Metapod And Its Attacks

By Anonymous

There are weak Pokemon, but there is one that is a lot similar to another species of Pokemon. This Pokemon is known as Metapod. Metapod is a bug type Pokemon and isn’t very popular to even use when you first start your Pokemon journey. Metapod is similar to, probably equivalent to Kakuna. Kakuna is a bug type Pokemon who is just about the exact some Pokemon as Metapod, but slightly different. Metapod’s only attack it can get is known as Harden. Harden is an attack in which the Pokemon raises it’s own defense stat. Now this attack is completely useless if you don’t have any other attack that can be used. This will make it harder to defeat Metapod, but using Harden too many times can leave to it running out of power points, which are used to keep number of how many times you can use an attack. When these power points run out the Pokemon will have to use Struggle, Struggle is a fairly weak attack that will make the Pokemon that is out of power points attack, but it will lose health points, or HP, in the process by getting hit by recoil.

Running out of power points isn’t the only way to use Struggle, if the opponent trick the Pokemon by using Encore or an attack of that nature, and Disable, this will make it so the Pokemon can’t attack at all, resorting in it using Struggle. What does Metapod have in common with Kakuna anyway aside from having the same basic structure and body? Well Metapod’s pre-evolved form, Caterpie can get String Shot and Tackle, when it evolves into Metapod it will also know Tackle and String Shot. It will learn Harden as a Metapod. While Kakuna’s pre-evolved form, Weedle, can get String Shot and Poision Sting. It will evolve into Kakuna and will learn the attack known as Harden.

The only difference between these two is Metapod can get Tackle and Kakuna can get Poison Sting. Metapod is probably the strongest out of the two because Tackle does more damage than Poison Sting, but if Poison Sting poisons the Pokemon, Metapod and Kakuna have equal power.

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Pokemon Kakuna, Impossible To Use?

By Anonymous

Now you can’t really have a useless Pokemon. Unless it is a Magikarp which is believed to be the weakest Pokemon on the planet. But there is one Pokemon that is literally impossible to use, this Pokemon is Kakuna. Now why would I saw Kakuna? It is simple, Kakuna has only one attack, this attack is Harden. All Harden does is raise a Pokemon’s defense stat. All you can do is raise your Kakuna’s defense stat until it becomes a really hard Pokemon to defeat, but it can’t attack back. If it runs out of power points, or PP, the only attack it will be able to use is Struggle. Struggle is an attack that has no type to it, it can only be used when the Pokemon can’t attack, this can be do to running out of power points or if the foe used an attack like Encore, which makes the Pokemon use the same attack it just did, followed by Disable which will make it so it can’t attack using it’s move, it has no attacks. Therefore it will use Struggle, there are other strategies a foe can use on you, but that is a simple one I thought of.

A power point is a number that represents how many times you can use the attack. An attack like Hyper Beam can only be used five times because it has five power points, but power points is for another subject. Back to Kakuna now. Kakuna can have an attack, only if you raise it from it’s pre-evolved form known as Weedle. Weedle is a small worm looking Pokemon. If you raise it to evolve then the evolved Weedle, Kakuna, will be able to use Weedle’s past attacks, which are Poison Sting and String Shot. So you can get a Kakuna with up to three attacks. Poison Sting will allow it to attack the opponent and is the most basic poision type Pokemon attack. This move has a chance of poisoning the foe. Poison is a status effect that will make the Pokemon inflicted with it lose a few health points a turn. String Shot is a bug type attack that will lower the foe’s speed stat. Although it might not be much, Kakuna can still attack it’s opponent. But Kakuna’s evolved form, Beedrill, has more power than that.

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