Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee Cafe Japan

For one month only, there is a new Pokemon cafe in Japan. Its called “Lets Go Pika Vui” (Pikachu & Eevee) cafe. The cafe is only temporary and will only last for a month, but I couldnt wait to go. Finally tonight I went there for dinner.

The place is quite small, but it decorated nicely and very cute. There is seating for about 20 people.

There are lots of decorations on the wall including Butterfree, Dragonite, Bulbasaur and many more, but the coolest one by far was the Onix that looked like it was busting thru the wall.

Before you walk in, the staff will give you a menu and you take a seat in the waiting area outside. The menu is shaped like a Pokeball. The ordering process is a little strange. You have to place your order before you go inside and you cant add anything to your order after you place it.

The menu is quite small with only a handful of menu items, but they are all Pokemon themed and very cute!!! Although they were quite expensive (about $15 each on average).

At the table was a really cool paper placemat. its made of thicker than normal paper and they give you a rubber band to roll it up and take home.

The first item we orders was the Onix stew. Comes with a cutout gray colored bread bowl and stew inside. There was paper Onix and Brock cutouts attached to the food with toothpicks.

Next we received the Eevee doria. It had brown colored rice with tomato sauce and white sauce shaped like a Pokeball. Eevee’s ears were made of a rice type cracker that was edible and its eyes looked like stickers but were made of some sort of gelatin I believe and were also edible.

For dessert I ordered the Eevee pudding. Inside the glass jar was pudding and cake. Eevee’s tail was made of paper and its ears and eyes were the same as the dorian. The Pokeball was a scoop of vanilla icecream with a gelatin sticker.

On the way out I hit up the Lets Go Pika Vui cafe original merchandise corner. There were file folders, stickers, mobile phone cases, postcards, pen cases, tshirts, notebooks, mugs and some keychains and pin badges in the vending machine.

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The Regis And Ancient Pokemon of Hoenn

By Anonymous

The Regis

Regis is a term used to name the three legendary golem Pokemon of the Hoenn region. Regirock, the rock type golem Pokemon, is defensive and powerful. Regice, the ice type golem Pokemon is powerful and packs a chilling punch. Registeel, the steel type golem Pokemon is powerful. To sum all of this up, they are powerful Pokemon. Only true trainers own even one member of this trio of golems. Why you ask, aside form because they’re legendary?

Well, you have to solve some legends in order to release these three from their tombs. Patterns, puzzles, legends, and even some decoding? That’s right, these Pokemon are terribly hard to get, but they will assist you in many way on your journey, one of these ways is to help you receive the, what I like to call king of the Regis, Regigigas. Regigigas is extremely powerful, it says in his Pokedex information that it is believed he towed the contintents. Imagine that dynamo’s crushing grip! Well, you kind of don’t want to. Regigigas is in the Snowpoint Temple. He is a lot easier to get than the Regis, well, only if you first got the Regis is he easy to get. Just be carrying Regirock, Regice, and Registeel with you when you visit Snowpoint Temple, try to speak to Regigigas and he’ll awaken! He’ll challenge you to an immediate fight.

Beware, he is hard to capture, unless you have a master ball. It is Regigigas・right to be extremely powerful anyway. After all, he is king of the three regis, or at least that’s what I’d say. Look at a picture of Regigigas sometime. He even looks like a king! And he even has what looks like jewels. Reddish-brown to represent Regirock for his first jewel. Second is an icy blue to resemble the icy Regice. And a shiny gray to represent the steel golem, Registeel. Regirock, Regice, and Registeel are in the Hoenn Pokedex, but Regigigas is in the Sinnoh Pokedex, maybe because his location is in the Sinnoh region and therefore that is where he is discovered. It might seem weird that a trio’s leader is in a different Pokedex, but it is interesting to look into these legends. There you have it, the golems.

The Ancient Pokemon of Hoenn

The Hoenn region aside from its natural beauty and powerful trainers, it does have some very powerful Pokemon also. For example, as stated in another article Regirock, Regice, and Registeel are ancient Pokemon that have to be awakened before you fight them. But there are three more Pokemon, Pokemon with untold powers. I know there are a lot of legendary Pokemon in the Hoenn region, but these three are by far the most ancient. That is why there are poachers out to capture these Pokemon, the ancient powers they have can change everything.

Team Magma is trying to capture Groudon, an ancient ground type Pokemon. He has the power to expand land and can erupt volcanoes. You must have the Blue orb to awaken Groudon, the couple at Mt. Pyre own these orbs, these orbs, stated once by Lance, the Pokemon Champion of the Johto region, were created by people who wanted to control Pokemon. Anyway, Team Magma wants to capture Groudon and use the orb to control his powers. They can then make Groudon expand the land mass. Seems like an odd goal right? To expand the land mass! That is exactly what Team Magma wants to do, that is their goals.

