All About Pokemon Spearow And Weezing

By Anonymous


One of the widest type of Pokemon outside of normal type Pokemon probably is a flying type Pokemon. All flying type Pokemon except for the new Tornadus are flying type Pokemon and normal type Pokemon. This is probably why there are so many flying type Pokemon, along with normal types, because they are mostly likely mixed, at least the large majority. Flying type Pokemon have been used by gym leaders three times now.

The first was Flakner, the first gym leader in the Johto region, he can be a bother to most beginning trainers because his flying type Pokemon are pretty strong. The second is Winona, Winona is the sixth gym leader of the Hoenn region, she trains flying type Pokemon, of course. The third to use flying type Pokemon is Skyla, the also sixth leader to use flying type Pokemon in a league. She is the gym leader of the Unova region. There are usually more than one flying type species in a region, in the Kanto region you have a Pidgey but also a Spearow. Spearow is a Pokemon that is a lot like Pidgey and can be battled and captured almost just as early as a Pidgey.

In the anime Ash Ketchum tries to capture a Spearow when he first starts his journey, but all he did was make it angry, so it called all of its friends and other Spearow and they chased Ash and his Pikachu. Pikachu eventually shocked them all and they were able to go safely to a Pokemon Center, away from the Spearow. Spearow is also a normal type Pokemon and a flying type Pokemon, he will evolve into a Fearow. Spearow has some nerve and isn’t really the strongest Pokemon in the world, but probably and most likely can get the job done with other Pokemon as long as they are around the same level as Spearow. Spearow is in the Kanto Pokedex along with its evolution, Fearow. You will find several Spearow at low levels around the same place you can find a Fearow but this is not always true, sometimes in certain areas, you can only find a Fearow where there are higher leveled Pokemon, and a Spearow where they are low leveled. Very rarely can you find Spearow and Fearow in the wild at the same time. What do you think about the flying Pokemon Spearow?


Have you heard of a poison type Pokemon before? I am sure you have, they are the most important Pokemon, or at leas tone of them. They get some powerful attacks, some very powerful attacks. One of the most famous attacks that you will see a lot is probably Toxic. Toxic will poison the foe, by giving them the poisoned status conditions. After each turn in battle the foes Pokemon will lose some health points. What is different is with toxic, a Pokemon will not just lose health points every turn. What Toxic will do is poison the Pokemon and every turn they will lose a little more health points, every turn it will lose more every turn. A Pokemon that is a posion type is Weezing.
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Unova – Accumula Town

By Matt

In the Unova region, Accumula Town is the first town you will encounter. If you can remember from the first few minutes you spent playing, you, Bianca and Cheren caught their first Pokemon in Route 1. There was also a small contest to catch Pokemon if you can remember that precisely. When you walked up to Accumula Town, you would see Team Plasma for the first time announcing their plan to make a better world by having all Trainers release their Pokemon.

The basics of the game are also covered in this town. Professor Juniper teaches you how to use the Pokemon Center to heal your Pokemon, and the functions of the Poke Mart. As part of the storyline, when you walk outside the Pokemon Center, you will meet N for the first time. He is still a vague character who claims he has the ability to see the bond between you and your Pokemon. It’s a very short battle that can be easily won if you have some backup Pokemon you caught in Route 1.

To the south of Accumula Town is Route 1 as well as your home, Nuvema Town. The west is a gate; follow it and after a few patches of grass, you will reach Striaton City, where you can find and battle the first Gym Leaders in Unova. Like Viridian City or Cherrygrove City, this town can be considered a warm-up town because of little Trainer challenges and its lack of activity. Each of the buildings feature people who will tell you some rookie tips, which are unnecessary for the Pokemon veterans. Also, everyone you talk to will either mention how relaxed and at ease they feel or some more Trainer tips; this town hides, unlike most Unova towns. On the topic of aesthetics, you will notice that there is a soft music in the area, which can only be disturbed by riding your Bicycle.

Like Castelia City, you can alter the music, but not entirely. The first time I entered the house, I didn’t realize that the theme had been altered. It is located north of the Pokemon Center on a hill. Once you go inside, you will find a girl pianist and a guy drummer. You can ask them to play their instrument if you want a slight change in the soft tones of the theme. If you talk to them again, it will say that they are concentrating on their performance. You will soon find that the theme has changed, adding his or her instrument. I haven’t tried this, but if you exit and return to Accumula Town, the theme might be reverted, allowing you to mix with the instruments a little. Regardless of the lack of activity here, Accumula Town is a great place to wind down if one is a real Trainer.

