Coming Back To Pokemon Card Collecting


I first started collecting Pokemon cards when I was about the age of 12 or so back when yellow version cam old for the gameboy man gaming sure has changed from back them when the gameboy was only in black and white. I had a huge binder full of cards some of them that not until now did I realize the rarity of them such as my old neo shining Mewtwo. Pokemon was pretty big back them everyone collected and everyone had some sort of Pokemon merchandise from backpacks to shirts back when the rarest card out there was the base Charizard. One day for no apparent reason I some how didn’t care much about Pokemon collecting and was deciding about a good way to get rid of them all. So one day I just decided to dump my entire binder in the toilet and flush them not knowing I could have sold them.

After that I didn’t really care much about Pokemon I still watched the episodes every now and then but never really got back into it. It wasn’t until years later that one day I was at a yard sale and stumbled across some Pokemon cards for sale and thought to myself “man those were some good times collecting them” I still didn’t really know much about the newer sets so I decided to buy some holographic cards and frame them on my wall for decoration (little did I know that I purchased a Pikachu *). Slowly I bought more and more until early November I decided to take up collecting again I bought some boosters and some collector boxes (the ones that come with 5 boosters and a promo). Once I grew a pretty good collection I decided to try and find people to trade with I searched online to find if anyone traded Pokemon cards around my neighborhood and some how stumbled across a Pokemon trading forum so I signed up and joined.

About 10 after joining and posting my very first trade thread I got offers like crazy asking for my Pikachu * and Alakazam * that I pulled from a booster the day before. little did I know about the rarity or prices of cards I was only looking to collect holographic cards to frame up on my wall so I took pretty much any offer little knowing that I was getting with off like a newbie. Sadly I trusted someone in Europe and send out my card first (Alakazam *) but never got a response I didn’t know anything about rippers or how to report one and accidentally deleted the messages sent from him with his address so I never did get t report it and until this day he got away with it. With experiencing my first time being ripped off I got more aware of price values and rarity so before any trade I looked up the prices to make sure I was getting a fair trade and from that day on I become a more cautious trader.

About late January of the following year I decided to take up Japanese card collecting after getting my first Japanese card (CoroCoro Shining Mew). It has now been almost a full year of Pokemon card collecting and I must say I grown a pretty fair collection for someone how has just started. I plan to keep on collecting for years to come until one day I get tired of collecting again but this time won’t flush them down the toilet but put them up on EBay to cash them in.

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