Pokemon Nosepass

By Anonymous

Have you heard of a Pokemon with a giant body part? Well you might or you may not. It ranges a lot, some Pokemon may resemble what could be a larger body part, but I think differently. Onix has a long tail which is on a snakelike body, Tentacruel has large tentacles, Kabutops has large scythes, and Nosepass has, well, a large nose.

Nosepass is a rock type Pokemon, it may not look that way, some may consider it a steel type Pokemon, but it is definitely a rock type Pokemon. Nosepass is classified in the National Pokedex like all Pokemon, but it is also classified in the Hoenn Pokedex. Yes, that’s right. Nosepass is a Hoenn Pokemon.

It is hard to find Nosepass in the wild, I believe you have to be in Dewford Cave, get really deep within the cave, you can then use an attack called Rock Smash, which is a battling attack, but it is also used out of battle to break small rocks blocking your way. There is a slight chance that you will find a Geodude inder this rock that you break, it is usually a Geodude, mistaken to be a rock I presume.

I think in some larger caves such as in Victory Road you can even find a Graveler, which is the evolved form a Geodude, this is only when your far enough on your journey that most wild Pokemon are at a high level so Geodude would have evolved by then. But there is a slight chance, a very, very, slight chance that you can find a Nosepass by smashing a rock deep in the depths of Dewford Cave.
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