All About Pokemon Spearow And Weezing

By Anonymous


One of the widest type of Pokemon outside of normal type Pokemon probably is a flying type Pokemon. All flying type Pokemon except for the new Tornadus are flying type Pokemon and normal type Pokemon. This is probably why there are so many flying type Pokemon, along with normal types, because they are mostly likely mixed, at least the large majority. Flying type Pokemon have been used by gym leaders three times now.

The first was Flakner, the first gym leader in the Johto region, he can be a bother to most beginning trainers because his flying type Pokemon are pretty strong. The second is Winona, Winona is the sixth gym leader of the Hoenn region, she trains flying type Pokemon, of course. The third to use flying type Pokemon is Skyla, the also sixth leader to use flying type Pokemon in a league. She is the gym leader of the Unova region. There are usually more than one flying type species in a region, in the Kanto region you have a Pidgey but also a Spearow. Spearow is a Pokemon that is a lot like Pidgey and can be battled and captured almost just as early as a Pidgey.

In the anime Ash Ketchum tries to capture a Spearow when he first starts his journey, but all he did was make it angry, so it called all of its friends and other Spearow and they chased Ash and his Pikachu. Pikachu eventually shocked them all and they were able to go safely to a Pokemon Center, away from the Spearow. Spearow is also a normal type Pokemon and a flying type Pokemon, he will evolve into a Fearow. Spearow has some nerve and isn’t really the strongest Pokemon in the world, but probably and most likely can get the job done with other Pokemon as long as they are around the same level as Spearow. Spearow is in the Kanto Pokedex along with its evolution, Fearow. You will find several Spearow at low levels around the same place you can find a Fearow but this is not always true, sometimes in certain areas, you can only find a Fearow where there are higher leveled Pokemon, and a Spearow where they are low leveled. Very rarely can you find Spearow and Fearow in the wild at the same time. What do you think about the flying Pokemon Spearow?


Have you heard of a poison type Pokemon before? I am sure you have, they are the most important Pokemon, or at leas tone of them. They get some powerful attacks, some very powerful attacks. One of the most famous attacks that you will see a lot is probably Toxic. Toxic will poison the foe, by giving them the poisoned status conditions. After each turn in battle the foes Pokemon will lose some health points. What is different is with toxic, a Pokemon will not just lose health points every turn. What Toxic will do is poison the Pokemon and every turn they will lose a little more health points, every turn it will lose more every turn. A Pokemon that is a posion type is Weezing.
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Plusle And Minun, The Electric Rodent Pokemon

By Anonymous

How many electric rodents are there? It has been a tradition ever since Pikachu to have an electric rodent. There is one every region. In the Kanto region you will see a Pikachu which is a furry electric mouse with red cheeks, yellow body, a lighting bolt like tail, pointy ears with black on the tips. Why am I describing what Pikachu looks like? Everyone, and I mean everyone should know what Pikachu looks like.

In the Kanto region you will also see Raichu. Raichu has a white belly and an orange body. The same tale as pikachu except it is thin and black and longer and ends with a lighting bolt. The two seem related don’t the they? Pikachu evolves into Raichu with a Thunderstone. In the Johto region you will see a Pichu. Pichu has a pale yellow body and pink cheeks. His ears a flat and black and it has a little black tail that looks like a small lightning bolt it is the pre-evolved form of Pikachu. To get it to evolve into a Pikachu it must have friendship with it’s trainer. A Soothe Bell usually helps out in making it trust you faster.

In the Hoenn region you will see Plusle, it looks like a Pichu but it’s body is a creamy color and it has red ears and tail, it has red cheeks with the plus sign in the middle which is tan, seems pretty cool? It was a rough description. There is another electric rodent, known as a Minun. Minun looks the same as Plusle with a tan body, a blue tail, and blue ears. It has blue cheeks with the minus symbol in the middle in tan. They are actually related, these two. They have the abilities Plus and Minus which will power up the two if they are together. I think this is because Plusle and Minun came in the third generation which is the same generation where double battles were created.

So Plusle and Minun have their power up abilities for us in a double battle. There is also a move called Helping Hand that also powers up the user’s other Pokemon. Plusle and Minun are both cute additions to electric type Pokemon, don’t you think they are?