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Unova At A Glance (Prologue)

By Vanilla Titanic

Suzico-Hello, my friends and family! This is Mr. Suzico, the first president of the brand new discovered region, Unova! Welcome to land of Unova! We have been exploring many new places, and are in the stage of planning to build new cities! Not only that! New land means new Pokemon! So far, over 70 new Pokemon have been discovered in various locations. Scientists estimate that there will approximately be 150 new Pokemon in total! Unova is already planned for many new things, such as an Amusement Park, a big, spectacular city near the dock, new Gym Leaders, and even a new Elite Four! This will be great, everyone! Thank you, and may Unova carry on!

100 years later…

Entralink-Rows and rows of people, old and new alike, are lining up at the grand entrance to the new world. Many are excited and anxious to get in, for there will be a new bank filled with many new Pokemon. Inside, there is a colossal dome with vibrant swirls of purple, pink, and blue. There are also many different trees planted here and there. Groups of Musharna and Munna float randomly around the whole dome. Assistants busily scurry around, trying to help people. What makes this bank so special is that Pokemon from all regions, legendaries and regular alike, are stored here. To the biggest surprise, they are playing with many people. Some also come to store, retrieve, and borrow some Pokemon. Bliss and joy soars and dances through the atmosphere of the dome. However, there are a few passages that are restricted. The long, thin passageways lead into a maze… What is beyond that maze? No one knows…

Nimbasa City-Lots of people are here in this city. The Battle Subway is filled with tourists and challengers, novices and experts alike. Many people are also heading toward the sports stadium. Some are also lining up at the Pokemon Musical, waiting impatiently to buy tickets to the upcoming premiere “Poke Poppins,” starring the Elite Four member Caitlin’s Gothitelle as Mary Poppins. The most tourists and trainers are entering the amusement park. Lights dancing and flickering in the fair breeze. The new ferris wheel built in the amusement park draws many people. Everyone is having a great time.
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In The Shadow Of Zekrom! Summary And Review


Hey guys. I decided to check out the Pokemon anime by watching the first episode of the new Black and White season. I watched most of the original Kanto series and some of the Johto long time ago, but haven’t caught an episode until now. This episode introduces Ash Ketchum as he sets out with his mother and Professor Oak to the Unova region. As soon as they arrive, Ash’s number one buddy Pikachu is ambushed by Team Rocket. Shortly after, a mysterious dark cloud forms and reveals Zekrom. Zekrom unleashes lightning and Pikachu seems to behave like an electrical conductor.

The thunderstorm clears and everything and everyone seems fine. Professor Juniper, a Pokemon professor of Unova, appears and gives Ash and his party a ride to her research lab. On the way, we are treated to scenes of Unova Pokemon. At the lab, Professor Juniper runs some tests on Pikachu. While Pikachu is busy with some tests, Ash explores the rest of the lab. He runs into Trip, a brand new trainer, and watches him choose a starter Pokemon. Ash and Trip strike up a conversation and one thing leads to another and they have a Pokemon battle. The episode ends with Zekrom returning over the laboratory, leaving an ominous tone.

When the narrator introduced Ash as a 10-year old boy, I was intrigued and thought the new Pokemon Black and White series would be a reboot of the anime. However, we do see Pikachu and very early into the episode we realize it’s a continuation indeed. Am I the only one that thinks that it’s strange that Ash is 10 years old? I believe Black and White is the 14th season. My, oh my, young Ash has lived a very exciting life! I really would have enjoyed seeing an older Ash. It would be cool to see him pursue romantic interests and become more mature as he continues his quest to become the Pokemon Master.
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Pokemon Black And White Daily Events

By Matt

Every day, there are various events happening in the Pokemon World. Since time has been a factor in the Pokemon games (Generation IV), there are time-based events that have existed. Specifically, I will cover the Unova region. One of the first places I go to when I turn on the game is Undella Town. If you go north and go to the ocean, you can find a way to the left. There will be a person in a black suit who will give you a random item. Most of the time, it is either a hold item for evolution, or an item that can be sold to collectors for more money. Either way, the item will be beneficial to your journey as a Trainer. Another daily event that I used to go to was the fossil excavator in Twist Mountain.

To get to him, go west from Icirrus City. Take the exit to the south and go into the tunnel near the middle of the mountain. The excavator will be right in front of you. He gives you a random fossil, which could turn into any fossilized Pokemon through the fossil restorer in Nacrene City. The Pokemon are level 25 when you get them, but make sure you have an extra slot in your party.

One event I don’t go to, because it is out of the way, is the rock-giving person west of the Tubeline Bridge. For this, I believe you go west of the shopping mall in Route 9. Go through the Tubeline Bridge, and you will meet a Parasol Lady who will give you a random rock based on the time of day you go to her. These rocks extend the effects of weather, and function as a hold item.
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Electric Rodent Pokemon

By Anonymous

In the Pokemon World you will see many types. These types range from anywhere. I could be grass to fire, ground to rock, ice to dragon, dark to ghost. Pokemon types cover most of the elements. Several Pokemon are electric type. Most of the time they are rodents. Well, at least in every region there has to be one rodent Pokemon. At least one electric rodent Pokemon.

