as the PokeBall, but just looks cooler in my opinion. You will most likely discover the Great Ball, it does just exactly like it sounds.

A PokeBall that is greater than the first. You will have a better chance in capturing a wild Pokemon than with the PokeBall or Premier Ball. The Great Ball is much like the PokeBall, just with some added blue. You will have Great Balls with you for the majority of your journey, until you start getting stronger Pokemon and therefore the wild Pokemon will start getting stronger as well. You will eventually need to buy an Ultra Ball. An Ultra Ball is probably the most famous out of all the PokeBalls used among trainers. The Ultra Ball is much more powerful than the PokeBall and Premier Ball. It has a higher catch rate than both and the Great Ball. It catches the majority of Pokemon for a trainer, and in some cases a nice tool for helping in the catching of legendary Pokemon. The Ultra ball has a white bottom and a black top with yellow on it. The last PokeBall that is fairly popular is the Master Ball. The Master Ball is the ultimate PokeBall, any, and I mean any, Pokemon can break free of it without fail. Mainly used on a legendary Pokemon among trainers. The Master Ball is more powerful than all of the stated PokeBalls by far. It has a white bottom and purple top. It has to red spots on the top with a white slightly above the center. There you have it, the main PokeBalls.

I understand the Premier Ball isn’t that popular, it was just added since you get them through buying PokeBalls. Hope this article helped you out if you were wondering the capture rates of the main PokeBalls.

Normal Type Pokemon (Video Games)

We should all know about the general mechanics of the Pokemon typing at this point, for sure. Now, I want to start off with one of the most known Pokemon types. Well, they are actually close to all being equal so this doesn’t really count as the most Pokemon type used. No, not at all. This type is a lot like the PokeBall, the most basic type of Pokemon. This type would be pointed out as the normal type Pokemon. Normal type Pokemon have normal attacks, receive normal damage, just the basics.

Nothing really has advantages or disadvantages over them except for just a small amount of Pokemon. The only type of Pokemon that has an advantage over the normal type Pokemon would be the fighting type. A fighting type Pokemon consists of something like a Machop. But let’s get back to the normal type Pokemon, shall we? Normal type Pokemon can hit all Pokemon, nothing is weak against the normal type Pokemon attacks. Everything is just neutral. The only type of Pokemon type that cannot be affected by a normal type attack is the ghost type Pokemon.
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The Main Goal for the Majority of Pokemon Trainers (Video Games)

By Anonymous

All of you have heard of the average Pokemon trainer. It is the class everyone is put into at the start. The general trainer has the main goal of beating all the gyms and thus earning the gym badge. The gym badge is what is rewarded to the trainer by the gym leader. The badge resembles what type the gym is based on. Each region tends to have eights gym, so that means that you will fight eight different people, the gym leaders. And of course, that means eight badges to be gathered. Once getting all of the eight badges you go to the Pokemon League and challenge it. You will fight four people known as the Elite Four. The Elite Four tend to have the strongest Pokemon you will face. However, they are usually battling with their element.

For example, Bruno of the Kanto/Johto Elite Four trains fighting type Pokemon. To beat him easier I suggest bringing a strong flying type Pokemon. Flying type Pokemon have an advantage over fighting type Pokemon as you should already know. Making it easier to defeat Bruno. He is just one of the Elite Four, you will only face him in the Kanto or Johto regions. He is just one of the Elite Four, however, this means you must be prepared for the other three. It usually takes one or two tries for most trainers, that is if they are powerful and strong and confident as trainers. So it should be easy. I’d suggest bringing some Hyper Potions of some sort for the battles. You should bring a lot of Revives as well. You might or might not need them, but I strongly suggest it. I’m not saying you would be a bad trainer this way, just a prepared one.

