Pokemon Battle Revolution Review

By Carl00456

Pokemon battle revolution for Nintendo Wii combines the battle system from Pokemon diamond and pearl with 3D-style graphics. The game isn’t really a game at all; it’s more like an add-on or special feature. Battle Revolution includes few game modes, with an annoying presenter and disappointing Wi-Fi, this game is only for the hardcore Pokemon fans.

The game doesn’t have a story at all whatsoever. You just battle Pokemon trainers over and over until it becomes a chore. This makes the game get boring quickly and there’s little to make you want to play more. You must work your way through each coliseum, with eleven in total. At the start of the game you have the choice to transfer your Pokemon from the Nintendo DS games or you can choose to ‘rent Pokémon’. These ‘rent Pokemon’ consist of mainly starters from the old games. Most of the battles are easy but there are a few that I struggled on and my Pokemon are level fifty and above. You gain Poke-Coupons, which are essentially cash that you can spend on TM’s or changing your trainer’s appearance. This provided useless to me, the only thing that looked appealing to me was the range of Pikachu clothes, including an awesome Pikachu hat.

I barely finished the single-player mode as it was so laborious and repetitive; I put my controller down after the first five coliseums. The Wi-Fi mode is a good edition to the game. Trainers are challenging but when you beat them you get a real sense of achievement. It takes a while to load and find someone to battle and when you finally do you’re most likely up against a trainer with level one-hundred Pokemon. ‘Rent Pokemon’ just don’t cut it when playing online and the battles are fairly boring when you do use them.

I can approve of a few things in this game though. There’s the ability to battle your friend if they have a Nintendo DS with one of the Pokemon games. You can even use your Nintendo DS as a controller while watching your Pokemon battle on the television. The graphics are superior to any Pokemon game out there; moves like surf and sandstorm especially look amazing. Some moves, however, look terrible, with a Pokemon just running up to the enemy, making a slash or sparkle effect, and running back. It feels good watching your Pokemon battle in a 3D-style, but it won’t keep you impressed for long. There’s not really much to do in this game and it has a very small replay value. There are small features, like the ability to get Pokemon via Mystery Gift, that might compel you to buy this game, but there is really no point as you can’t even level your Pokemon up. Only get this game if you find it cheap in stores or if you are a die-hard Pokemon fan, otherwise, I would not recommend it, this game is purely a ‘test’ to see what Pokemon would look like with better graphics.


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