The Legendary Pokemon Mew

By Stephanie Sartain

Mew is a rarely seen Pokemon that many believe it’s just a mirage. However this is not the case. Mew is hard to obtain in the games without cheating or getting it from an event. However in the earlier Pokemon games it was possible to obtain Mew through a glitch. In this glitch several things had to be done before Mew would appear. For this glitch you must be in Cerulean City.

First you need either a Wigglytuff or a Butterfree knowing Sleep Powder. Second you must go and capture an Abra.
Third you had to walk up to the guy on the side next to the nugget bridge then press start then have Abra use teleport.
Fourth go and battle the guy with the Slowpoke making sure he walks up to you.
Fifth after the battle have Abra teleport you again.
Finally walk up nugget bridge your menu will pop up hit save and then continue then Mew will appear at level seven proceed to catching it.

That was the way to get Mew in the older Pokemon games.

Mew has appeared in Pokemon movies and Pokemon special as well. Mew first appeared in the “Pokemon the First Movie” where it had an epic battle with its clone Mewtwo. Mew again appeared in another movie called “Lucario and the Mystery of Mew”. In this movie Mew lived in a tree that gave life to Mew. Mew also appeared in the Pokemon special “The Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon”. In this special Mew was a mirage Pokemon that help saved Ash and the gang sacrificing its life to do so.

Mew is an amazing Pokemon that everyone wants to get in their games because Mew can learn almost every single move in the game. There are a few it can’t learn like Volt Tackle, Quick Attack, and Aqua Jet. Still Mew can learn all TM moves and HM moves as well. This is what makes Mew such an amazing a rare Pokemon.

Mew is also super cute having a pink body normally and being blue when shiny. It also has amazing blue eyes. Mew is very similar to a cat. In fact its name is the sound a cat makes. Mew is used in a lot of battles due to its great stats. Its stats are what make it a Legendary Pokemon that and it can’t breed. Mew is one of my favorite Legendaries because of how cute it is. Getting a Mew means getting it from and event or hacking the game. That is why Mew is one of the greatest and cutest Pokemon in the game. In conclusion Mew is a Pokemon that not only does everyone want but is also very hard to come by.

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