First Japanese Trailer For the 21st Pokemon Movie Released

This is the first look at the trailer for the 21st Pokemon movie, set to release in Japan on July 13, 2018.

Although the full title has not been revealed, it should live up to its full potential. From the looks of the trailer, there will be a new female character (name currently unknown). Ash is sporting the same hat as in the 20th movie, but this movie has a new, great twist. The movie has changed directors!!! This time instead of Kunihiko Yuyama, who has directed all 20 of the previous movies, this time Tetsuo Yajima will be the director. It should add a breath of fresh air to the Pokemon movie franchise. There should be all kinds of movie goods available on Pokevault around June, as soon as the movie nears the release date. Stay tuned for more information.

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Pokemon Heroes Movie Synopsis Part 4

By TokoyamiTheDark

Just as if the trouble caused by Oakley wasn’t enough, Aerodactyl managed to spot Latias and grabs it with its claws! Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to shock Aerodactyl, who then uses Hyper Beam on the boat! Latias manages to get Ash out of the water, then goes back on their boat, and the chase continues! Meanwhile, Misty and Brock release their Crobat, Politoed and Corsola and asks them to go help Ash while Brock climbs on the iron wires.

Aerodactyl crashes on a building tue to its huge size, but then comes Kabutops, slashing multiple times, trying to hit Ash and Latias. Ash is knocked on the wall and when he’s about to get finished, Crobat tacles the fossil Pokemon while Corsola and Politoed uses water attacks to knock Kabutops into the water. Back in the museum, Oakley cackles as the city is under her control, while Latios is badly injured and gets hurt more as Oakley uses the machine’s powers. Then, she spots Ash on the water with Latias. She decides to create a typhoon which spills tons of water, while Ash and Latias runs to the museum.

But Oakley then create a barrier made of water, which then become a huge whirlpool, engulfing Ash and Latias! As Ash and Pikach are about to drown, Latias’ eyes glow blue and dispels the false water generated bu the machine. Then, in the Museum, it get haywire, locking Oakley inside and harming Latios even more than before! Fortunately, Ash manage to free Bianca and Lorenzo, who are determined to stop the machine before it’s too late. Latias find its companion with serious injuries, and as mush as Ash and Latias tackles the rings, it doesn’t do a thing.

However, Latias managed to get hits head inside the rings, allowing the gang to pull off Latios out of there. The two Eon Pokemon falls on the ground along with the rings…then the machine stops. The whole gang then gets reunited, while Annie checks out the Soul Dew ; it has a dark-purple like color. She touches it besides Lorenzo’s warning, get knocked into the machine as the Soul Dew explodes!!! The machine goes haywire again, and Lorenzo re-tells the prophecy ; if some with an evil heart uses the machine, the Soul Dew will die… along with the city itself! Water is getting away, leaving gondolas and boats on dry land.
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Pokemon Heroes Movie Synopsis Part 3

By TokoyamiTheDark

During the night, Lorenzo is making gondolas. Espeon comes closer and uses Psychic on Lorenzo, who falls unconscious on the ground. Annie praises her Espeon’s work and they go to their next destination ; the secret garden. As soon as Latios and Latias are asleep, trouble approaches. Thanks to the small spying robot, Oakley and Annie discover the secret garden and sneak into it. The wind chimes begin moving, alerting the presence of intruders.

Latios tries to tackle the thieves, but they evade the attack with acrobatic moves. Latios and Latias then become invisible, but that still doesn’t give trouble to the thieves, who put their glasses on, allowing them to see the invisible Eon Pokemon. Annie orders Espeon to use Swift, while Ariados uses Night Shade, badly hurting Latios. Oakley then tosses an electric net enveloping Latios, shocking it. Latias is still on the loose, but Annie soon orders Espeon to use Psybeam on Latias, making it fall on the ground. Latios roars at Latias, surely to tell it to flee. But Ariados and Espeon uses String Shot and Psychic, respectively, and Latios is seriously harmed.

Latias then flees while Oakley shoots another electric net, but Latios jumps and get ensnarled in it, allowing Latias to dive in the water and seeks help. During this time, the thieves try to pick up the Soul Dew and manage to get if out of the pool. Oakley’s computer then deciphers the tiles on the ground, which actually tells how to use the machine in the museum. It says that if an impure heart uses the Soul Dew for evil, it will die and destroy the entire island. However, Oakley believes it’s a lie to prevent people to use the machine, so they run away in the museum with Latios. The water stops flowing from the pool, and we can see Bianca and Lorenzo running to the pool, only to find that the Soul Dew is gone.

