Pokemon Catcher Vs Luxray GL Lv. X

By: Brian Hsieh

When Luxray GL Lv. X hit the Pokemon scene, we were all hit with nostalgia as its PokePower (similar to Gust of Wind of Base Set) allowed it to switch the defending Pokemon with another Pokemon on the bench of the player’s choice. This allowed Luxray to attack the newly brought in Pokemon, or free retreat to have a better Pokemon knock out the newly brought in card. Since it was recently rotated out, another card has come in its place in the form of a trainer; Pokemon Catcher. Since its release, it has become an expensive card, even topping the ultra rare cards like Thundurus and Tornadus in this set. If Luxray were still in this format, its price would still drop due to all the advantages that Pokemon Catcher has.

With Pokemon Catcher, it’s safe to build any deck. Pokemon Catcher comes as a versatile Trainer and does not have a specific type assigned to it. Luxray GL Lv. X had the SP and lightning tag on it. This made it more likely to be featured in lightning and SP decks. It can be argued that one can tech in a Luxray in any deck that had a strong physical presence that could do the dirty work instead; the tags are not much of a minus but do hurt its playability to an extent.

A big hit on Luxray was that there could only be two Lv. Xs in a deck, as they were considered the same as the regular Pokemon it leveled up from. In order to use its effect, you would have to actually bring out a regular Luxray GL and then upgrade it when it’s the active Pokemon. If you have it on your bench, you must switch into it in order to activate the Lv.X form. This would be a pain as that is your only switch for the turn unless you use the Trainer card Switch. Also, if opponents see it coming, it is sure to be knocked out before you can level it up, leaving you with a Lv. X in your hand and needing a discard pile searching card to get your Luxray back. Having a limited number of Luxray also hurts as one could possibly be prized. There are many supporters that help out SPs, so this technique of getting Luxray out wasn’t as hard as it looked. With Poketurn, one could actually use the ability more than once, and the introduction of Junk Arm allows for even more production. With Pokemon Catcher, there is no setup involved. You just play and select a target. Junk Arm gives this card a boost also; as you can just discard two dead draw cards and play Catcher again, with a maximum of eight uses. This strategy allows you to have a higher success of drawing one.

The only positive thing I could say about Luxray would be that it was actually searchable. Only Twins can search for Pokemon Catcher while at the time, Bebe’s Search, Pokemon Collector, Pokemon Communication, and Premier Ball each had its advantages of bringing this card into play. Having this ability in a Pokemon comes at a price, with Luxray being knocked out. Besides, if you have a good number of Pokemon Catchers in your deck, you would just need to rely on nice draw cards like Professor Juniper, Sage’s Training, and Cheren to draw it out.
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My Perfect Pokemon Partners

By Becca Mander

An integral part of the Pokemon adventure is the team you carry with you, to support you and share your journey. I should think that at some point, most enthusiasts will have thought about their perfect Pokemon team – for video game competitors, it’s all about the ‘sweepers’, the ‘leaders’, the ‘walls’; basically the reduction of your team into key cogs in a well-oiled, efficient machine. A gamer might play Chandelure for his awesome special attack stat… but he may in reality hate the sight of Chandelure.

Card gamers want three things: consistency, consistency and, of course, consistency. This leads them to play multiple copies of the same card. In a Resiboar deck, your ‘team’ of six may end up consisting of two Reshiram, an Emboar, a Cleffa and two Ninetales. Wait, don’t I remember reading that Reshiram is a unique Pokemon? So how come two exist in this trainer’s party? And there really seems to be a fiery theme happening here – what happens if an opposing trainer lets loose with a devastating Hydro Cannon during a spontaneous battle? While these problems are unlikely to cause any stress in the card game, if Pokemon were real, they are things I would certainly consider before selecting my trusty team of six.

