Pokemon Attacks And Natures #3

By Harry Ackerman

I decided to make this one a 5th generation exclusive article, so all 4 Pokemon I cover in this article will be from the new 5th generation. 🙂 In case you’re wondering I will make exclusive articles for the rest of the generations too, but probably not right away.

Anywho like always I’ll be talking about other good natures for your Pokemon to have if it doesn’t have that one specific best nature recommended by someone or somewhere, what some bad natures could be, and some nice attacks (in my opinion at least) for them to know. 🙂

Just keep in mind this isn’t 100% accurate because the most beneficial nature for a Pokemon to have can be highly dependent on what moves you teach it.

For this 5th generation exclusive article I will talk about Reuniclus, Victini, Excadrill and Unfezant. 🙂

So first off Reuniclus, my favorite jelly Pokemon. :3

Reuniclus’ highest stat is Special Attack with 125, so a nature that boosts that stat would be the best, and with a Speed stat of 30 (being its worst stat) that would be the best to drop. So the best nature for a Reuniclus to have is Quiet, but any stat that is boosting Special Attack would be good for the awesome psychic jelly buddy. 🙂

As for attacks like almost every psychic type Pokemon, Psychic is one of the best moves you can teach Reuniclus. A few more decent special attacks you could teach it are Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Future Sight, Focus Blast, Hyper Beam, and possibly Hidden Power depending on what type it is. Just make sure you teach it Psychic!

I wouldn’t recommended you teach Reuniclus physical moves because it’s Special Attack is so much higher than its Attack, but if you absolutely must teach it a physical move the only good one it can learn is Dizzy Punch. Psyshock would be quite a bit better if you want your Reuniclus to know a physical damaging move though, since it’s a special attack that does physical damage.

Now I honestly think that teaching your Reuniclus Pain Split would be a bad idea, because of Reuniclus’s high base HP you’d have to wait until its health is really really low to get any sort of healing benefit out of that move. If you want your Reuniclus to know a healing move then teach it Recover (learned at level 24).

The attack Trick Room is a must to teach your Reuniclus, especially if the nature your Reuniclus has lowers its Speed stat, because this attack makes fast Pokemon slow and slow ones fast, and because Reuniclus is so slow you can see how this attack would be beneficial.

Substitute coupled with Recover is another great move combo as well because of Reuniclus’s high HP.
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Reuniclus Review

By Jack Snell

At first glance we have a Stage 2 Psychic Pokemon with a seemingly awful 90HP, one Ability and a single attack. So the HP is what instantly stands out at you as being terrible. Having just 90HP puts it in an easy OHKO range from a lot of Pokemon in the format and the pre-evolutions only bear 30 and 60HP respectively, making them prime targets for Catcher + Reshiram/Mew/Cincinno/Donphan/Zekrom etc. = KO.

However, this Pokemon did feature in a deck that came 2nd at Worlds this year so it really can’t be that bad, but let’s have a look at what its main feature is first.

Reuniclus’ Ability is called ‘Damage Swap’ and simply allows you to move any damage on any of your Pokemon to another of your Pokemon as much as you like during your turn. This may not sound like much in a OHKO kind of format we are in at the moment, but pairing with the likes of Vileplume and Zekrom as Ross Cawthon did at Worlds made sure that no KOs were taken. By using this very unique ability, Ross was able to move around the damage onto big HP Pokemon such as Zekrom and keep the opponent from taking KOs while he could attack for massive damage with ‘Outrage’. The inclusion of Vileplume meant that no PlusPower was used to topple 130HP Zekrom and cards like Rare Candy, Pokemon Communication and Catcher were locked as well, making it really difficult for his opponents to set up.

So the Ability is good, but that’s pretty much where it stops for Reuniclus having another use in the format since its attack really isn’t anything special. ‘Psywave’ for 3 Psychic Energy does 30 damage, which is appalling to be honest and the small print only reads that it does 10 extra damage for each energy attached to the defending Pokemon. This attack is just plain bad. If there were some kind of Double Colourless compatibility in here then it might be okay against a very limited list of Pokemon, but it has three Psychic which will take you 3 turns to set up for the same amount of damage Tyrogue does for 0 energy. I don’t see any use for this attack at all in competitive play, so it’s a good job that the ability has a ton of potential.
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The Solosis Line

By Jo

The Solosis line was one of the game-exclusive evolutionary lines released in the fifth generation. It can only be found in the wild and caught in Pokemon White. Though, like Gothita, its evolutions can be seen in either game and can thus be traded for and bred to get the entire evolutionary line to fill the pokedex.

Solosis, the Cell Pokemon, is a transparent, spherical shaped Pokemon. It has two light-green blobs that make up its inner body, black oval eyes, a red diamond shape for a nose, and a yellow spiral coming off the left side of its head. It has the highest Special Attack of any unevolved Pokemon and shares that honor with Abra. According to its pokedex entries, Solosis drive away attackers by using their psychic power. They are able to communicate with others by using telepathy. It also says that because they are enveloped in a special fluid, Solosis can survive in any environment. This may be a reference to an ability Solosis can have, Overcoat, which allows it to be unharmed by changes in the weather when in battle. Solosis appears to be based off from a cell, and the green gel-like substance surrounding it seems to be based off from cytoplasm. Its name most-likely comes from the words ‘solo’, ‘meiosis’, and ‘mitosis’.
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Unexpected Favorites Of Unova: Part 3

By Jo

One of my favorite things about the Pokemon games is that with every new region, you’re introduced to a bunch of new pokes that you eventually become really attached to. The only thing is, sometimes you don’t expect to become fond of some Pokemon that actually end up becoming your favorites.

Pansear was one of those pleasant surprises that I never guessed I would end up liking. When I received mine from a generous trainer (who just happened to have a Pokemon they were willing to part with that would have a type advantage against the gym leader I’d be battling) I thought, “Great! Now I’ll use him for the first gym and never touch him ever again. Just another poke to fill up my pokedex, and then a box”. Pansear did end up helping me through the first gym, though somewhere around my third gym I realized that he was actually more useful than I’d first thought. It turned out that he ended up staying in my main party until I reached my fourth gym and even now I still have a soft spot for that little red monkey with the crazy looking hair and silly attitude.
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