All just in case. The Elite Four’s Pokemon usually range from the 45-60 when it comes to the level of the Pokemon that they use. Every region has different Pokemon at different levels when you face the Elite Four. But that is just the ball park of where they are usually at. Now, you beat these Elite Four members I keep talking about, so now what? See for yourself, you will face the champion of the Pokemon League! The champions are incredibly powerful when it comes to level. Their Pokemon I would say range between 59-70 when it comes to the level. What can I say? They are powerful trainers. If you can beat them you will be crowned the next champion and will get your name and your team of Pokemon you used added to the Hall of Fame. That is what the main goal of the vast majority of trainers usually tends to be.

The Strongest Pokemon (Video Games)

Alright, let’s think about modern day Pokemon. There are just about over six hundred species today. Amazing compared to the one hundred fifty we are use to. I am not biased with the different species, newer generations or anything like that. Today I want to talk about the Pokemon. Now with all of these Pokemon you would think of some different strengths going on here. Now a Caterpie can and will put up a fight against a Weedle. But do you honestly think it stands a chance against the mighty fire and flying type Pokemon known as Charizard? No, I didn’t think so.
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Teaching A Ditto New Tricks: How To Have A Ditto Learn New Moves

By Jill/Redterror117

Ditto is a very unique Pokemon in the games, as its entire strategy in combat is based off of cloning another Pokemon temporary for its moves and types. However it is because of this that Ditto cannot normally learn any other moves other than Transform, on the exception of cheats and hacks like Gameshark. There is a glitch though that will allow Ditto to keep the moves of a Pokemon it transforms into, losing Transform in the process. The ability to do this is only available in the fourth generation of games, so Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, and SoulSilver. The ability to unlock this comes from an unlikely source: Rage

Rage has a unique mechanic in the games. Upon its subsequent use, every time the user is hit by an attack, its power increases, followed by a message which says “(Pokemon here)’s Rage is building”. In order to successfully use the glitch, the Pokemon’s move set which you are trying to copy must contain ‘Rage’, because your transformed Ditto will need to use it. Now to begin, initiate the combat with the Pokemon who has the desired move set, and Transform into it. You will receive all four of the Pokemon’s moves, including Rage. Proceed to attack using Rage over and over, until the attack runs out of power points. Once it does so, proceed to either defeat or capture the opposing Pokemon with a move other than Rage. Once the battle is over, Ditto will retain the move set it copied, though in the process will lose Transform. During this process though, you need to make sure that Ditto does not faint, or get switched out during the combat, or else the progress on it will be lost, and you’ll have to start from scratch. What increases the possibilities of this move is that through the use of any move-copying ability that can make use of Transform (such as Metrenome, Assist, Copycat, and Mimic), the method of using this glitch in their case becomes a little trickier, as the alternate methods can only be done in double battles, and the Pokemon who wants to learn the new move set must be the one to attack and defeat the opponent, without getting knocked out or switched out in the process, and without knocking them out with Rage.

As a final note, Ditto is one of the most versatile Pokemon in the game because of its breeding capability. On the exception of legendaries (except for Manaphy), Ditto can breed with any Pokemon that has an egg type, and can produce an egg as a result. The ability to have Ditto learn moves will therefore change the way that Pokemon are bred, as in theory it would be capable of passing down the new moves that it learns. This could be extremely useful for obtaining hard to learn abilities that a player would want past down to the next generation of bred Pokemon.

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The Acid Rain Glitch In Generation IV

By Jill/Redterror117

In all versions of Pokemon Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver (Generation IV) games, a glitch can occur when any weather effect can potentially cause all four weather effects (Sunny, Rainy, Sandstorm, and Hail; the foggy condition not appearing in the glitch) to trigger simultaneously and cause damage to all Pokemon. This glitch is commonly known as the “Acid Rain” glitch, because it damages Pokemon four times, regardless of their immunities (for example, abilities like Pikachu’s Static and Empoleon’s Torrent will cause damage four times, rather than prevent it, and Pokemon that have immunity because of their type will not receive the benefit of immunity). However if a Pokemon is immune to both Hail and Sandstorm due to typing (a Ground/Ice Pokemon like Swinub, for example), then that Pokemon will be immune to the effects of the “acid rain” glitch. When the Pokemon take damage from the weather, the game will cite the reason to their ability (so a Pikachu taking damage from the weather will cause the game to state “Pikachu is hurt by its Static!”.

