Pokemon Hoenn, Fourth Gym

By Anonymous

After Mauville City, right after you defeated the third gym leader, Watson. You probably want to head to the fourth gym right? Well there is quite a bit to do before then. You have to head to Fallarbor Town first. That town is covered in soot and rains soot, because of Mt. Chimney being right above it! That’s right, a town by a volcano. Once in Fallarbor Town you need to find the place that will take you up to the top of Mt. Chimney. When your riding on it you should look at the sites, really explains that the Hoenn region is beautiful, doesn’t it? At the top you will find Team Magma and Team Aqua for the first time through. But if you defeated them there will be an old lady selling Lava Cookies, which cure all ailments of a Pokemon. Anyway there should be a cave. Go through it and you will see a bunch of ledges to hop over. Once through the cave you will find yourself at Lavaridge Town.

This town has a bunch of neat looking things. It has sand baths and a spa. You can access the spa from inside the Lavaridge Pokemon Center. But when you want to and are finished with your deeds in Lavaridge Town you can go ahead and challenge the fourth gym. This gym is a fire type gym. The inside looks pretty hard to see, it should be kind of foggy in there, and sandy. You have to walk into holes that will take you to a new place in the gym. Eventually you will find a hole that will take you to the gym leader, Flannery. You can now battle her. The first Pokemon she will send out is a level twenty-four Numel. Look out for Magnitude and Overheat. Also Sunny Day, it will enhance the fire type moves. Overheat is a very powerful fire type attack.

Once defeated she will send out a Slugma. The Slugma’s only threat is Overheat, however it can use Smog which has a high chance of poisoning your Pokemon. Once defeated she will send out a level twenty-six Camerupt. The Camerupt also knows Overheat, but it can also use Attract which can be bothersome if your Pokemon is male. The final Pokemon she will send out is a Torkoal at level twenty-nine. The Torkoal can use Overheat and Attract just as Camerupt but can also use Body Slam which could paralyze. Torkoal is her strongest Pokemon and holds a White Herb, which will prevent a stat from being lowered once. If you defeat the Torkoal you will receive the Heat Badge and also TM Overheat. You are now halfway through the Hoenn gyms!

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