The Cuteness Of Unova

By Jo

What do you think of when you imagine a cute Pokemon? A Skitty? Eevee? Lillipup or maybe a Pichu? You most likely wouldn’t ever think that a candle that lives off your soul or a four-eyed electricity sucking tick could ever be called cute. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the world of Pokemon; where DNA mutations are incredibly cute and baby pokes wear the skulls of their dead mothers. Yeah, it’s pretty messed up.

Joltik is a yellow, furry creature that has four eyes and legs. Apparently, it’s based off from a tarantula, mite, and a tick – again, not something that you’d normally find endearing. But that’s the thing; Ken Sugimori is just so incredibly gifted at drawing, he can make even a tarantula/mite/tick creature come off as being adorable (this is coming from a person who is deathly afraid of even the tiny spiders found inside houses). And adorable, Joltik is. Joltik is an electric type and, as homage to the ‘tick’ in its name, it is said to cling to larger Pokemon so that they can suck up the static electricity omitted by them and store it in an electric pouch. The thing about Joltik is is that its face almost resembles a kitten’s facial features and its smaller set of eyes could appear to be eyebrows. Maybe that’s why so many have a spot for the tiny electricity leech.

Litwick, on the other hand, is a small candle that is said to shine its light and pretend to be a guide while feeding off the life force of those who follow it. Can you say creepy? And yet, when you look at it, it appears to be a completely harmless cutie. It’s tiny, has a purple flame (purple is a pretty harmless color, right?) yellow eyes (though only one is visible due to its right eye being covered by melted wax), and it’s even smiling – what’s terrifying about that? Why not follow after the cute little candle that seems to be trying to help? And that, there, is why Litwick can be all the more scary when you get to thinking about it. It’s a cute candle that knows that if anyone were to see it, they’d normally trust it to lead them out of a tight situation. Which is the exact opposite of what it does. Litwick most-likely guide unknowing trainers all about and completely off course while they feed off from the souls of those following them, dragging out the process for as long as they can. Though, even after all of that, Litwick’s still my favorite Pokemon from Unova. Maybe it’s because Litwick’s just proof that you shouldn’t judge a Pokemon by its appearance.

Joltik and Litwick are just two cute Pokemon that have been introduced in the Pokemon Black and White games. They go against what you’d normally associate with the words ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’, but they fit just the same.

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