Abilities that cause Pokemon to heal instead such as Rain Dish (heals during rain) or Ice Body (heals in hail) will receive a massive boost in combat, as their ability will cause them to heal completely, then forces them to take a small amount of damage from the ‘damaging weather’. Abilities that heal in some weather and hurt in others will activate, causing the Pokemon to regain some of its lost HP, then damages them.

Pokemon moves that are affected by weather are also affected by the Acid Rain glitch. Solarbeam for example will not have to charge because of the sunny condition, but will also only do half as much damage as it normally would, due to the other weather effects in play. Meanwhile both the accuracy of Thunder and Blizzard will increased to 100%, and will never miss, as both rain and hail are in effect, which raises the accuracy of both attacks respectively.

Apart from the annoyance of taking constant damage, the only inherent danger of battling with Acid Rain in effect is if Castform or Cherrim are brought onto the field. Both Pokemon have abilities which cause them to transform based on however, and because of the fact that all four weather conditions are in effect, they will begin to cycle through their transformations– locking the battle up until the game is reset. Strangely enough Castform will only change into its Sun and Rain forms as it can only recognise these two as the only weather effects in play (even though it has a form for fail). This can be beneficial to either yourself, or your opposition, depending on the Pokemon that are in play – Especially when you consider that Swinub is one of a select few Pokemon that is adversely (neither positively) affected by such a glitch.
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All About Pokemon Suicune And Uxie


The legendary beasts, also known as the legendary dogs because they are furry and have four legs. They live in the Johto region, or inhabit it. These Pokemon have several characteristics that make them different from normal Pokemon. Aside form the power they contain or at least have, they look very cool and have backstories. Ho-oh reincarnated three Pokemon who it believes can watch over the world to tell if humans have bonded with Pokemon. It is pretty awesome, I just love ancient legendary Pokemon tales. These three Pokemon are Raikou, the incarnation of thunder, Entei, the incarnation of the volcano, and Suicune, the incarnation of water. Suicune is a water type Pokemon, of course seeing that he is the incarnation of water. He can be found in the Burned Tower in the Johto region. He will be with the other two Pokemon, Raikou and Entei. Once you see these three they will flee and you can find them as a normal wild Pokemon with a special legendary theme song. Suicune stays for a moment, looking at you. Eusine, who researches and wishes to capture Suicune is obsessed with chasing him. Eusine will sometimes battle you to prove to Suicune who is stronger but it never works out, which will Suicune choose to be its trainer? The most bonded trainer with his or her Pokemon of course!

In the anime, Suicune is seen in the new Zoroark Master of Illusions movie. He is a shiny Pokemon which gives him an alternate look. Suicune is also seen the the fourth movie, Pokemon 4Ever: Voice of the Forest. Where it is said that Suicune can purify the water. Suicune is proven to be a very powerful Pokemon. I haven’t even explained how Suicune looks yet! He has a blue body, a white face with red eyes. Some white spots on his skin, and a purple main. This makes him look very cool. He also has two ribbon like structures that always blow. These blow along with the rest of his main. What do you think of this water beast, Suicune? He is popular among most fans.