Will they ever succeed? There is also Kyogre, an ancient Pokemon that can expand the oceans. Team Aqua, Team Magma’s rival seeing that they have the opposite goals, wants to expand the oceans. They have to get the red orb to awaken Kyogre to achieve their goals. Kyogre, is a powerful water type ancient legendary Pokemon. Quite a lot there for a description. Using the red orb, Team Aqua will gain control of Kyogre and use his powers to expand the oceans! Will they succeed, or maybe their rivals, Team Magma will beat them to it. Someone would need to stop the goals of Team Magma and Team Aqua, after all, they are crime syndicates. What if Groudon and Kyogre engage in battle you ask? They would cause total destruction and once enraged by each other, will never stop unless they clam down, how will they calm down if they never stop fighting? The third ancient legendary Pokemon is Rayquaza. A dragon and flying type Pokemon. He is very powerful, and also the key from stopping Groudon and Kyogre’s battle. Rayquaza is the only one with the powers to stop Groudon and Kyogre, Rayquaza has a big role to stop these two from total destruction, don’t you think? The ancient Pokemon of the Hoenn region really are something, aren’t they?


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Rate My Poke Plush – iPhone – iPod Application for the Pokemon Plushie Enthusiast

Over the years we’ve all been collecting Pokemon Plushies but sadly many just sit in the corner of my bed or lay on shelves never to see the light of day. I was searching the Apple store one day when I found this really cool new app called “Rate My Poke Plush”. It’s from the makers of InupGames and it seems they’ve really hit a home run on this one. Basically you can take photos, upload your collection and have everyone rate your plushie. Finally someone has made an app with the collector in mind. I’ve even been reading that they are going to make the app free and will be running some free contests for the top rated image of the month. I don’t know about you but I’m going to win this month so I can add more to my collection!

For more information go to RateMyPokePlush.com

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The Distortion World

By Anonymous

A very lonely place in the Pokemon world. A mere mirror of the world. Nobody inhabits this place except for Giratina. Anything could happen in the Distortion World quite literally. In some cases, you’ll find yourself surfing on the ceiling. Or walking on the ceiling, or sideways! Who knows what could happen? Apparently the boss of Team Galactic had no idea that he can’t create his perfect world without another world to mirror it! Cyrus got sucked into the Distortion World by Giratina when he was summoning Palkia and Dialga at the Spear Pillar.

You fight Cyrus venturing in the depths of the Distortion World. Giratina thinks you to be worthy and challenges you to a battle. He is strong, you can fight him or capture him, whatever you prefer. In Giratina and the Sky Warrior, there is one person who inhabits the Distortion World. His name is Newton Graceland. He studies the Distortion World and knows how to use the lack of gravity to his advantage and teaches others how to do so. He was Zero’s mentor. Zero apparently became obsessed with Giratina’s powers and wishes to capture Giratina and use his powers to freely enter from the world to the Distortion World. Got a little off topic there. Poison clouds appear occasionally in the Distortion World. People think that this is some form of pollution.

When Dialga and Palkia collided, the Distortion World got polluted a lot, so Giratina wants to destroy Dialga for poisoning his world. Shaymin thinks Giratina wants to eat him or her, I don’t know Shaymin’s gender. Seeing that Giratina always picked Shaymin up in his mouth, it is something you would think. And plus Shaymin is a small, cute, grassy hedgehog while Giratina is a big dragon with a ton of powers that can suck people into the Distortion World when angered. Giratina is strong, thats why Zero became obsesses with those powers. Giratina is the third member of the creation trio who controls antimatter and rules the Distortion World. The Distortion World is a great place, well, not really, or is it? I personally think its very unique! What about you?


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Several Pokemon That Should Never Have Been Made

By Jill/Redterror117

Though the main catch of the Pokemon franchise is ‘Gotta Catch Em All’, the majority of Pokemon that are caught are essentially never seen again, as they fulfill their purpose of the checklist system that the game is comprised of. And even though some are brought back out to the light to be evolved, they normally return to their state of storage, unless ever needed again. While the entire Pokemon universe is considered to be a thriving ecosystem based on variety, there are a number of Pokemon that probably should not have been introduced into the game in the first place. I will be examining several of these sort of Pokemon based on my own observations. I am aware that there are probably others who may think otherwise, but this article is based on personal opinion.

The first set of Pokemon on the metaphorical ‘chopping block’ are Pokemon that technically already exist in the previous Pokemon games. With the release of Pokemon Black and White, a number of Pokemon released are essentially copies of Pokemon from the first generation. The first example that I will give of this is Audino, who shares a resemblence to the Chansey evolutionary line in terms of colour (and in Blissey’s cases the ‘fairy’ appearance). Both also have the same role as a ‘healer’, though Audino can be obtained a little easier than Chansey. Nevertheless they are still very similar. The same conflict also appears with Bouffalant, who bears a striking resemblance to Tauros. The only difference between the two is the distinct afro of the newer Pokemon. The resemblance and function scenarios are also obvious to a fighting duo released in Black and White: Throh and Sawk. These two are essentially copies of Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, as the pair are based off of opposite fighting styles, as Throh is the Judo Pokemon, while Sawk is the Karate Pokemon, meanwhile Hitmonlee fights with the feet, and Hitmonchan fights with the fists.

