Pokemon Movie Synopsis & Review Part 1 – Mewtwo Strikes Back

By TokoyamiTheDark

***NOTE : This part was cut from the International Version, but was re-introduced in the 1st Movie DVD and in Mewtwo Returns***

August 6th : In a jungle, scientists are in search for a fossil of Mew, a Pokemon hailed as a god by an ancient Mayan civilisation. Mew was thought to be long extinct, but it is actually very much alive. the scientists then discovers an eyelid that belonged to Mew. This was enough to create Mewtwo, who was still in a larval stage. Communicating with the other clones, Mewtwo makes friends, especially with Ambertwo (Amber was her real name), who died as a child in a fire.

There was also clones of her Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, but Charmander slowly dissapears, then Squirtle. In the lab, the scientists declares another cloning failure while one of the scientists worry about her daughter. Bulbasaur dissapears…and so is Ambertwo. Mewtwo’s brain waves then gets out of control, as it wants Ambertwo back. As a result, its memory is wiped out, and the scene switches on 10 years later.


The movie begins when Mewtwo is in a tube of orange liquid, slowly opening its eyes and sensing the voices of the Rocket scientists talking. Mewtwo then breaks the capsule it was held in, and a scientist comes in and talks to Mewtwo, praising it to be the first clone that survived.

He also mentions Mewtwo being a Mew clone, but much more powerful. Unfortunately, Mewtwo doesn’t see this as good, then gets angry and destroys the entire lab. Later, the Rocket boss, Giovanni, is seen in a helicopter and lands on the ruined island, proposing a deal to reinforce its psychic powers.

A couple of battles in the Viridian City gym are seen, as well as Safari Park Tauros poaching, with Mewtwo having a pride in its voice : ”I am in control now!!!”

But when Mewtwo learns about its destiny,to serve Team Rocket, it get really angry and destroy Giovanni’s base. It then flees back to New Island… where its reign will soon begin.

Meanwhile, Ash and the gang are picnicking when a shady-looking trainer comes and challenges Ash to a battle. He send Bulbasaur while his opponent sends out Donphan,  making its 1st appearance in the Anime! The battle goes poorly for Ash until Bulbasaur uses SolarBeam on Donphan, instantly KOing it.

Then, the shady trainer sends Machamp, but is no match for Squirtle’s BubbleBeam. Angry, he then send 3 Pokemon at the time ; Golem, Venomoth and Pinsir. Pikachu finishes the match with a ThunderBolt, KOing all 3 Pokemon at the same time (which is also an error, because Golem is unaffected by Electric-type moves in the games). Meanwhile, a Fearow with a camera films everything out, and a lady asks her master if she should send an invitation to Ash and the gang. Her master agrees, so she sends out her Dragonite who flies over the picnic table and hands out the invitation letter to Ash.

He replies ‘YES’ then Dragonite picks up back the letter, then flies away, only to be stopped by Team Rocket with a frying pan. It drops the invitation letter and Team Rocket seems to want to go, too…

Continued in Part 2


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