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Pokemon Hoenn, Fourth Gym

By Anonymous

After Mauville City, right after you defeated the third gym leader, Watson. You probably want to head to the fourth gym right? Well there is quite a bit to do before then. You have to head to Fallarbor Town first. That town is covered in soot and rains soot, because of Mt. Chimney being right above it! That’s right, a town by a volcano. Once in Fallarbor Town you need to find the place that will take you up to the top of Mt. Chimney. When your riding on it you should look at the sites, really explains that the Hoenn region is beautiful, doesn’t it? At the top you will find Team Magma and Team Aqua for the first time through. But if you defeated them there will be an old lady selling Lava Cookies, which cure all ailments of a Pokemon. Anyway there should be a cave. Go through it and you will see a bunch of ledges to hop over. Once through the cave you will find yourself at Lavaridge Town.

This town has a bunch of neat looking things. It has sand baths and a spa. You can access the spa from inside the Lavaridge Pokemon Center. But when you want to and are finished with your deeds in Lavaridge Town you can go ahead and challenge the fourth gym. This gym is a fire type gym. The inside looks pretty hard to see, it should be kind of foggy in there, and sandy. You have to walk into holes that will take you to a new place in the gym. Eventually you will find a hole that will take you to the gym leader, Flannery. You can now battle her. The first Pokemon she will send out is a level twenty-four Numel. Look out for Magnitude and Overheat. Also Sunny Day, it will enhance the fire type moves. Overheat is a very powerful fire type attack.
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Pokemon Hoenn, Third Gym

By Anonymous

You just beat Brawly in Dewford Town, now we have to head all the way to Mauville City. Mr. Briney will take you to Slateport City if you go and talk to him. In Slapteport City you will see a lot of merchants and what not. You will also run into a museum on marine related things like boats and submarines. You will have a bit of a walk to do to get to Mauville City when your done running around in Slateport City. Mauville City has a lot of things, it has the box shop and the game corner for starters. The daycare is also nearby. Once your finished walking around you can head on over to the gym. This gym is sat up matching the element of the gym, electric type. You will have to fight several trainers, they will mainly have Plusle and Minun, Electrike, and Voltorb. Just the regular electric type Pokemon you will encounter.

Watson is the gym leader, he is a jolly old man. I suggest you bring some Paralyze Heals or some Cheri Berries which cure paralyzed Pokemon. When the battle starts Watson will send out a Voltroc at level twenty. Don’t let it use Rollout too many times, it also knows Self destruct so be prepared for anything. It also knows Shock Wave which is an alright electric attack, it can do some damage. If you manage to take out the Voltrob Watson will send out a Magneton. Magneton is the evolved form of Magnemite. Be ready for a powerful battle, this Magneton knows Thunder Wave that can paralyze your Pokemon, look out for that attack. It also knows Supersonic which can confuse your Pokemon. It is pretty tough to attack if your Pokemon is paralyzed and confused. It also knows Sonic Boom which does about twenty damage or so.
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Pokemon Hoenn, Second Gym

By Anonymous

You have just beat Roxanne, the first gym leader and have received your first gym badge. That’s great! Now we have to go to Dewford Town. You need to find Mr. Brinney first, so he can use his ship and take you there. Ddewford Town is an island. Once you arrive you will have to go into the cave and deliver Devon Goods to Steven. You will receive HM Flash, which will be needed later on. Once you get to the end of the cave and meet Steven you should get TM Steel Wing from him, if I remember right. Then you can go to the gym. This gym is hard, from personal experience I had to skip it and defeat the third gym before I was able to defeat the second. When you enter the gym you will not see anything. It is pitch black in there.

To make it get lighter you have to fight a trainer in the gym, when you beat the first one the light will get a bit brighter, and so on. Once you beat the last trainer the gym is completely lit up. And you should be able to go to the leader, Brawly. This is a fighting type gym, I believe it is the earliest fighting type gym ever throughout Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Unova. Anyway talk to Brawly, and you will get into the gym battle.

The first Pokemon Brawly will use against you is a Machop. It is at level sixteen, it should be fairly easy to take down, just be careful, if you got a Tailow on an early route it would be easier to defeat. Flying has an advantage over fighting types. And also I believe psychic types also have a type advantage over fighting types. So a Ralts would also help you out. The main worry is not to let the Machop use Bulk Up, if used too many times it will be terribly hard to take the Machop down. Once defeated he will send out a Meditite. The main worry here is not to let the Meditite use Focus Punch, it is a very powerful attack and if it hits you will be in a bad position. The Meditite is at level sixteen, same level as the Machop but is a touch more powerful, it is also part psychic type, to get a super effective hit you will need to use a flying type most likely.
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Pokemon Hoenn, First Gym