Bianca then remembers what Ash said about the women who attacked Latias earlier, and tells her grandfather to go to the museum. As Ariados places an unconscious Latios on the pedestal, rings of steel begin surrounding it, unlocking the machine. As soon as Bianca and Lorenzo arrive, Espeon uses Psychic on them, knocking them unconscious. Oakley put the Soul Dew on its pedestal, and the machine gets fully unlocked. During this time, Latias goes to the Pokemon Center in human guise, wakes up Ash and cries on his shoulder. Then, Ash introduces Latias to Misty and Brock, who gets shocked when Latias transforms.
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Pokemon Heroes Movie Synopsis Part 2

By TokoyamiTheDark

As soon as the thieves spots Latias in human guise, Annie send out her Espeon while Oakley sends out her Ariados. A String Shot and Psychic attack severely weakens Latias, when Ash pops up out of nowhere and orders his Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on the thieves. He then grabs the girl’s arm (unaware that the girl is Latias) and drags her away. Meanwhile, Espeon and Ariados chases Ash, but manages to lose his sight. The girl flees, then Ash decides to go to the museum where Brock and Misty are. On the floor, they notices two fossils ; a Kabutops and an Aerodactyl. The museum guide then appears and tells a scary legend about the fossils ; long ago, a cruel Trainer used his fossil Pokemon to kill humans and Pokemon alike, until a Latios brought a tidal wave to the city, drowning the fossils and turning the streets into canals, giving birth to Altomare, meaning ‘high tide’ in Italian.

There was also a huge machine in the middle of the museum, and the old man explains than this man-made machine was meant to protect the city in case of disasters. Ash then notices the girl from earlier, but with a beret. He accidentally touches the machine, which makes the old man somewhat nervous, and shouts to not to touch it. Ash apologizes, then gets out quickly. Later, he find the girl without the beret, and she happily beckons him to a wall in which she get past through. Ash tried to go, and ends in a beautiful garden full of Pokemon and water.

The girl is swinging on a swing, while wind chimes starts spinning at high speed. An invisible silhouette gets out of the water and violently tackles Pikachu. Pikachu, ready to attack, gets weary, but when the silhouette attempts to strike for a second time, the girl get in its way, revealing itself to be Latios! Ash is astonished ; Latios really exists. But, why is it mad at Ash and Pikachu? Then, another girl, very similar to the one who protected Ash, appears mad at him. Twins? Mistaking him for a thief, she asks him how he got in the secret garden, and Ash replies he followed the other girl. The beret girl orders Latios to attack, but is interrupted by the museum guide, telling her off because Ash wasn’t lying. The girl then tries to tell her grandfather something, but he tells her to be quiet, then asks Latias if she wanted to play with Ash. The beret-less girl takes Ash to the swing, then transforms into Latias! The old man, named Lorenzo, mentions that Latias might have a crush on Ash, while Latios appears behind Pikachu. Pikachu is still scared, but gets re-assured by a lick, then enjoys playing with Latias and Latios.
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Pokemon Heroes Movie Synopsis Part 1

By TokoyamiTheDark

NOTE : The following short story was cut from the International Release due to its Bible-like graphics and story, thus never aired outside Japan order to avoid religious hassles .


‘Long ago, on a small island called Altomare, there lived an old man and an old woman. The old couple spotted two children on the beach. They were badly wounded, so the old couple took them home. Since the old woman cured wounds, she healed the kids, who got better. But, however, a liquid monster, Chaos, was attacking the city, consuming everything it touched.

As the beast approached the old couple, Chaos got repelled, the kids started floating, and, in front of the old couple’s eyes, they transformed into the Eon Pokemon, Latios and Latias. They flew higher in he skies, when others of their species brought the weapon to defeat Chaos ; a gem called the Soul Dew, containing the spirit of dead Latios. The gem was given to the old couple and wherever the Soul Dew appears, or a Latios or Latias dies, another one would appear in Altomare. The island was never attacked by Chaos ever again.’


The scene then skips to a book being closed by two women, who gets away with the book they stole when a man with a flashlight is patrolling the area. He wield his flashlight and see a rose where the book used to be, then gets astonished as he see a photo of two kisses-looking symbols.