Following this category is a number of Pokemon that show little to no prowess in battle situations. While a big portion of the game is collection, the combat component is also rather prominent, as it decides which species that player carries around on them. Unlike the duplication scenario from above, Pokemon like this can occur in any generation. I’ll only be doing three as an example, as while some like Magikarp and Feebas are almost useless off the bat, they make up for their lack of attack power in their following evolution. From the initial 151 Pokemon there is Ditto, who, although having one of the most unique and fun attacks in the game, lacks any sort of real power. The reasoning for this is that while Transform copies the appearance, type, and moves of the target, it does not copy stats. So a weak ditto copying a legendary Pokemon will not perform as well as the duplicate, unlike the anime counterpart claims. In the Gold and Silver series there’s one of the most often forgotten about Pokemon: Dunsparce. Only appearing in a small cave prior to entering Cherrygrove city, Dunsparce doesn’t have anything special about it, and no adorable appearance to use to save it from being entirely ignored. Luvdisc has this same problem, with base stats matching several other Pokemon, who can overcome their weaknesses with evolution.

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Pokemon Gamer Gift Guide

By Pokemon Professor A

When birthdays and holidays come around, what do you get for Pokemon gamers who have all the Pokemon video games and more cards than they can carry? Just like Hello Kitty or Tokidoki, there are all kinds of Pokemon branded accessories to make your Poke-fanatic’s special occasion dreams come true.

Organized Accessories

Imagine for a moment that you have a mountain of trading cards. Can you even fathom trying to keep it all organized? Hardcore card game players love Monster binders to keep their trades and collections looking good while remaining accessible. If you’re worried they already have binders to stay organized, decorative stickers are perfect for embellishing plain binders or anything else. Another alternative is getting a cute Japanese mini-binder that only holds a little more than 100 cards. These are great for new players with small collections or experienced veterans who need a safe place to keep their most prized cards.

Good Luck Charms

Giving a gamer good luck can be the most appreciated gift ever. Plushies and figurines are some of the most popular and sought after charms. Everyday luck can be gifted through a cellphone charm or keychain. For something extra stylish, try to find items that glow in the dark or light up. Some charms may even have little bells on them. Every year there are exclusive items from the World Championships and they make great gifts for anyone who wasn’t able to attend. Be on the look out for these and other special edition items from events in Japan.

Beware the Pikachu

When buying a plush, figure or any gift it’s best to know their favorite Pokemon. A savvy shopper wouldn’t just pick up the first thing they see with Pikachu on it. Not everyone is a fan of the iconic electric mouse. Variety is the spice of life in this game with 650 pocket monsters and counting. If you can, try to find out the gift recipient’s favorite Pokemon. Look at the photos they may have bookmarked or posted on Facebook. If all else fails, a good rule of thumb is that fans can typically be broken down in to those who like cute characters and others who prefer cool looking creatures. Those who go for the cuddly probably are Pikachu fans, but will appreciate anything with big eyes, puffy cheeks, a sweet smile or a fluffy tail. For folks who don’t dig the cute or cuddly monsters probably like Charizard. According to a poll conducted by IGN in 2011, Charizard was voted the most popular Pokemon of all time. In the Top 100 Pokemon voting results, the other nine monsters to make the top 10 include: Mewtwo, Blastoise, Lugia, Dragonite, Mew, Rayquaza, Zapdos, Tyranitar and Zekrom. Any gift item with these characters on it is likely to go over well.

Estimate by Color

If you’re stuck in a pinch and are trying to guess what monster makes them happiest it helps if you know their favorite color. People who like red may be attracted to Fire-types like Reshiram or Cyndaquil. People who like blue find it hard to resist Water-types like Oshawott or Vaporeon. People who like black gravitate toward Dark-types like Zoroa or Darkrai. People who like purple tend to go for Psychic types, such as Litwick or Gengar. Green lovers are probably fans of Shaymin or Celebi and so on.


