Bandai Pokemon Kids Retro Reprint Series Released In Japan

Bandai Corporation has released a new series of Pokemon Kids figures that is a total blast from the past…..

This retro reprint series features some of the oldest Pokemon characters in their original forms.  You can see what the Pokemon characters actually looked like 20 years ago when they first came out.

This set was originally made back in 1996. Bandai has re-released the set in its original form and original boxes.  Each box comes with one figure, one random mini collector card and a piece of gum. So you have to open the box to find out which Pokemon you get….

There is 10 figures plus 1 secret rare figure in the set. I wont tell you who the secret figure is until the end (spoiler alert).

Here they are in their 1996 form. You will notice they look alot different than they did 20 years ago.











And the secret rare figure in the set is……. drum roll…….

more drum roll……

more drum roll……

more drum roll…..

Ok, enough……

ITS MEW!!!!! 

An absolutely awesome set for those of you who werent able to get this set back in 1996. Its a must have.

And to top it off, the figures come inside a retro box with a game boy pictured on it. There are 5 different colors as well.

A total blast from the past…..

These figures were only sold in Japan for a very limited time, but don’t worry. You can still get them on Pokevault while supplies lasts.

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9 New Japanese Pokemon GX Card Starter Theme Decks Coming July 13th

The Japan Pokemon Center will be releasing 9 new Pokemon  GX starter theme decks on July 13, 2018.

Grass Deck (Lurantis)

Fire Deck (Charizard)

Water Deck (Lapras)

Lightning Deck (Raichu)

Psychic Deck (Mewtwo)

Fighting Deck (Lycanroc)

Dark Deck (Yveltal)

Metal Deck (Metagross)

Fairy Deck (Xerneas)

Each deck will contain:
60 Cards (Including 1 GX holofoil card)
25 Paper Damage Counters/2 Markers
1 GX Marker

These will be available in Japan, starting on July 13th. You will be able to purchase these on Pokevault as soon as they are released.

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Metapod And Its Attacks

By Anonymous

There are weak Pokemon, but there is one that is a lot similar to another species of Pokemon. This Pokemon is known as Metapod. Metapod is a bug type Pokemon and isn’t very popular to even use when you first start your Pokemon journey. Metapod is similar to, probably equivalent to Kakuna. Kakuna is a bug type Pokemon who is just about the exact some Pokemon as Metapod, but slightly different. Metapod’s only attack it can get is known as Harden. Harden is an attack in which the Pokemon raises it’s own defense stat. Now this attack is completely useless if you don’t have any other attack that can be used. This will make it harder to defeat Metapod, but using Harden too many times can leave to it running out of power points, which are used to keep number of how many times you can use an attack. When these power points run out the Pokemon will have to use Struggle, Struggle is a fairly weak attack that will make the Pokemon that is out of power points attack, but it will lose health points, or HP, in the process by getting hit by recoil.

Running out of power points isn’t the only way to use Struggle, if the opponent trick the Pokemon by using Encore or an attack of that nature, and Disable, this will make it so the Pokemon can’t attack at all, resorting in it using Struggle. What does Metapod have in common with Kakuna anyway aside from having the same basic structure and body? Well Metapod’s pre-evolved form, Caterpie can get String Shot and Tackle, when it evolves into Metapod it will also know Tackle and String Shot. It will learn Harden as a Metapod. While Kakuna’s pre-evolved form, Weedle, can get String Shot and Poision Sting. It will evolve into Kakuna and will learn the attack known as Harden.

The only difference between these two is Metapod can get Tackle and Kakuna can get Poison Sting. Metapod is probably the strongest out of the two because Tackle does more damage than Poison Sting, but if Poison Sting poisons the Pokemon, Metapod and Kakuna have equal power.

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