The two women then flee from the library using hi-tech gadgets. The blonde woman is named Annie and the grey-haired woman is Oakley.

Both are sister thieves, famous among Team Rocket members, with the intense desire to steal the Soul Dew. The car then turns into a jet plane, flying across the sea towards the thieves’ next destination ; the Water Capital, Altomare.

During this time, there’s an annual water race at Altomare, where Ash and Misty are participating. As Natu and Xatu start the race with a bang, everyone’s off! However, two silhouette-like shapes distract Ash’s Totodile, which get grabbed by one of the invisible shapes itself!
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Spell Of The Unown Movie Synopsis

By TokoyamiTheDark

Molly lives in Greenfield: a very nice small town. Herfather, a wealthy archaeologist tells her an old legend about the twenty-six Unown and Entei : Psychic Pokemon found in several forms: the letters of the alphabet, and a Legendary Pokemon that races along the lands. At that time, an email informs that Molly’s father has to go immediately on the archaeological excavations for a astonishing discovery was made.

Indeed, not far from Greenfield: they find a kind of puzzle, a riddle of Unowns … Molly’s father begins to inspect the puzzle, but by moving the game pieces he finds himself lost in another dimension, full of Unowns!!! A fellow archaeologist brings the bad news to Molly, and leaves the house …

Molly, saddened that she lost not only her father, but her mother as well, falls on the ground and accidently discovers the Unown Puzzle that the man forgot earlier, and start moving the letters to form three words, ‘Papa, Mama, Me’.

Meanwhile, Ash meets a trainer: Lin, and they decide to do a Pokemon battle.

After a long battle full of challenges, Ash is finally victorious.

Lin praises the talents of Ash, and the two trainers continue their journey together. At sunset, they decide to go to Greenfield.

Molly has released the mechanisms of the puzzle, creating a link to the Unown dimension and her house … Unowns appears from nowhere, and she timidly asks if she can play with them. But their psychic powers get unleashed, and her house slowly begins to turn into crystal. Molly remember how her father was mimicking Entei, and she wanted him back so much, that a crystallised Entei magically appears. Molly believes it’s her father, reborn as an Entei, and asks it for a mother. Entei flees in search for a mother for Molly.

Nobody can understand this, and journalists arrive at Greenfield in a hurry, wondering what is the cause. Professor Oak is also invited along with Ash’s mother.

The gang, along with Lin comes at Greenfield, but everyone is surprised to see this strange, crystallised landscape …
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Pokemon 4Ever Movie Synopsis Part 3

By TokoyamiTheDark

This time an incredible chase takes place between Tyranitar and Suicune. Brock sent Onix to distract Dark Tyranitar, while Suicune has the opportunity to shoot an Ice Beam, which knocks out the Dark Tyranitar.

Suicune is now moving towards the robot, but the progress is very difficult.

Celebi sees Ash and Sammy on the back of Suicune. Then, Celebi suddently remembers the good times it spent with them. Celebi come back to its senses and destroys the robot. Back on land, Celebi appears completely disoriented ; it can no longer fly and crashes miserably on the ground.

Ash tries to give it the lake water, but it became too murky.

Luckily, Suicune manages to reach the lake and purify the dark, murky waters.

Ash gives water again to Celebi, but in vain. After multiple attempts at resuscitation, the legendary Pokemon remains inert.

Is it dead?

At this time of mourning, the forest suddenly starts waving and magically lit. That’s when hundreds of Celebies emerge from the forest, using their powers to ressurect their friend.

Celebi wakes up, happy to see all its friends.

In a split second, all of the Celebi disappear (except the one with As hand Sammy).

The legendary Pokemon, still confused, twirls above the lake. At this point, The Hunter grabs Celebi and with a reactor back, the evil thief fled into the skies, but luckily, Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to destroy The Hunter’s reactors. He crashes in the middle of the forest, crowded with Ariadoses, Furrets and Ursarings that look very happy to see him =) You know what happens next.
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Pokemon 4Ever Movie Synopsis Part 2

By TokoyamiTheDark

Ash tries to touch Celebi, but he get hit with a psychic attack. Angry, Ash insists to touch the legendary Pokemon, but it uses its attacks to defend itself. After several attempts, Celebi finally allows Ash to approach it.

His injury is very serious indeed, Ash brings to Miku. It knows a great lake of pure water packed in the forest that could heal Celebi.

