Japan Pokemon Forest Series #3 Figures

Japan Re-Ment Pokemon Forest figures Vol. 3 have now been released in Japan. There are 8 brand new Pokemon characters. This time they have a spooky Halloween type theme, just in time for Halloween. Each box comes with one random tree part, the bottom tree stand and Pokemon figure.

Version #1 Pikachu

Figure #2 Murkrow

Figure #3 Cubone & Ditto

Figure #4 Pumpkaboo & Litwick

Figure #5 Shuppet & Piplup

Figure #6 Mew

Figure #7 Abra & Paras

Figure #8 Gengar

Each piece fits together. , just simply connect the pieces together. If you get all 8 pieces, the finished tree will look like this:

You can mix and match and change the order of the pieces on the tree to make your own customized tree. But, the best thing is that each tree piece comes with the bottom piece of the tree, so you can even make a short tree with one or two pieces or you can make a huge giant tree. The finished 8 piece tree stands about 11″ (28cm) tall.

You can even combine the tree pieces with series #1 and #2 to make one giant tree or make a whole forest.

These figures are very popular in Japan and wont last long, but you can still find them on Pokevault while supplies lasts.

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The Litwick Line

By Jo

Litwick is my favorite fifth generation Pokemon. It’s cute, tiny, and has a bit of an eerie appearance. Which would be weird, if it weren’t coming from the Pokemon creators. No other Pokemon shares the same type combination as Litwick and its evolutions.

Litwick is a small white candle with a purple flame. The wax surrounding its flame appears to have dripped over one of its yellow eyes. The dripping wax on its sides are often depicted as being its arms. Litwick is tied with Torcoal and Sluga for having the lowest speed stat of all fire-type Pokemon. According to its pokedex entries, Litwick shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokemon. Apparently their souls become the fuel that it burns. It will also act as a guiding light to lost travelers, and instead lead them even father astray from their destination. Litwick is probably based off from an interpretation of the Will-‘o-the-wisp, a ghostly light said to appear at night. Its name seems to be a combination of the words ‘lit’, ‘wick’, and ‘little’.
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The Cuteness Of Unova

By Jo

What do you think of when you imagine a cute Pokemon? A Skitty? Eevee? Lillipup or maybe a Pichu? You most likely wouldn’t ever think that a candle that lives off your soul or a four-eyed electricity sucking tick could ever be called cute. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the world of Pokemon; where DNA mutations are incredibly cute and baby pokes wear the skulls of their dead mothers. Yeah, it’s pretty messed up.

Joltik is a yellow, furry creature that has four eyes and legs. Apparently, it’s based off from a tarantula, mite, and a tick – again, not something that you’d normally find endearing. But that’s the thing; Ken Sugimori is just so incredibly gifted at drawing, he can make even a tarantula/mite/tick creature come off as being adorable (this is coming from a person who is deathly afraid of even the tiny spiders found inside houses). And adorable, Joltik is. Joltik is an electric type and, as homage to the ‘tick’ in its name, it is said to cling to larger Pokemon so that they can suck up the static electricity omitted by them and store it in an electric pouch. The thing about Joltik is is that its face almost resembles a kitten’s facial features and its smaller set of eyes could appear to be eyebrows. Maybe that’s why so many have a spot for the tiny electricity leech.
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