Game Review: Pokemon Black And White Versions

By The Pidgeot

This time I will be writing this article on the newest pokemon games that have just been released. Also the most preordered video game in Nintendo history. The Pokemon Black and White Version! In this article I will be trying my best to get all of the new features of this amazing game. I will also be trying my best look at both the positive and negative sides of all of the new features and pokemon in this game.

First I want to go over the new pokemon that was added in the Unova Region or the fifth generation of pokemon. Lets start of with the negative points of these new Unova pokemon. One major factor that we see with the new fifth generation pokemon is that Nintendo is running out of ideas for pokemon. Most of the pokemon in from the Unova Region looks like they could be ideas for Digimon. Look at Cofarigus for example, a coffin pokemon that looks like it could be a digimon. A few more great examples of digimon looking pokemon are the final evolutions of the starter pokemon; Emboar, Serperior, and Samurott. There are also two other certain pokemon that make me wonder what the makers were thinking, these two are Trubbish and Garbodor. These pokemon were based on a trash bag and a heap of trash, I thought it was pretty sad.

Enough about the negative aspects, lets move on to the more positive aspects of the new pokemon are that they are using more new animals for the new pokemon. Some pokemon that I like are Cinccino and Braviary. They based those two off of a chinchilla and eagle. They even went as far as an ant and an anteater. I personally thought that was cool. The graphics of the pokemon in the game are awesome because now they are constantly moving some part of their body from the back and front view. Also when a pokemon is sleeping they are actually sleeping, next time you play you should check their eyes because they are actually closed when they are sleeping. That is enough for about the pokemon for now lets move on to the awesome graphics.

Next up on my list are the awesome graphics of the new games. These games are now looking more 3D and realistic than ever. Starting from walking all the way up to the skyscrapers in Castelia City everything is just so amazing, the makers really have out done themselves this time. Walking through the bridges in this game actually make it look like you are walking on a bridge, you can see cars driving under or if you are crossing a bridge over the water you even see boats going under the bridge, it really is cool to see. Now on to the gyms, these gyms are the best. They are more interactive by having to solve your way through to get to the gym leader. Instead of just having to walk through all of the trainers. There are gyms where you get shot through cannon, ride roller coasters, and even have to walk through walls of honey. The new buildings and gyms in these games really intrigued me and kept me entertained.

One last thing is the new ways to battle with your pokemon. I am talking about triple battles and rotation battles. Triple battles are the same exact thing as a double battle except with one more pokemon. There is a catch though, you can only attack the pokemon directly in front of you or the pokemon diagonal to you. Rotation battles are single battles where you rotate through three pokemon. If you think about it, it is kind of like rock, paper, scissors. Because you can see your opponents pokemon, but you don’t know what your opponent is going to use and you have to make sure you choose the right pokemon to attack. Both of these new ways to battle seem to require a lot of thinking, but once you get used to it these styles of battle can actually be quite easy. Both are fun so once you get this game, you should try it out for yourselves.

Overall this game is pretty much awesome from pokemon to the graphics, to the new ways of battling. I would suggest any pokemon fan to buy this game if you have not already. I promise you, you will not be sorry or have any regrets buying one of the two new versions of pokemon, although you should now even have a doubt about buying this game.

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