Ash and Sammy decide to search the lake, but their investigation is disrupted by the arrival of Jessie & James.

As usual, they get blasted off again…

Meanwhile, The Hunter went to board a huge mobile robot that destroys everything in its path. This time, the Hunter is determined to find Celebi once and for all.

Ash comes face to face with the robot. The Hunter tries to make a deal with Ash : if he do not give Celebi to him, the robot will destroy everything.

Everyone says ‘NO’. The Hunter sends the ‘Dark Tyranitar’ he had captured earlier. It readies its Hyper Beam attack.

Ash & co. run away quickly, but while fleeing, Misty injured her leg. This allowed The Hunter to catch up to them.

Sammy and Ash are preparing to fight. Sammy turns out to be the ancestor of technological Pokeballs: he puts out a wooden ball. He spins out a valve and a Charmeleon comes out.

Ash just thew a PokeBall in which Bayleef came out.

The Hunter attacks with Scizor and Sneasel.
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Pokemon 4Ever Movie Synopsis Part 1

By TokoyamiTheDark

The story begins in a strange and luxurious forest. A legendary Pokemon called Celebi is pursued by a fierce Houndoom. Its psychic barriers enable it to resist against the attacks of demonic dog until the arrival of a Scyther to help the enraged Houndoom.

Celebi does not stand long against both Pokemon and falls in the grass.

Then comes a man, some sort of hunter that Houndoom and Scyther blindly obey (as if they couldn’t see evil in that man). He is about to capture Celebi, but fortunately, it manages to break free and escape.

Meanwhile, a young boy named Sammy makes a painting of a Bellossom. But his inspiration is troubled when he overhears Celebi pursued by Scyther and Houndoom.

The young man, wondering what’s going on, abandons his painting to follow the strange pursuit.

A few miles away, he finds Celebi in very bad shape and runs to help it and fled afterwards.

The Hunter reappears and asks Sammy to give him Celebi. However, Sammy ignores it and continues to run away. Sammy managed to find a strange altar, which suddenly begins to flicker.

Celebi cries and the forest becomes engulfed by a strange light, bluish light which engulfs Sammy and Celebi.
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Jirachi Wish Maker Movie Synopsis Part 3

By TokoyamiTheDark

Millenium Comet Day #3

Diane is driving everyone out across some very bumpy terrain, when Ash falls down, with May, Max and Jirachi laughs. When night comes, Brock starts cooking and May closes the ‘Day 3 of the Wishing Star’ and then join Diane in the bus. She tells her that she and Butler were childhood friends, and the last time she saw a delighted Butler was long ago, before the Groudon Project. She just wanted him as a magician, not someone with all-powerful mythology Pokemon.

Millenium Comet Day #4

Ash and Max have fun at skipping stones on the lake, and Max wins. That same night, May takes her Wish Maker then fold the panel of ‘Day 4 of the Wishing Star’. Max is getting nervous so he went to see Ash near the Lake. Ash tells him that he, too, once had a friend but they had to separate each other and they never met each other since then. But he claim his pal will be in his heart, so does will Jirachi be in Max’s heart.

Millenium Comet Day #5

The bus manges to get stuck in the mud, so everyone helps out. Afterwards, everyone is covered in mud, and all laughs. May then takes her Wish Maker then fold the panel of ‘Day 5 of the Wishing Star’. Each time she does so, Max become sad as this only tells him that he and Jirachi will part ways soon.

Millenium Comet Day #6

The gang arrives at Forina, Jirachi’s home place. Many other Pokemon lives there, such as Nuzleaf, Breloom, Tropius, Linoone, Flygon, Altaria etc… The gang is then greeted by Absol, showing them Forina. May clears ‘Day 6 of the Wishing Star’. Only 24 hours left… Max can’t get to sleep as he worries about the little thing.

Millenium Comet Day #7

Absol leads the gang to a cave, the same cave Jirachi absorbs the comet’s power and falls asleep for another 1000 years. As Jirachi was going to open his Millenium Eye, spikes comes out of the walls and purple energy beams capture Jirachi! Butler is finally gonna bring Groudon back to life. Then he sets all the machines A-OK, while Absol and Flygon breaks the spikes. Flygon takes Ash and Max to a ride, and they managed to get Jirachi back, while Butler sends his Salamence to fight agaist them.
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