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Pokemon Time Campaign #4 Goods Have Arrived

Finally there are some new Pokemon Time goods at the Pokemon Centers in Japan. Its been quite a while since the last round of Pokemon Time goods was sold. This time its from the 4th campaign. There are 10 characters this time and I must say that I like the characters this time around. Charizard, Bulbasaur, Venusaur, Dragonair, Oddish, Growlithe,  Psyduck, Magikarp, Gengar and Poliwag.

There was 10 different phone straps made, one of each of the 10 characters. In addition there was also all 10 characters made into clear file folders. Oddish, Poliwag, Charizard and Growlithe were the only characters to be made into square-shaped spiral notebooks. These are very cool and seem to be very popular.

There was also 3 different character pens that came in plastic tubes. Each of the pens features 4 Pokemon Time characters. A day planner/calendar for 2013 that features all the different characters with a monthly calendar, memo pages and yearly calendar is very nice.

Probably the best items in the campaign are the Growlithe deck sleeves and the deck box with all 10 characters. Anyone who plays the Pokemon TCG will love these items. The sold out extremely fast at the Pokemon Centers.

This campaign was timed for the start of school, so it seems to be focused mainly on school supplies. The last campaign had earphones, computer mouses, mousepads and more recreational items. But I really like the characters this time around.

Of course you can always find these products available while they last at Hopefully they will add some more items to this campaign, but for now that is all the items that have been released. Im really looking forward to the next Pokemon Time campaign. Stay tuned.

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Lostgar Deck Future?

By Brian Hsieh

Lostgar was one of those popular decks that fizzled out quite fast after its debut. Many cards that compliment this deck include Mr. Mime, Mime Jr., Slowking, Darkrai & Cresselia LEGEND, Lost World, and Gengar Prime. The deck’s intentions were to disrupt an opponent’s setup while putting their monster cards into the lost zone. With six Pokemon in the lost zone, the player can declare victory if a Lost World is present. This seemed like a unique way to claim victory; one a player could find relatively easy.

One problem Lostgar runs into constantly is the lack of disruption on the field. If an opponent has a field set up already, Gengar Prime’s Hurl Into Darkness attack is not much of a threat and you’ll have to rely on its relatively weak Cursed Drop attack to throw cards into the lost zone.

Another threat now lies in Pokemon Catcher, released in the newest set to date. Pokemon Catcher takes away a stalling option Mime Jr. once had that allowed setup for Gengar Prime. If an opponent uses Catcher, Mime Jr. leaves the field and can be replaced with a tech Slowking, a Gengar, or both their pre-evolutions. The game has changed with more speed involved, causing a stall option to be disrupted easily. The only way around Catcher would be to add a Vileplume line, which would create an even slower pace.

The final problem Lostgar runs into is the lack of safety Gengar receives once he lands his attack. If you end up using his attack and succeeding, cards like Reshiram or Zekrom can step in and deal massive damage to you. Without a Reuniclus line or Max Potion, your Gengar Prime will be helpless after turn two. Adding those cards in just for this occasion further clutters this deck and creates complications, as Reuniclus would need a Vileplume line to save it from getting hit with Catcher; Max Potion would be the most suitable but allows Catcher to remain usable by the opponent.

I was a fan of the idea that one only needed to send six Pokemon into the lost zone to win. It was thrilling to think that you could disrupt someone’s hand and cripple their forces while ensuring yourself a victory. In reality, it’s not like that. As you build momentum, your opponent already has it. Their cards are already present on the field which allows Seeker to be the best option for actually sending them to the lost zone.
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LostGar Deck Review

By The Pidgeot

This time I am going to write about a deck that has a whole bunch of hype since the Call of Legends pokemon set came out. Some say it even has a chance to be the top tier deck higher than Luxchomp decks. Others say that this deck has been over hyped. The deck I am talking about is Lostgar. This article will be talking about some great tech cards to use in the deck and also the main way to win using this hyped up deck that everyone is talking about.

