Pokemon’s Tropical Sweets Merchandise Now Available In Japan

Today the Pokemon Centers in Japan released the Pokemon’s Tropical Sweets merchandise.
The merchandise features Alolan Vulpix, Snorlax, Lapras, Eevee, Pikachu and several other characters in a variety of merchandise all with an adorable sweets theme.

The Eevee & Pikachu riding on Wailord is absolutely stunning! Wailord is made out of a leather-type material. They were flying off the shelves at the Pokemon Center.

In addition there was several plush mascot keychains, a tote bag, iPhone case, stickers, blind packaged plastic figure sets, blow up floating drink holders of Lapras and Pikachu, towels, food picks, a thermos, glass jar mug and more.

These items are very limited and will be gone soon, but they are of course currently available on Pokevault while supplies lasts.

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Pokemon Crystal Onix

By Anonymous

A Pokemon can be in all shapes in sizes. Take Ditto for example, Ditto may be a normal type Pokemon but he can transform into any Pokemon that appears in front of him in battle, which is pretty cool. There could be a fat Pokemon like Snorlax, which is also a normal type Pokemon with high HP and attack. But one Pokemon is huge, it is known as Wailord, who is on eof the largest Pokemon to date.

Wailord is a water type pokemon who has a lot of power, mainly just huge though. He has a pretty cool dull look on his face which looks pretty cool. Another notable Pokemon is Onix, he is a rock type Pokemon but is immune to electricity, not because he is a rock type Pokemon but because he is a rock type Pokemon and a ground type Pokemon.

Onix is a long snakelike Pokemon. He consists of several large, dark gray boulders. They build up from being huge all the way down to being a normal size rock. Onix has a loud roar that he uses to intimidate his opponents. As seen in the anime. In the anime, Brock of Pewter City gym uses an Onix against Ash Ketchum who at the time was challenging him to a battle for the Boulder Badge, which is the first badge given out by Brock, the gym leader, in the Kanto region in the Pokemon World.

Ash Ketchum one the battle by uses electricity to turn on the fire sprinklers in the gym that put out the flame, that makes onix weak and Pikachu was able to zap it. In the Orange Island League, there are rumors of a Crystal Onix, which is exactly what it sounds, an Onix made of crystal. This Onix is strange because it lives in a lake. But it does look quite beautiful for being such a giant and intimidating Pokemon for the smaller opponents and those who aren’t ready for a hard battle! The Crystal Onix is shown to have a lot of power. Onix evolves into a Steelix, Steelix is a steel type Pokemon and a ground type Pokemon. What do you think of Onix, is he a favorite, you like his power, we want to hear it!

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The Rarest Pokemon Pokedoll

By Anonymous

For collectors of Pokemon plush like myself, surely you’ve endured some grueling searchers for certain products. Whether one is a collector of a certain species or a certain generation, he or she will inevitably discover some out-of-the-way dolls in their own Pokemon journey. There are the well-known grails, of course, such as Espeon, but there are even some more rare that newer collectors aren’t even aware of. Before continuing, though, please take into account this article only pertains to regular sized Pokedolls, it does not include the DX or large sizes, so if you’ve begun reading thinking you know where this is going, time for your double-take.

It’s fair to say that all Pokemon fans at some point or another fans of the Eeveelution family. Whether it’s the diversity or just those adorable faces, they’re undeniable. This goes for both in game and for collectors of all sorts, of course. Figurine collectors may feverishly chase after kids and Tomy’s while plush collectors burn paychecks after the elusive Vaporeon Japanese Pokedoll. Of the lot of them, Leafeon and Glaceon hold their title of most elusive, though. The two get to be so bad that I even caved and just went for a bootleg Leafeon, courtesy of Hong Kong on eBay of course. For those who specialize in this family, you have my pity and support, especially for the successful of you.

While the Eeveelution die-hard collectors may have it tough, given the line has been around for more than a decade and counting, amounting to no small amount of merchandise to collect, there are a certain three dolls that have trumped them in rarity, despite the lower demand. With the release of the thirteenth Pokemon Movie Zorua Master of Illusions, the Japan Pokemon center released a limited number of shiny Pokemon dog Pokedolls, not available through any means besides lottery prizes and resale. The three dogs, the most rare being Suicune of course, are prizes worth bragging, as prices for just one can hover at four hundred dollars or more. Should you be one of the few collectors willing to fork out so much for a single Pokedoll, make haste and head over to http://www.pokevault.com, as they have but one Raikou and one Entei available. For the majority who want a deal, you may as well start stalking eBay, it seems like that’s your best chance to get one, assuming the reserve is indeed less than the list price. For Suicune fans, well, no such luck for you. If you’re dead set on getting one, it’ll be a tiresome endeavor, one that won’t end anytime soon. Surprisingly, although the shiny Pokedoll dogs were only released once and in such a limited fashion, I would not deem them to be the least common of Pokedolls. There are two more dolls that I have seen in even more fleeting quantities than these three, two that few would expect and fewer will believe.
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Pokemon Dream World – Play with Wailord Game

By Matt

One of the more fun, but time-consuming games, in my opinion, is the “Play With Wailord!” game. It is an opportunity to test one’s timing skills, as the object of the game is to balance Pokemon using the high-pressure water from Wailord’s blowhole (operated by clicking the mouse). Like the other games, there are two minutes in which the game must be completed. However, unlike the Sky Race or Find the Pokemon, the game will keep going until the timer runs out, giving one incentive to set a high score. The game at the start screen offers you instructions, which I will tell more about below.

Pokemon will be released from the docks above and must be balanced on Wailord’s spouts of water. While balancing them, there will be Drifloon bringing in balls which color match the Pokemon. The goal is to have the Pokemon land on the balls and open fifteen of them. Right now, it seems simple, but after awhile, there will be more than just one Pokemon. One more Pokemon will be added about thirty seconds in, and so on. The last Pokemon will give you a total of four that you have to balance. The Pokemon will only open the ball that corresponds to their color; if it does not match, they will bounce off of it, but add one to the counter on the right side of the screen. The counter displays how many times Pokemon have landed on or opened the balls on-screen. Every time a particular colors reaches 5, the multiplier will increase by one, giving more points for each ball opened. This multiplier is a challenge to keep, though; every time a Pokemon drops into the water (it’s not caught by Wailord), the multiplier will go back to 1.
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Pokemon EX And Lv. X Cards

By Anonymous

Pokemon Ex and Lv. X cards were the new versions of ultra rares back in the day. EX cards were a fancy way of showing a very strong and rare cards. You used to be able to use EX cards in decks but not anymore.

EX cards were only available in EX sets. Like EX Dragon Frontiers where you can get EX’s like Dragonite, or EX Sandstorm where you can get a Wailord EX. All EX cards have a holographic border and background. An EX card had EX after the name of the card. EX’s weren’t that hard to pull, they are like the ultra rare primes we have today. You can get them in any pack but the ratio of pulling one varied. They aren’t like normal rares you can get in packs they are ultra rares and sometimes can be very expensive depending what and how rare the card is.
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