Pokemon Shikishi Art Boards Series #2 Released

The new Pokemon Shikishi Art Boards Series #2 were just released in Japan.  These art boards are made by Bandai Corporation and were only sold in Japan for a very limited time. For those of you who are not familiar with them, a “Shikishi” is a picture printed or painted on a Japanese type cardboard. Shikishi’s are usually used for signing autographs. These are a mini version with a gold foil edge. There were 16 different versions (8 Sumi-E Ink Prints, 6 Water Color Prints & 2 Gold Foil Prints)

Meganium, Bayleef & Chikorita (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Typhlosion, Quagsire & Cyndaquil (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Feraligatr, Croconaw & Totodile (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Togepi, Cleffa, Igglybuff & Pichu (Water Color Print)

Umbreon & Espeon (Water Color Print)

Pikachu & Wobbuffet (Male & Female) (Water Color Print)

Porygon & Porygon2 (Water Color Print)

Unown (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Crobat (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Skarmony (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Ampharos (Water Color Print)

Tyranitar (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Raikou, Entei & Suicune (Sumi-E Ink Print)

Celebi (Water Color Print)

Ho-oh (Gold Foil Print)

Lugia (Gold Foil Print)

They came in a sealed package with 1 print and 1 piece of gum. The fun was that you didnt know which print you would get until you opened it. These shikishi prints wont last long, but you can still get them on Pokevault while supplies lasts.

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All About Pokemon Suicune And Uxie


The legendary beasts, also known as the legendary dogs because they are furry and have four legs. They live in the Johto region, or inhabit it. These Pokemon have several characteristics that make them different from normal Pokemon. Aside form the power they contain or at least have, they look very cool and have backstories. Ho-oh reincarnated three Pokemon who it believes can watch over the world to tell if humans have bonded with Pokemon. It is pretty awesome, I just love ancient legendary Pokemon tales. These three Pokemon are Raikou, the incarnation of thunder, Entei, the incarnation of the volcano, and Suicune, the incarnation of water. Suicune is a water type Pokemon, of course seeing that he is the incarnation of water. He can be found in the Burned Tower in the Johto region. He will be with the other two Pokemon, Raikou and Entei. Once you see these three they will flee and you can find them as a normal wild Pokemon with a special legendary theme song. Suicune stays for a moment, looking at you. Eusine, who researches and wishes to capture Suicune is obsessed with chasing him. Eusine will sometimes battle you to prove to Suicune who is stronger but it never works out, which will Suicune choose to be its trainer? The most bonded trainer with his or her Pokemon of course!

In the anime, Suicune is seen in the new Zoroark Master of Illusions movie. He is a shiny Pokemon which gives him an alternate look. Suicune is also seen the the fourth movie, Pokemon 4Ever: Voice of the Forest. Where it is said that Suicune can purify the water. Suicune is proven to be a very powerful Pokemon. I haven’t even explained how Suicune looks yet! He has a blue body, a white face with red eyes. Some white spots on his skin, and a purple main. This makes him look very cool. He also has two ribbon like structures that always blow. These blow along with the rest of his main. What do you think of this water beast, Suicune? He is popular among most fans.


The lake trio of Sinnoh are quite remarkable with their powers. They all represent something tha thints at the creaiton of Sinnoh. The first one is Azelf, Azelf is the being of willpower and a psychic type Pokemon who controls willpower. This is done using its psychic powers to make humans and Pokemon move against their will according to Azelf’s pokedex information, Azelf lives in the cavern of Lake Valor, which is just outside of Pastoria City.
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Spell Of The Unown Movie Synopsis

By TokoyamiTheDark

Molly lives in Greenfield: a very nice small town. Herfather, a wealthy archaeologist tells her an old legend about the twenty-six Unown and Entei : Psychic Pokemon found in several forms: the letters of the alphabet, and a Legendary Pokemon that races along the lands. At that time, an email informs that Molly’s father has to go immediately on the archaeological excavations for a astonishing discovery was made.

Indeed, not far from Greenfield: they find a kind of puzzle, a riddle of Unowns … Molly’s father begins to inspect the puzzle, but by moving the game pieces he finds himself lost in another dimension, full of Unowns!!! A fellow archaeologist brings the bad news to Molly, and leaves the house …

Molly, saddened that she lost not only her father, but her mother as well, falls on the ground and accidently discovers the Unown Puzzle that the man forgot earlier, and start moving the letters to form three words, ‘Papa, Mama, Me’.

Meanwhile, Ash meets a trainer: Lin, and they decide to do a Pokemon battle.

After a long battle full of challenges, Ash is finally victorious.

Lin praises the talents of Ash, and the two trainers continue their journey together. At sunset, they decide to go to Greenfield.

Molly has released the mechanisms of the puzzle, creating a link to the Unown dimension and her house … Unowns appears from nowhere, and she timidly asks if she can play with them. But their psychic powers get unleashed, and her house slowly begins to turn into crystal. Molly remember how her father was mimicking Entei, and she wanted him back so much, that a crystallised Entei magically appears. Molly believes it’s her father, reborn as an Entei, and asks it for a mother. Entei flees in search for a mother for Molly.