By Anonymous

A new adventure is about to begin, it will be pretty exciting, it is in the Hoenn region. Hoenn has some of the coolest environments, a lot of nature. A coincidence is that the professor of this region, Birch, studies the environments for Pokemon. New trainers also get their starter Pokemon from him. You can choose the grass type Pokemon, Treecko, the water type Pokemon, Mudkip, or the fire type Pokemon Torchic. If you choose the grass or water starter you will have a good advantage for the first gym. This gym is a rock type Pokemon gym and water and grass has an advantage over rock type Pokemon. You will have a bit of traveling to do on your way to city with the gym. You will have to pass through Oldale Town and head to Petalburg City. There is a gym here, but no need to worry about it until later. You need to go through Petalburg Woods. It is a fairly large forest, a few Pokemon inhabit it. Once you get to the end of the forest you’ll find yourself at the entrance to Rustboro City. Now let’s go check out that gym!
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Pokemon Battle Frontier

By Anonymous

The area of Pokemon battling is always fresh. With new attacks, abilities, and strategy being incorporated every generation. But is there a place where you can go to battle all you want? There are trainers all over the place that are willing to challenge you. From Route One all the way to the Pokemon League, there is someone willing to challenge you. Just look, there are some places however where you can go and battle many different trainers. There is a place called the Battle Frontier. The Battle Frontier is a place filled with all sorts of different facilities that will let you battle other trainers and earn Battle Points that will alow you to get rewards in return. It is pretty cool, isn’t it? Some facilities are the Battle Tower, which is a place where trainers go and battle their way up the tower to get to the highest number possible and fight the strongest of trainers to earn respect and a lot of Battle Points!

The Battle Factory is where you can use rental Pokemon and battle with them, it is a great way to let you develop strategy and can let you experiences using other Pokemon, you can still get battle points from this which is great.

There is the Battle Castle where you fight trainers and can be lucky enough to get your Pokemon healed, or get a status condition. If you beat one of these places you can challenge the leader, also known as the Frontier Brain of the facility, if you beat them they will reward you with a lot of Battle Points.
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Hoenn Starters and Evolutions: The Mudkip Line

By Jo

It’s tiny, incredibly cute, and even has a popular saying specifically about it. Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokemon, is one of the most popular Pokemon ever (In a poll conducted by Nintendo of Europe, Mudkip was voted a fan favorite with Typhlosion and Blastoise following not too far behind) and is the Hoenn region’s water-type starter.

“So i herd u liek mudkipz?” Though it looks a bit strange in that sort of context, that quote is one of the most popular Pokemon-related memes on the internet. It just goes to show how popular Mudkip really is in the Pokemon community. Being powerful for its small size, Mudkip has the highest attack out of all the starters at base form. Mudkip has a rather large head, a small blue body, and travels about on its tiny legs. Mudkip appears to be based on a mudskipper or mudpuppy, as well as an axolotl which is a type of salamander. The blue amphibian-like creature’s name is most-likely a combination of the words ‘mud’ and ‘skip’ and sounds very similar to ‘mudskipper’.
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Hoenn Region Pokemon Part 4

By Amanda

Aron is a steel and rock type Pokemon, known as the iron armor Pokemon, and known as Kokodora in Japan. It can learn strong moves like metal claw, iron head, and mud- slap. It can evolve into Lairon at level 32, and then into Aggron at level 42.

Meditite is a fighting and psychic type which is also known as the meditate Pokemon, and known as Asanan in Japan. It can learn moves like detect, hi jump kick, and confusion. It can evolve into Medicham at level 37.

Electrike is an electric type, known as the lightning Pokemon, and known as Rakurai in Japan. It can learn strong attacks like thunder fang, bite, and quick attack. It can evolve into Manectric at level 26.
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Where In The World Is Hoenn?

By Joe

Is it just me or is Hoenn the lost region of the Poke-world? I’m sitting here looking at the list of towns, gym leaders, elite four members and Pokemon and to be honest with you despite being a borderline obsessive fan I have literally no idea who half of them are. Who are “Tate and Liza”? “Pheobe” anyone? No didn’t think so. When was the last time you saw an “Exploud”? That one episode 6 years ago? I don’t even remember it myself. I had to google it.

On a side note, with all the fuss over generation fives crappy designs people seemed to forget that Exploud and its pre-evolution Loudred are actually based on boom box’s! Yes, those music players from the 70’s. Atleast everybody knows what ice cream is. I doubt anyone actually playing Pokemon is aware that boom box’s existed. To be fair that is stil a step above a trash bag. But still!
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