Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu & Eevee Cafe Japan

For one month only, there is a new Pokemon cafe in Japan. Its called “Lets Go Pika Vui” (Pikachu & Eevee) cafe. The cafe is only temporary and will only last for a month, but I couldnt wait to go. Finally tonight I went there for dinner.

The place is quite small, but it decorated nicely and very cute. There is seating for about 20 people.

There are lots of decorations on the wall including Butterfree, Dragonite, Bulbasaur and many more, but the coolest one by far was the Onix that looked like it was busting thru the wall.

Before you walk in, the staff will give you a menu and you take a seat in the waiting area outside. The menu is shaped like a Pokeball. The ordering process is a little strange. You have to place your order before you go inside and you cant add anything to your order after you place it.

The menu is quite small with only a handful of menu items, but they are all Pokemon themed and very cute!!! Although they were quite expensive (about $15 each on average).

At the table was a really cool paper placemat. its made of thicker than normal paper and they give you a rubber band to roll it up and take home.

The first item we orders was the Onix stew. Comes with a cutout gray colored bread bowl and stew inside. There was paper Onix and Brock cutouts attached to the food with toothpicks.

Next we received the Eevee doria. It had brown colored rice with tomato sauce and white sauce shaped like a Pokeball. Eevee’s ears were made of a rice type cracker that was edible and its eyes looked like stickers but were made of some sort of gelatin I believe and were also edible.

For dessert I ordered the Eevee pudding. Inside the glass jar was pudding and cake. Eevee’s tail was made of paper and its ears and eyes were the same as the dorian. The Pokeball was a scoop of vanilla icecream with a gelatin sticker.

On the way out I hit up the Lets Go Pika Vui cafe original merchandise corner. There were file folders, stickers, mobile phone cases, postcards, pen cases, tshirts, notebooks, mugs and some keychains and pin badges in the vending machine.

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Pokemon Crystal Onix

By Anonymous

A Pokemon can be in all shapes in sizes. Take Ditto for example, Ditto may be a normal type Pokemon but he can transform into any Pokemon that appears in front of him in battle, which is pretty cool. There could be a fat Pokemon like Snorlax, which is also a normal type Pokemon with high HP and attack. But one Pokemon is huge, it is known as Wailord, who is on eof the largest Pokemon to date.

Wailord is a water type pokemon who has a lot of power, mainly just huge though. He has a pretty cool dull look on his face which looks pretty cool. Another notable Pokemon is Onix, he is a rock type Pokemon but is immune to electricity, not because he is a rock type Pokemon but because he is a rock type Pokemon and a ground type Pokemon.

Onix is a long snakelike Pokemon. He consists of several large, dark gray boulders. They build up from being huge all the way down to being a normal size rock. Onix has a loud roar that he uses to intimidate his opponents. As seen in the anime. In the anime, Brock of Pewter City gym uses an Onix against Ash Ketchum who at the time was challenging him to a battle for the Boulder Badge, which is the first badge given out by Brock, the gym leader, in the Kanto region in the Pokemon World.

Ash Ketchum one the battle by uses electricity to turn on the fire sprinklers in the gym that put out the flame, that makes onix weak and Pikachu was able to zap it. In the Orange Island League, there are rumors of a Crystal Onix, which is exactly what it sounds, an Onix made of crystal. This Onix is strange because it lives in a lake. But it does look quite beautiful for being such a giant and intimidating Pokemon for the smaller opponents and those who aren’t ready for a hard battle! The Crystal Onix is shown to have a lot of power. Onix evolves into a Steelix, Steelix is a steel type Pokemon and a ground type Pokemon. What do you think of Onix, is he a favorite, you like his power, we want to hear it!

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