The lake trio of Sinnoh are quite remarkable with their powers. They all represent something tha thints at the creaiton of Sinnoh. The first one is Azelf, Azelf is the being of willpower and a psychic type Pokemon who controls willpower. This is done using its psychic powers to make humans and Pokemon move against their will according to Azelf’s pokedex information, Azelf lives in the cavern of Lake Valor, which is just outside of Pastoria City.
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All About Pokemon Spearow And Weezing

By Anonymous


One of the widest type of Pokemon outside of normal type Pokemon probably is a flying type Pokemon. All flying type Pokemon except for the new Tornadus are flying type Pokemon and normal type Pokemon. This is probably why there are so many flying type Pokemon, along with normal types, because they are mostly likely mixed, at least the large majority. Flying type Pokemon have been used by gym leaders three times now.

The first was Flakner, the first gym leader in the Johto region, he can be a bother to most beginning trainers because his flying type Pokemon are pretty strong. The second is Winona, Winona is the sixth gym leader of the Hoenn region, she trains flying type Pokemon, of course. The third to use flying type Pokemon is Skyla, the also sixth leader to use flying type Pokemon in a league. She is the gym leader of the Unova region. There are usually more than one flying type species in a region, in the Kanto region you have a Pidgey but also a Spearow. Spearow is a Pokemon that is a lot like Pidgey and can be battled and captured almost just as early as a Pidgey.

In the anime Ash Ketchum tries to capture a Spearow when he first starts his journey, but all he did was make it angry, so it called all of its friends and other Spearow and they chased Ash and his Pikachu. Pikachu eventually shocked them all and they were able to go safely to a Pokemon Center, away from the Spearow. Spearow is also a normal type Pokemon and a flying type Pokemon, he will evolve into a Fearow. Spearow has some nerve and isn’t really the strongest Pokemon in the world, but probably and most likely can get the job done with other Pokemon as long as they are around the same level as Spearow. Spearow is in the Kanto Pokedex along with its evolution, Fearow. You will find several Spearow at low levels around the same place you can find a Fearow but this is not always true, sometimes in certain areas, you can only find a Fearow where there are higher leveled Pokemon, and a Spearow where they are low leveled. Very rarely can you find Spearow and Fearow in the wild at the same time. What do you think about the flying Pokemon Spearow?


Have you heard of a poison type Pokemon before? I am sure you have, they are the most important Pokemon, or at leas tone of them. They get some powerful attacks, some very powerful attacks. One of the most famous attacks that you will see a lot is probably Toxic. Toxic will poison the foe, by giving them the poisoned status conditions. After each turn in battle the foes Pokemon will lose some health points. What is different is with toxic, a Pokemon will not just lose health points every turn. What Toxic will do is poison the Pokemon and every turn they will lose a little more health points, every turn it will lose more every turn. A Pokemon that is a posion type is Weezing.
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Flying And Grass Type Pokemon (Video Games)

By Anonymous

Flying Type Pokemon

Out in that world of Pokemon! The Pokemon universe is one of the most interesting and greatest of all the universe out there! Pokemon live in the sea, in trees, forests, urban area, the sky・What? How could something live in the sky? Well, I should have said travel in the sky. But, out of all of these Pokemon each and every one of them have their own type. These types are all guided somewhat towards the elements. Today, or just in this article, I will be talking to you about a single Pokemon type. This type, as stated above about the sky, will of course be about the flying type Pokemon! Flying type Pokemon are usually of course birds. They are used outside of battle among trainers for flying. Yes, just flying. That is only if that particular trainers has the Hidden Machine Fly and the gym badge that allows that attack or move to be used outside of battle.

You simply teach it to your flying type Pokemon and then select that Pokemon and go to Fly, a map will appear and you will be able to select where to fly to. You can only fly to spots that you have been to. As in, if you are in Pallet Town and want to fly to Pewter City, it works because you have been there. But if you want to travel to a place like Saffron City, a place you haven’t been to yet, you wouldn’t be ale to fly there until you travel by foot. Flying type Pokemon have an advantage over grass and bug type Pokemon to name a few. If the flying type Pokemon uses a flying type move to attack it will get a boost since it is the same type at that move. None flying type Pokemon that have flying type moves won’t be able to get the boost but it will have close to the same effect.