Nobody can understand this, and journalists arrive at Greenfield in a hurry, wondering what is the cause. Professor Oak is also invited along with Ash’s mother.

The gang, along with Lin comes at Greenfield, but everyone is surprised to see this strange, crystallised landscape …
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Pokemon Johto, Fourth Gym

By Anonymous

Now that you’ve beaten the third Johto gym in Goldenrod City you might want to go to the next gym. There is a tree, a weird tree in the way. You will later find out that the tree is actually a Sudowoodo, a tree looking Pokemon that is actually a rock type. Anyway he was blocking the way to get to the next town. Once arriving in Ecruteak City you will notice that it looks really cool. It seems like autumn in that town because of the leaves. Ecruteak City is probably one of the most ancient towns in the Johto region. It is home of the Burned Tower and the Tin Tower. The Tin Tower is said to be where Ho-oh is at. Ho-oh will only appear to the purest of trainers who have had a big impact on the world by protecting Pokemon. Or at least something of that nature.

The gym leader Morty went to the Tin Tower before hoping Ho-oh has arrived for him. But nothing happened, Ho-oh wasn’t there. The Burned Tower is where Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are at, if you go to the basement where they are at, they will flee and you’ll have to find them and hunt them down on your own in order to capture them. It’s time to get on with the gym though. In the Ecruteak city gym you will notice it is pretty eerie looking in there. That is because it is a ghost type gym. Once you get to the leader Morty, prepare for a horrific battle! He will open with a simple Ghastly, you should be able to take it down easily. Just be careful that its Lick attack doesn’t Paralyze any of your Pokemon. The next Pokemon is a Haunter, be a bit more careful, Haunter is a bit more powerful, it knows Hypnosis which can put your Pokemon asleep, it also knows Dream Eater which is a powerful attack that can only be done if the opponent is asleep.
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The Rarest Pokemon Pokedoll

By Anonymous

For collectors of Pokemon plush like myself, surely you’ve endured some grueling searchers for certain products. Whether one is a collector of a certain species or a certain generation, he or she will inevitably discover some out-of-the-way dolls in their own Pokemon journey. There are the well-known grails, of course, such as Espeon, but there are even some more rare that newer collectors aren’t even aware of. Before continuing, though, please take into account this article only pertains to regular sized Pokedolls, it does not include the DX or large sizes, so if you’ve begun reading thinking you know where this is going, time for your double-take.

It’s fair to say that all Pokemon fans at some point or another fans of the Eeveelution family. Whether it’s the diversity or just those adorable faces, they’re undeniable. This goes for both in game and for collectors of all sorts, of course. Figurine collectors may feverishly chase after kids and Tomy’s while plush collectors burn paychecks after the elusive Vaporeon Japanese Pokedoll. Of the lot of them, Leafeon and Glaceon hold their title of most elusive, though. The two get to be so bad that I even caved and just went for a bootleg Leafeon, courtesy of Hong Kong on eBay of course. For those who specialize in this family, you have my pity and support, especially for the successful of you.

While the Eeveelution die-hard collectors may have it tough, given the line has been around for more than a decade and counting, amounting to no small amount of merchandise to collect, there are a certain three dolls that have trumped them in rarity, despite the lower demand. With the release of the thirteenth Pokemon Movie Zorua Master of Illusions, the Japan Pokemon center released a limited number of shiny Pokemon dog Pokedolls, not available through any means besides lottery prizes and resale. The three dogs, the most rare being Suicune of course, are prizes worth bragging, as prices for just one can hover at four hundred dollars or more. Should you be one of the few collectors willing to fork out so much for a single Pokedoll, make haste and head over to http://www.pokevault.com, as they have but one Raikou and one Entei available. For the majority who want a deal, you may as well start stalking eBay, it seems like that’s your best chance to get one, assuming the reserve is indeed less than the list price. For Suicune fans, well, no such luck for you. If you’re dead set on getting one, it’ll be a tiresome endeavor, one that won’t end anytime soon. Surprisingly, although the shiny Pokedoll dogs were only released once and in such a limited fashion, I would not deem them to be the least common of Pokedolls. There are two more dolls that I have seen in even more fleeting quantities than these three, two that few would expect and fewer will believe.
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Legendary Pokemon Entei

By Anonymous

Legendary Pokemon are quite popular. Not just for there power, but also because of their origins. Legendary Pokemon did a lot in the making of Pokemon environments to the regions. In Sinnoh it is believed that the Pokemon known as Arceus has the power to create world so he created the Pokemon World. In the Tin Tower, it was burned down, three Pokemon were caught in the blast. Ho-oh, the guardian of the Tin Tower reincarnated them into Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, this is the story according to the anime. Entei is a fire type Pokemon. He is basically the embodiment of a volcano.

