All About Pokemon Suicune And Uxie


The legendary beasts, also known as the legendary dogs because they are furry and have four legs. They live in the Johto region, or inhabit it. These Pokemon have several characteristics that make them different from normal Pokemon. Aside form the power they contain or at least have, they look very cool and have backstories. Ho-oh reincarnated three Pokemon who it believes can watch over the world to tell if humans have bonded with Pokemon. It is pretty awesome, I just love ancient legendary Pokemon tales. These three Pokemon are Raikou, the incarnation of thunder, Entei, the incarnation of the volcano, and Suicune, the incarnation of water. Suicune is a water type Pokemon, of course seeing that he is the incarnation of water. He can be found in the Burned Tower in the Johto region. He will be with the other two Pokemon, Raikou and Entei. Once you see these three they will flee and you can find them as a normal wild Pokemon with a special legendary theme song. Suicune stays for a moment, looking at you. Eusine, who researches and wishes to capture Suicune is obsessed with chasing him. Eusine will sometimes battle you to prove to Suicune who is stronger but it never works out, which will Suicune choose to be its trainer? The most bonded trainer with his or her Pokemon of course!

In the anime, Suicune is seen in the new Zoroark Master of Illusions movie. He is a shiny Pokemon which gives him an alternate look. Suicune is also seen the the fourth movie, Pokemon 4Ever: Voice of the Forest. Where it is said that Suicune can purify the water. Suicune is proven to be a very powerful Pokemon. I haven’t even explained how Suicune looks yet! He has a blue body, a white face with red eyes. Some white spots on his skin, and a purple main. This makes him look very cool. He also has two ribbon like structures that always blow. These blow along with the rest of his main. What do you think of this water beast, Suicune? He is popular among most fans.


The lake trio of Sinnoh are quite remarkable with their powers. They all represent something tha thints at the creaiton of Sinnoh. The first one is Azelf, Azelf is the being of willpower and a psychic type Pokemon who controls willpower. This is done using its psychic powers to make humans and Pokemon move against their will according to Azelf’s pokedex information, Azelf lives in the cavern of Lake Valor, which is just outside of Pastoria City.

The second is Mesprit, Mesprit is a psychic type Pokemon who has the powers to control emotions. By doing this with its psychic powers it can control one’s emotions and can also wipe them from their very mind, Mesprit lives at Lake Verity which is just outside, well more to the west of Sandgem City. The third, the last, but not the least is Uxie. Uxie is a psychic type Pokemon. This Pokemon, Uxie has the powers of knowledge. In other words, it is the being of knowledge. It has a superb IQ, so is very intelligence. It can use its psychic power to control knowledge and can also wipe someones memory if angered or disturbed, with direct contact of course.

Uxie lives in Lake Acuity’s cavern, this cavern is just right outside of Snowpoint City, which is a town covered in snow and where the seventh gym is. Uxie is at level fifty when caught, it has some good special attack stats. But I have seen it as a defensive Pokemon. Uxie can use U-Turn which will allow it to return. It can also use some defensive attacks. Azelf has power, Mesprit has special attack power, and Uxie has more defensive powers but it can also use attack powers. In the anime, Uxie still lives out at Lake Acuity, which is in Snowpoint City. Team Galactic tried to capture Uxie, and they succeeded, and extracted the Red Chain from Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit. They are to use the red chain to control Pokemon. Team Galactic wants to travel to Spear Pillar and summon Dialga and Palkia. They will use the two legendaries to shape their ideal world, which is the goal Team Galactic’s boss, Cyrus wishes for. Uxie is a pretty cool Pokemon.


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