Electric, Ice, and Rock type Pokemon have an advantage over flying type Pokemon. Ground type Pokemon have no effect on Flying type Pokemon nor do their moves. The same counts for the above, an electric type move known not by an electric type Pokemon but by another type of Pokemon won’t have the boost that an electric type Pokemon who uses an electric type move would have. The first flying type Pokemon was Pidgey, a dual type, Pidgey is both a flying type Pokemon and a normal type Pokemon. The only pure flying type Pokemon is Tornados of Unova I believe. What or who is your favorite flying type Pokemon out of all the six hundred plus? Or what is your favorite flying type Pokemon in each region?

Grass Type Pokemon

Ah yes, a nice place, I am thinking of a nice, quiet, peaceful place・Can you guess where it is? I will give you a hint. It is in the world of Pokemon, and is quite common in all of the regions. It is not in the sky, close to water usually, could be by a cave or near a mountain. It is a meadow, the grassy plains where the Tauros graze. You are still right if you guessed forest though! Because all of this Pokemon have types. Like that Tauros for example is a normal type Pokemon.
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Fighting Type Pokemon (Video Games)

By Anonymous

Such a huge world in Pokemon. All of these types must add up in a way, of course. What is your favorite Pokemon? Well, that is a common question given among Pokemon trainers to one another. But types, what is your favorite type? Do you have any certain Pokemon in mind with any types at all? Well, this type is not my favorite of course, but it is my article’s topic. This type would be the fighting type. Now when you combine all of the Pokemon together, there will be a fraction for each type, most of this fraction would be equal for the reason of as of yet, I think there is no majority typing when it comes to Pokemon. But one of those fractions would be the fighting type Pokemon. This is just a neat type in general. Fighting type Pokemon have some neat trades. Some fighting type Pokemon, well, not just some, not just some at all. But almost all fighting type Pokemon tend to be the most human-like Pokemon out of every type. It is just a pretty cool fact for you there.

Fighting type Pokemon have advantages over several Pokemon, the most notable would have to be the normal type Pokemon. A normal type Pokemon’s moves will have neutral damage on a fighting type Pokemon, though a move from a fighting type Pokemon will be super effective against the normal type Pokemon, quite literally actually. For the most part, fighting Pokemon tend to be pretty single typed, that type being fighting of course. There still is a decent sized number of Pokemon that happen to be in the dual type, one of the sharing types being fighting. The most common you would find out of these is the fighting type Pokemon and the fire type Pokemon.

For the past three generations the fire type starter Pokemon has evolved into a fighting type Pokemon dual type with fire type Pokemon. Now for advantages, well, weakness with fighting type Pokemon, counters if you will. The one type of Pokemon that can have a super effective hit on the fighting type Pokemon would the flying type Pokemon. Now, not just a flying type Pokemon, but also any flying type Pokemon move. The type of the Pokemon doesn’t matter as much as the move. Another note, fighting type Pokemon attacks have no effect on ghost type Pokemon, much like normal type attacks. Unless you have your Pokemon use the attack Foresight. The first fighting type Pokemon was most likely Machop in the Kanto region. Machop has no dual types, its final evolution would be Machamp which is still a fighting type Pokemon. Who is your favorite fighting type Pokemon?

Fire Type Pokemon (Video Games)

Ah yes, the mighty Charizard. A favorite among some of the oldest trainers of Pokemon. I would agree with them. In this world of Pokemon there is a ton of Pokemon, yeah we all heard that before of course. But there are also at least a small handful of types out there. Just about seventeen or so. As stated above, Charizard, a fire type Pokemon and a flying type Pokemon, is of course part fire! This article will go over a few details about the fire type in the Pokemon universe. Fire type Pokemon are among some of the strongest you will encounter, but all Pokemon are pretty close in strength if paired with their own tiers. The main weaknesses to the fire type Pokemon are water types, of course. But there are also ground types and rock types.
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