First I am going to tell you about the main cards in this deck. The cards are Gengar Prime from the HS Triumphant set, and the stadium Lost World from Call of Legends. The main idea of this deck is to use Gengar Prime’s “Hurl into the Darkness” attack to put six pokemon from your opponents hand into the lost zone. This is where Lost World comes in. Lost World lets you declare yourself the winner once your opponent has six of their pokemon in the lost zone. You want to put the Lost World stadium only when you have already put six of your opponents pokemon into the lost zone to ensure that you can declare yourself the winner without having to worry about your opponent knocking out your Lost World with another stadium card. Now this sure as heck is easier said than done.
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For the Player and Collector: HS Triumphant

By The Pidgeot

Hello again, I just finished opening my HS Triumphant booster box and I must say I had fun opening it. Then again who would not love to open booster boxes. From this box I must say I got pretty lucky with the ultra rare cards. I pulled five, very good, very playable prime cards; Celebi, Magnezone, Machamp, Mew and Gengar primes. I even pulled three legend pieces completing one of the two legends from this set. But enough about what I pulled, I’m here to inform you all once again the ups and downs of the HS Triumphant Set. To me this set probably is a more positive set added to the pokemon TCG world than negative. So lets get to it!
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The Infamous VileGar Deck

By Anonymous

Here is a very famous deck used in the trading card game by TCG players. The infamous VileGar deck. The VileGar deck consists of two main pokemon, Vileplume and Gengar. VileGar is a popular deck archetype in competitive Pokemon Trading Card Game play. The deck centers around the synergy between the Stormfront Gengar and the Undaunted Vileplume. Spiritomb from Arceus is used to set up, Gengar is used to attack, and Vileplume is used to keep a continuous Trainerlock on the opponent. The deck has placed well in numerous Battle Roads at the beginning of the 2010-2011 season.
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Is It Better To Collect Older Or Newer Pokemon Cards?

By Anonymous

There are many Pokemon card collectors out there. Some mostly collect the older kinds of cards like ones from base set or jungle. Some mostly collect the newer stuff like ones from Heart Gold Soul Silver or HS Triumphant. But there is a constant debate on which cards are better. The older cards or the newer ones? Which one are you for?

I collect Pokemon cards myself and I like both kinds of cards. But some just don’t agree. Base set and the other older sets contain the original 150 Pokemon. Such as Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur. Heart Gold and Soul Silver and the newer sets contain newer kinds of cards like primes, legends, and shinies. But today the older sets are the ones that are more expensive than the newer ones. Packs of base set and such cannot be found at stores anymore, that’s why they are more expensive. But some old school collectors don’t care about the price.
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Pokemon Booster Packs vs Card Store Websites

By Brian Hsieh

Booster packs are a common way to obtain cards. For around the $4.00 mark, booster packs strengthen one’s collection by adding a set of random cards that one pulls after the purchase. But many websites have been established that sell singles of the card at decent prices. Their philosophy is that you can get what you want without spending more money on a Pokemon booster pack and possibly being disappointed. Take ultra-rare cards; they can be obtained in booster packs but with a low ratio of them being pulled. Even if you actually pull an ultra-rare card, it might not be the one you’re looking for. With card store websites, the hassle of buying many packs just to be possibly disappointed is thrown away. For a fee similar to two to three booster packs, one can obtain an ultra-rare card. For a smaller fee, one can obtain rares, holographic cards, and many others to complete their collection.

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Having the perfect Team!

By Amanda

When you begin your pokemon journey, you start out with either a grass type, a water type, or a fire type pokemon.  Which ever one you begin with will be your partner, who will help you overcome tough situations.  Now to find five more pokemon to your team, which your allowed six pokemon total.  The first thing is to figure out which types of pokemon that will help you on your journey.  A Flying type can give you ad by flying you from town to town when you win a certain amount of badges.  And Flying types has an advantage against bug, and grass types, and are not affected by attacks such as earthquake.  But they are weak when it comes to electric types, so watch out.  A Water type, if you didn’t choose a Water pokemon as your starter, can surf you to islands and places that are on water, and are strong against rock, and ground types.
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