Entei is a legendary beast, he is a dark brown, furry color. He has a face that resembles a red star type of design, it also has what looks like a silver mustache. On his back he has a white or maybe a silver or grayish mane, it is very wispy, just like the smoke of an open flame.

In the anime, or more so a movie, Entei is the star and one of the main characters, making Entei one of the more famous legendaries. The movie is the third move. I believe it is called something along the lines of “Pokemon Three: The Spell of the Unown“. Unown cast a spell that make an Entei appear. This Entei can speak using telepathy, it will grant any wish of the young girl named Molly. Ash Ketchum so happens to be visiting this town at the time. Molly’s wish or at least one of these wishes is to have a mother. So Entei kidnaps Ash’s mother Delia. The story is for Ash and his friends to journey into the mansion, or now probably a castle covered in crystal due to the Unown, and to get his mother back. Ash has troubles along the way and Entei is very protectice because this is designed to be Molly’s dream.
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The Pokemon Legendary Beasts

By Jo

Long ago the three Legendary Beasts, Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, were said to have passed away in a fire that took place in Ecreteak City’s Brass Tower. Ho-Oh, the Rainbow Pokemon, managed to revive the trio, though decided that it best to stay away from humans for a while. And so, like a phoenix rising from its own ashes (which is exactly what Ho-Oh is based off from), the three re-emerged from the tower and took off in different directions.

As the legend goes, the three creatures are supposed to be embodiments of what happened to the Brass Tower during that faithful night. And it all began with the lightening that started the fire . . . Raikou, the Thunder Pokemon, is the embodiment of that lightning. Quick to strike and mistrustful of humans, Raikou is most-likely based off from a tiger as it is large and agile. The purple ruff follows after it like a veil is very similar to cumulonimbus clouds, types of clouds that often go hand in hand with thunder storms. Raikou is the only member of the legendary beasts that does not have a weakness against one of the others (Entei is weak against Suicune and Suicune is weak against Raikou). Out of the three, Raikou has been given a more minor role. Ash didn’t encounter a Raikou until the thirteenth movie, while Entei and Suicune had both played major roles in the third and fourth movies, respectively.
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Pokemon Spell of the Unown Review

By Myntii

Warning: Contains many spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Spell of the Unown, known as Lord of the “Unknown” Tower in Japan, is a captivatingly beautiful masterpiece about a girl who just wants to be with her family. It was released in Japan on July 8, 2000 and debuted in North American theaters the following year on April 6. The movie opens with a heartwarming scene between Molly, a young girl and one of the main characters of the film, and her father reading a book about legendary Pokemon. Molly remarks that although Entei looks scary, he’s actually very powerful and protective, and thus reminds her of her father. Her father, Professor Spencer Hale, then picks her up and runs around the room, pretending to be Entei.

However, their time together is cut short as the professor receives a call from his colleague about the Unown, a species of legendary Pokemon that they have been researching, and rushes off. While researching a room covered in strange inscriptions, the professor mysteriously disappears and Molly is left alone, as her mother had disappeared prior to the start of the movie. She is left with a box filled with tiles that have the Unown engraved on them. Realizing that they look like letters, she spells out her name, along with the words ‘mama’ and ‘papa’, and then begins to cry, wishing that they were with her. Suddenly, the Unown appear and create a dream world, summoning Entei as her new father.
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Pokemon Johto Region Part 2

By Factory White Head

I’m back with Johto Part 2! We’re wrapping this up with Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and Lugia! Maybe now we might be able to put this legendary cat/dog debate to rest. Haha. Ha. Yeah, I’m doubtful, but let’s take a look anyway, shall we?

But before we do, have you heard of the two stories regarding the beasts? Because they were created in the second generation, it’s been thought that the three Pokemon who died in the destruction of Brass Tower were a Jolteon, Flareon, and Vaporeon, who were resurrected as Raikou, Entei, and Suicune respectively. The Eeveelutions are important in Ecruteak City as it is, due to the Dance Theatre’s Kimono Girls using them in battle. It’s an interesting theory, but debatable.

Another interesting story regards the typing of the beasts. Raikou represents the lightning that struck the tower, Entei represents the fire, and Suicune represents the rain that put out the flames. It gives some depth to their backstory.

Anyway, back to the analysis.
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Johto Region Pokemon Part 2

By Amanda

Ho-oh is a fire and flying type legendary Pokemon.  It’s known as the rainbow Pokemon, and is known as Houou in Japan.  It has strong moves like Sacred fire, sky attack and extrasensory.  In the anima, 300 years ago it lost its trust to humans due to their destruction, and how they used Pokemon in bad ways.  When the Tin Tower burned to the ground, it flew away, and never contacted itself to humans since.  Ash is one of the few humans who were lucky to see it, being that he saw it three times during his adventures, and has a close connection to Ho-oh.  Ho-oh also resurrected three characters, namely Suicune, Entei, and Raikou that were caught in the flames, who now watch over all humans until the day Pokemon and humans become one, then Ho-oh will return.
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