Unova At A Glance (Prologue)

By Vanilla Titanic

Suzico-Hello, my friends and family! This is Mr. Suzico, the first president of the brand new discovered region, Unova! Welcome to land of Unova! We have been exploring many new places, and are in the stage of planning to build new cities! Not only that! New land means new Pokemon! So far, over 70 new Pokemon have been discovered in various locations. Scientists estimate that there will approximately be 150 new Pokemon in total! Unova is already planned for many new things, such as an Amusement Park, a big, spectacular city near the dock, new Gym Leaders, and even a new Elite Four! This will be great, everyone! Thank you, and may Unova carry on!

100 years later…

Entralink-Rows and rows of people, old and new alike, are lining up at the grand entrance to the new world. Many are excited and anxious to get in, for there will be a new bank filled with many new Pokemon. Inside, there is a colossal dome with vibrant swirls of purple, pink, and blue. There are also many different trees planted here and there. Groups of Musharna and Munna float randomly around the whole dome. Assistants busily scurry around, trying to help people. What makes this bank so special is that Pokemon from all regions, legendaries and regular alike, are stored here. To the biggest surprise, they are playing with many people. Some also come to store, retrieve, and borrow some Pokemon. Bliss and joy soars and dances through the atmosphere of the dome. However, there are a few passages that are restricted. The long, thin passageways lead into a maze… What is beyond that maze? No one knows…

Nimbasa City-Lots of people are here in this city. The Battle Subway is filled with tourists and challengers, novices and experts alike. Many people are also heading toward the sports stadium. Some are also lining up at the Pokemon Musical, waiting impatiently to buy tickets to the upcoming premiere “Poke Poppins,” starring the Elite Four member Caitlin’s Gothitelle as Mary Poppins. The most tourists and trainers are entering the amusement park. Lights dancing and flickering in the fair breeze. The new ferris wheel built in the amusement park draws many people. Everyone is having a great time.

Iccirus City- Many people, snug and comfy in heavy layered shirts and clothing, dance and prance as the snowflakes are softly drifting down in the wintery landscape. There is also a row of windmills in the front of the city. In front of the windmills is a huge oval shaped skating rink, with clusters of people skating while having a fantastic time. However, deep beyond the forest lies a mysterious tower. It is the Dragonspiral Tower.

Dragonspiral Tower-The pillars, standing in water, are shining boldly. The six of them lead to a stone walkway. The walkway leads into the platinum gates into the first layer. However, something stirs inside it…

It is completely white. It is a humongous dragon. Its tail is charging up, with few flares sparkling. It is Reshiram.

Finally, it releases its potential energy, smashing a huge hole in the tower’s roof. Billions of pieces erupt out, as if a volcano erupting itself. Thousands and thousands of fiery heat waves burn and raze the place. After that, it flew out onto the horizon, slowly diappearing.

I, ERS, decided to postpone working on my 3 Pokemon Black and White Tour essays. I have instead decided to work on this, a series of Pokemon journeys into Unova. I felt like doing Unova because this is new. Not only is it new, but it is the most brilliant, grand scale region ever. It also has more details to cover. However, do to the limited amount of time, I have decided to deduct the details, and get through the storyline quicker while letting readers think better. I appreciate everyone’s patience and courtesy. Thank you, and hope you enjoy my series of Pokemon stories.



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