Pokemon Movie Synopsis & Review Part 1 – Mewtwo Strikes Back

By TokoyamiTheDark

***NOTE : This part was cut from the International Version, but was re-introduced in the 1st Movie DVD and in Mewtwo Returns***

August 6th : In a jungle, scientists are in search for a fossil of Mew, a Pokemon hailed as a god by an ancient Mayan civilisation. Mew was thought to be long extinct, but it is actually very much alive. the scientists then discovers an eyelid that belonged to Mew. This was enough to create Mewtwo, who was still in a larval stage. Communicating with the other clones, Mewtwo makes friends, especially with Ambertwo (Amber was her real name), who died as a child in a fire.

There was also clones of her Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, but Charmander slowly dissapears, then Squirtle. In the lab, the scientists declares another cloning failure while one of the scientists worry about her daughter. Bulbasaur dissapears…and so is Ambertwo. Mewtwo’s brain waves then gets out of control, as it wants Ambertwo back. As a result, its memory is wiped out, and the scene switches on 10 years later.

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The Legendary Pokemon Mew

By Stephanie Sartain

Mew is a rarely seen Pokemon that many believe it’s just a mirage. However this is not the case. Mew is hard to obtain in the games without cheating or getting it from an event. However in the earlier Pokemon games it was possible to obtain Mew through a glitch. In this glitch several things had to be done before Mew would appear. For this glitch you must be in Cerulean City.

First you need either a Wigglytuff or a Butterfree knowing Sleep Powder. Second you must go and capture an Abra.
Third you had to walk up to the guy on the side next to the nugget bridge then press start then have Abra use teleport.
Fourth go and battle the guy with the Slowpoke making sure he walks up to you.
Fifth after the battle have Abra teleport you again.
Finally walk up nugget bridge your menu will pop up hit save and then continue then Mew will appear at level seven proceed to catching it.

That was the way to get Mew in the older Pokemon games.

Mew has appeared in Pokemon movies and Pokemon special as well. Mew first appeared in the “Pokemon the First Movie” where it had an epic battle with its clone Mewtwo. Mew again appeared in another movie called “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew”. In this movie Mew lived in a tree that gave life to Mew. Mew also appeared in the Pokemon special “The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon”. In this special Mew was a mirage Pokemon that help saved Ash and the gang sacrificing its life to do so.
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Coming Back To Pokemon Card Collecting


I first started collecting Pokemon cards when I was about the age of 12 or so back when yellow version cam old for the gameboy man gaming sure has changed from back them when the gameboy was only in black and white. I had a huge binder full of cards some of them that not until now did I realize the rarity of them such as my old neo shining Mewtwo. Pokemon was pretty big back them everyone collected and everyone had some sort of Pokemon merchandise from backpacks to shirts back when the rarest card out there was the base Charizard. One day for no apparent reason I some how didn’t care much about Pokemon collecting and was deciding about a good way to get rid of them all. So one day I just decided to dump my entire binder in the toilet and flush them not knowing I could have sold them.

After that I didn’t really care much about Pokemon I still watched the episodes every now and then but never really got back into it. It wasn’t until years later that one day I was at a yard sale and stumbled across some Pokemon cards for sale and thought to myself “man those were some good times collecting them” I still didn’t really know much about the newer sets so I decided to buy some holographic cards and frame them on my wall for decoration (little did I know that I purchased a Pikachu *). Slowly I bought more and more until early November I decided to take up collecting again I bought some boosters and some collector boxes (the ones that come with 5 boosters and a promo). Once I grew a pretty good collection I decided to try and find people to trade with I searched online to find if anyone traded Pokemon cards around my neighborhood and some how stumbled across a Pokemon trading forum so I signed up and joined.
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Mew And Mewtwo: The Origin And The Clone

By Jo

One of my earliest memories of Pokemon was watching the first movie released by the franchise, Mewtwo Strikes Back. I remember being so captivated by Mew, as I was a young girl who thought that the legendary Pokemon was quite cute. Its color scheme was pink and its design held similarities to that of a kitten – how much cuter could you get? However, even while being no older than 6 or 7, I understood that Mew’s clone, Mewtwo, was a seriously misunderstood creature that didn’t know how to respond to being an outsider.

According to the games, Mew is considered to be the ancestor of all Pokemon (even while Arceus is said to be the very first Pokemon to ever exist) and was thought to be extinct. Ironically, it is unable to breed and is called “the New Species Pokemon”, despite how old it’s supposed to be. Mew is incredibly intelligent, being able to learn every move in the games, and is said to posse genes of every Pokemon. It can shape shift at will like a Ditto and is said to be able to even make itself become invisible at will. Mew was actually a secret that was programmed into the games without even Nintendo being aware of its existence, though it was the first Pokemon trademark ever registered. In an interview with Tsunekaz Ishihara (the President and CEO of the Pokemon Company), he admitted to creating Mew two weeks before game development had finished. In the movie, Mew was carefree and playful though knew when to step in and use its power for the greater good.
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Pittsburgh, PA Battle Roads Report #2

By Kohrok

Hey, it’s time for another tournament report with Kohrok! This time, we have a slightly better outlook than last week. So we were at my local league where I judge, lead league, and help out. It’s also pretty much the only active league Western PA, so we’re pretty proud of that. If anyone’s interested in joining, just e-mail us at MurrysvillePokemonLeague@gmail.com

Murrysville, PA Battle Roads Spring

June 4, 2011

So, today I decided to bail on the VileGar from last week. Losing every game (basically) was pretty poor, and I wasn’t looking forward to more losses. So I switched to my Luxray/Garchomp deck from State Championships, tossed in some Sableye to block the donk, and got set to go. Oh, and Hoolon Mike had graduated this past month, so I gave him a Flareon EX as a graduation present because he’s an awesome person.

I got to the site early, helped AJ set up, talked to people, made some trades, and at 11:15, the event started. We had less than 10 Juniors and Seniors, but we had 14 Masters, meaning 4 rounds, top 2. This would end up coming to bite me later on.
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For the Player and Collector: HS Triumphant

By The Pidgeot

Hello again, I just finished opening my HS Triumphant booster box and I must say I had fun opening it. Then again who would not love to open booster boxes. From this box I must say I got pretty lucky with the ultra rare cards. I pulled five, very good, very playable prime cards; Celebi, Magnezone, Machamp, Mew and Gengar primes. I even pulled three legend pieces completing one of the two legends from this set. But enough about what I pulled, I’m here to inform you all once again the ups and downs of the HS Triumphant Set. To me this set probably is a more positive set added to the pokemon TCG world than negative. So lets get to it!
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Pokemon Mew #151

By Leonie Herson

Mew, the new species Pokemon, was the first truly rare and elusive Pokemon to catch during the first generation. Known as the 151st Pokemon in the Pokedex, mew was only obtainable through the following sequence of events (named the “Mew Glitch):

1. When facing the gambler near the underground tunnel entrance (from Lavender Town to Celadon City), immediately press the start button before he notices you and select to fly to Cerulean City. He will see you as you fly away.

2. From Cerulean’s Pokemon Center, head towards Bill’s house and run into the boy facing North in the maze (above the Lass). Defeat his slowpoke (lvl 17) then immediately fly to Lavender Town.

3. At Lavender Town, go west towards Route 8 and the menu should pop up. Press “B” and Mew will appear at lvl 5. Mew is a great asset to any team as it has well-balanced stats and can learn every TM and HM available. It’s synchronise ability also comes in handy because if Mew is poisoned, paralysed or burned, so too does its opponent.
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