Pokemon Nosepass

By Anonymous

Have you heard of a Pokemon with a giant body part? Well you might or you may not. It ranges a lot, some Pokemon may resemble what could be a larger body part, but I think differently. Onix has a long tail which is on a snakelike body, Tentacruel has large tentacles, Kabutops has large scythes, and Nosepass has, well, a large nose.

Nosepass is a rock type Pokemon, it may not look that way, some may consider it a steel type Pokemon, but it is definitely a rock type Pokemon. Nosepass is classified in the National Pokedex like all Pokemon, but it is also classified in the Hoenn Pokedex. Yes, that’s right. Nosepass is a Hoenn Pokemon.

It is hard to find Nosepass in the wild, I believe you have to be in Dewford Cave, get really deep within the cave, you can then use an attack called Rock Smash, which is a battling attack, but it is also used out of battle to break small rocks blocking your way. There is a slight chance that you will find a Geodude inder this rock that you break, it is usually a Geodude, mistaken to be a rock I presume.

I think in some larger caves such as in Victory Road you can even find a Graveler, which is the evolved form a Geodude, this is only when your far enough on your journey that most wild Pokemon are at a high level so Geodude would have evolved by then. But there is a slight chance, a very, very, slight chance that you can find a Nosepass by smashing a rock deep in the depths of Dewford Cave.

Nosepass will be sort of hard to catch. It is easier to capture Nosepass in places like the Sinnoh region though. Nosepass is a pur rock type Pokemon, he is not a ground type Pokemon nor related to any of the such. Just a pure rock type Pokemon. The gym leader of Rustboro City, Roxanne uses a Nosepass. This Nosepass is her strongest Pokemon, it will be holding a Sitrus Berry I believe when you battle it, it is also pretty powerful, so it will be a tough fight. Nosepass evolves into a Probopass. What do you think of Nosepass? Is Nosepass one of your favorite Pokemon, your least favorite Pokemon, you like it’s battling technique? We want to hear what you have to say!


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