The first one we should all know is Pikachu! Pikachu is yellow, of course and has red cheeks, he evolves into a Raichu, which is a lot like Pikachu except it has yellow cheecks and an orange boddy and white belly. It evolves from Pikachu if it is given a Thunderstone.

In the Johto region there isn’t an entirely new species of Pokemon to be the electric rodent, just a pre-evolution to another. This is the pre evolved form of Pikachu known as Pichu. Pichu has black ears that are flat and wider triangles then Pikachu’s smaller version. He has a yellow, pale color skin unlike Pikachu’s yellow color. Pichu has a pink color on his cheeks instead of red cheeks.
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Unexpected Favorites Of Unova: Part 3

By Jo

One of my favorite things about the Pokemon games is that with every new region, you’re introduced to a bunch of new pokes that you eventually become really attached to. The only thing is, sometimes you don’t expect to become fond of some Pokemon that actually end up becoming your favorites.

Pansear was one of those pleasant surprises that I never guessed I would end up liking. When I received mine from a generous trainer (who just happened to have a Pokemon they were willing to part with that would have a type advantage against the gym leader I’d be battling) I thought, “Great! Now I’ll use him for the first gym and never touch him ever again. Just another poke to fill up my pokedex, and then a box”. Pansear did end up helping me through the first gym, though somewhere around my third gym I realized that he was actually more useful than I’d first thought. It turned out that he ended up staying in my main party until I reached my fourth gym and even now I still have a soft spot for that little red monkey with the crazy looking hair and silly attitude.
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Unexpected Favorites Of Unova: Part 2

By Jo

With every generation, there’s always those Pokemon that just don’t settle well with you. Maybe it’s their appearance, or what they’re based off from – it doesn’t matter. You just weren’t particularly fond of them. But then, after having given those Pokemon a chance, you’re opinions of them change and you become pleasantly surprised. That sort of thing really happened a lot with me when becoming acquainted with the Unova region Pokemon.

One of the first routes I came across in Unova had a Lillipup barking at me. Sure, it was kind of cute, but I’ve never really been one for using normal-types. Still, I caught the little guy and decided I’d use him at least until after I’d acquired my first gym badge as I’d use all the help I could get. Directly after I caught a Purrloin and nicknamed her, showing favoritism right off the bat, though just as I checked out my party I realized my little Lillipup was holding an item. Turns out, my Lillipup had the ability Pickup which – at the time – I’d had zero experience with. As we continued getting my party up in levels, the little guy kept picking up useful items and would hand them over without any hesitation. And then I took notice of how much he was also helping my wallet as well. Super potions, ultra balls, antidotes – you name it. Eventually, I decided not to evolve him, despite the fact that his stats would have improved. Because by then I’d realized I liked him just the way he was.
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Unexpected Favorites Of Unova: Part 1

By Jo

One of my favorite things about the Pokemon games is that with every new region, you can only ever catch Pokemon local to that area until you’ve beaten the main story line. It lets you get acquainted to the new ones that have been introduced in that generation, and really shows just how useful the new pokes can be. And sometimes you end up finding yourself attached to pokemon you never imagined being fond of.

Swanna was one of those unpredictable favorites. When it was first previewed, I hated Swanna – thought it was an unoriginal Pokemon that everybody would eventually roll their eyes at and forget about in the long run. Before the games had been released in the U.S., I had planned on using something like the Pidove evolutionary line for flying, or even Braviary. Though it became apparent to me in the fourth gym that I wasn’t as attached to my Tranquill as I’d assumed I’d be.
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The Cuteness Of Unova

By Jo

What do you think of when you imagine a cute Pokemon? A Skitty? Eevee? Lillipup or maybe a Pichu? You most likely wouldn’t ever think that a candle that lives off your soul or a four-eyed electricity sucking tick could ever be called cute. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the world of Pokemon; where DNA mutations are incredibly cute and baby pokes wear the skulls of their dead mothers. Yeah, it’s pretty messed up.

Joltik is a yellow, furry creature that has four eyes and legs. Apparently, it’s based off from a tarantula, mite, and a tick – again, not something that you’d normally find endearing. But that’s the thing; Ken Sugimori is just so incredibly gifted at drawing, he can make even a tarantula/mite/tick creature come off as being adorable (this is coming from a person who is deathly afraid of even the tiny spiders found inside houses). And adorable, Joltik is. Joltik is an electric type and, as homage to the ‘tick’ in its name, it is said to cling to larger Pokemon so that they can suck up the static electricity omitted by them and store it in an electric pouch. The thing about Joltik is is that its face almost resembles a kitten’s facial features and its smaller set of eyes could appear to be eyebrows. Maybe that’s why so many have a spot for the tiny electricity leech.
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