Pokemon : Of Myths And Legends – Bronzong Biography

By TokoyamiTheDark

Being native to Japan, Pokemon has been inspired of many things, including old Japanese myths and legends. Bronzong is one example, based on a Dotakun, a ceremonial bronze bell. There is an ancient myth about the Dotakun, which would be the reason why this bell is considered as sacred. The myth tells of workers taking old bronze mirrors and melting them to make a huge bronze bell. A farmer gave the mirror of his wife, a princess, to the workers. However, due to the princess’ grief about her mirror, it refused to melt away. She killed herself by drowning, finally allowing her mirror to melt. When the huge bronze bell was made ; the Dotakun, it was said that the soul of the woman would grant any wish to the one who destroys the Dotakun. Many have tried, but in vain, as the bell was indestructible. So someone had an idea ; roll it down into a swamp. As the Dotakun was sinking into the quicksand, the soul of the princess was never seen again, and the Dotakun was completely forgotten over the ages.

In Pokemon Diamond, it says that Bronzong caused a news break when archeologists accidently awakened one from a two thousand years slumber under the sand. Could this mean, that in Pokemon, Bronzong was originally THE Dotakun spoken of in myths of ancient Japan? But if you think that’s all, then think again. Bronzong’s pre evolution, Bronzor, has also a role in the myth ; it represent the molten bronze mirrors, hence, the reason both Pokemon have the HeatProof ability, reducing Fire attacks and burns to half the damage it was supposed to do, but stills count as a super effective attack.
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Pikachu, Mouse Or Rabbit?

By TokoyamiTheDark

Everyone knows the most popular Pokemon, Pikachu. It is a mouse Pokemon, but somehow, something ticks my head off, and it’s about Pikachu’s name and species. See, a pika is actually a lagomorphs, not a mouse, which gives confusion about Pikachu being a mouse but named after a rabbit. An American pika also has short, round ears, unlike most bunnies, while Pikachu has long ears. So, the question here is; was Pikachu originally intended to be a rabbit? These questions will most likely remains unanswered, but let’s go on some information about a pika rabbit. They are quite small, and you could hold one in your hand. Like domestic rabbits, pikas can also eat hamster’s or guinea pig’s food. Mice, on their own, eat almost anything, and like cheese, of course. They sometimes gnaw electric cords like most rodents would do. They breed very quickly but their life span is very short. Does Pikachu have all of these features? Well, I don’t think so, as Pikachu seems more like a cross between a mouse and a pika. I don’t know why, but I’m sure this was intended, as many Pokemon are based on various animals. Pikachu also moves like a rabbit, not like a mouse. Watch closely and you’ll notice. The Anime is the best example to see a moving Pikachu. There are also various other things that Pikachu might have that doesn’t match a mouse’s way to live, but another animal’s way to live.

Pikachu is known ever since Pokemon has begun in Japan in 1995, and its popularity is still growing today. In fact, during the Pokemon craze in 1999, when someone heard the word ‘Pokemon’, they instantly thought of Pikachu. This was the case at elementary school, where Pokemon was the frenzy for all children in there. I even remember wearing a Raichu costume during Halloween, but I lost it in a fire long, long ago.
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Hilda, Hilbert, And The Scheme Of N

By Vanilla Titanic

Emboar (Snouty) Lv. 36
Excadrill (Mole-Roll) Lv. 34
Deino (Draco) Lv. 37
Pawniard (Pawny) Lv. 36

Vanillite (Froyo) Lv. 31
Mienfoo (Chop Chop) Lv. 30
Dewott (Teddy) Lv. 33
Swoobat (Batty) Lv. 30

Cedric Juniper- Good morning, my fellow civilians. I sincerely apologize for disrupting your TV program you are currently watching. I, Mr. Juniper, will be taking the place of Mr. Suzico as Unova’s president. My job is getting more important by the second. A dark gang has risen. We are in a stage of gloomy times, no lying. Out of Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and all of the other Pokemon regions out there, there has always been a group that will cause destruction and will not bear defeat until the very end. We, however, will not bear defeat until when time draws to the very tip. Your government remains, powerful. We will not bear defeat. A murky war has begun.

Hilda- Ever since Nimbasa City, the Pokepolice have tightened security, battling many Team Plasma members, only failing. The police have also even trying to catch me from the Nimbasa accidnet, but they just cannot do it! I actually had some close calls! Oh ya, this guy called Hilbert is now one really good Team Plasma trainer. N is promoting him. He is improving tremendously. Somehow, something inside he tells myself I will have to battle him sometime. I am also growing feelings for him even though I haven’t met face to face with him yet. Recently, Unova has been warped and twisted with fear. Turmoil has been driving many people crazy. Well, to tell you the truth, everything is crazy.

Hilbert-I have been helping Team Plasma! As N said, we have been fighting for the liberty of the Pokemon! We have almost taken over Unova! Mr. Juniper doesn’t even stand a chance. Even though his speech is encouraging, he won’t stand a chance either. Soon enough, with Unova in our hands, all Pokemon from the region will be released and stored into Entralink, with mass security protection. After that, we will have all Pokemon released into a special place called… Nevermind! I can’t be blabbling all my secrets! Just in case someone other than me sees this page! But anyways, you wait and see! Unova is about to change!
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