So, disliking the reification of the video game, and the lopsided parties of the card game, I ask myself, and everyone else: ‘If Pokemon were real, who would make the cut for your team?’ Here’s mine.
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Pittsburgh, PA Battle Roads Report #2

By Kohrok

Hey, it’s time for another tournament report with Kohrok! This time, we have a slightly better outlook than last week. So we were at my local league where I judge, lead league, and help out. It’s also pretty much the only active league Western PA, so we’re pretty proud of that. If anyone’s interested in joining, just e-mail us at MurrysvillePokemonLeague@gmail.com

Murrysville, PA Battle Roads Spring

June 4, 2011

So, today I decided to bail on the VileGar from last week. Losing every game (basically) was pretty poor, and I wasn’t looking forward to more losses. So I switched to my Luxray/Garchomp deck from State Championships, tossed in some Sableye to block the donk, and got set to go. Oh, and Hoolon Mike had graduated this past month, so I gave him a Flareon EX as a graduation present because he’s an awesome person.

I got to the site early, helped AJ set up, talked to people, made some trades, and at 11:15, the event started. We had less than 10 Juniors and Seniors, but we had 14 Masters, meaning 4 rounds, top 2. This would end up coming to bite me later on.
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Pokemon Market Watch

By Kenny Wisdom

Today I thought I’d take a different approach with my articles and write about an often underappreciated aspect of the TCG: values. Whether you’re a competitive player looking to gather the most bang for your buck, or a collector searching for the cheapest way to complete your collections, or anywhere in-between, card values should matter to you. Knowing what good prices and bad prices are and knowing what cards are on the rise and which are falling is an invaluable skill. Today I’m going to note a few cards which you should try and pick up while they’re cheap, and alternatively, a few cards that you should try and sell now, since their price is only going to plummet.
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Pokemon EX And Lv. X Cards

By Anonymous

Pokemon Ex and Lv. X cards were the new versions of ultra rares back in the day. EX cards were a fancy way of showing a very strong and rare cards. You used to be able to use EX cards in decks but not anymore.

EX cards were only available in EX sets. Like EX Dragon Frontiers where you can get EX’s like Dragonite, or EX Sandstorm where you can get a Wailord EX. All EX cards have a holographic border and background. An EX card had EX after the name of the card. EX’s weren’t that hard to pull, they are like the ultra rare primes we have today. You can get them in any pack but the ratio of pulling one varied. They aren’t like normal rares you can get in packs they are ultra rares and sometimes can be very expensive depending what and how rare the card is.
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Pokemon Booster Packs vs Card Store Websites

By Brian Hsieh

Booster packs are a common way to obtain cards. For around the $4.00 mark, booster packs strengthen one’s collection by adding a set of random cards that one pulls after the purchase. But many websites have been established that sell singles of the card at decent prices. Their philosophy is that you can get what you want without spending more money on a Pokemon booster pack and possibly being disappointed. Take ultra-rare cards; they can be obtained in booster packs but with a low ratio of them being pulled. Even if you actually pull an ultra-rare card, it might not be the one you’re looking for. With card store websites, the hassle of buying many packs just to be possibly disappointed is thrown away. For a fee similar to two to three booster packs, one can obtain an ultra-rare card. For a smaller fee, one can obtain rares, holographic cards, and many others to complete their collection.

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The Facts About Pokemon Luxray GL Lv. X

By Jack Borkowski

Luxray GL lv.x, the most difficult Lv.x to get is commonly referred to “the best card in our format”. Well to be honest I disagree, yeah I know some people will think differently to me but seriously I disagree completely. I’m going to go over the pros and cons of this card and overall answer “is this card worth getting”. First let’s go over the card in general. It’s poke-power Bright Look is probably the best poke-power in the game. It lets you pick one of the opponents benched pokemon and bring it up to the active spot. This can really annoy your opponent by bringing up a pokemon with a high retreat cost. You can also bring up a pokemon with low hp and K.O it.

Now the attack is where this card puts me off a little. It’s attack Flash Impact does 60 damage with a lightning energy and a energy gain but it also does 30 damage to one of your bench pokemon. This is terrible with cards like garchomp c lv.x in our format and even doing damage to your pokemon is bad overall. Another bad thing is the cost of the card itself. People are selling them for $80 each which is over the top.
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