Pokemon Attacks And Natures #3

By Harry Ackerman

I decided to make this one a 5th generation exclusive article, so all 4 Pokemon I cover in this article will be from the new 5th generation. 🙂 In case you’re wondering I will make exclusive articles for the rest of the generations too, but probably not right away.

Anywho like always I’ll be talking about other good natures for your Pokemon to have if it doesn’t have that one specific best nature recommended by someone or somewhere, what some bad natures could be, and some nice attacks (in my opinion at least) for them to know. 🙂

Just keep in mind this isn’t 100% accurate because the most beneficial nature for a Pokemon to have can be highly dependent on what moves you teach it.

For this 5th generation exclusive article I will talk about Reuniclus, Victini, Excadrill and Unfezant. 🙂

So first off Reuniclus, my favorite jelly Pokemon. :3

Reuniclus’ highest stat is Special Attack with 125, so a nature that boosts that stat would be the best, and with a Speed stat of 30 (being its worst stat) that would be the best to drop. So the best nature for a Reuniclus to have is Quiet, but any stat that is boosting Special Attack would be good for the awesome psychic jelly buddy. 🙂

As for attacks like almost every psychic type Pokemon, Psychic is one of the best moves you can teach Reuniclus. A few more decent special attacks you could teach it are Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Future Sight, Focus Blast, Hyper Beam, and possibly Hidden Power depending on what type it is. Just make sure you teach it Psychic!

I wouldn’t recommended you teach Reuniclus physical moves because it’s Special Attack is so much higher than its Attack, but if you absolutely must teach it a physical move the only good one it can learn is Dizzy Punch. Psyshock would be quite a bit better if you want your Reuniclus to know a physical damaging move though, since it’s a special attack that does physical damage.

Now I honestly think that teaching your Reuniclus Pain Split would be a bad idea, because of Reuniclus’s high base HP you’d have to wait until its health is really really low to get any sort of healing benefit out of that move. If you want your Reuniclus to know a healing move then teach it Recover (learned at level 24).

The attack Trick Room is a must to teach your Reuniclus, especially if the nature your Reuniclus has lowers its Speed stat, because this attack makes fast Pokemon slow and slow ones fast, and because Reuniclus is so slow you can see how this attack would be beneficial.

Substitute coupled with Recover is another great move combo as well because of Reuniclus’s high HP.

Next Victini! 😀

Well Victini has a base 100 stat for all six of its stats, so any nature would be good for Victini, but the special moves that Victini learns are a lot better than the physical ones so if you’re going for an attack boosting nature go for a Special Attack boosting one. If you want to go for a Defense boosting nature though, go for a Special Defense boosting nature because since Victini is Fire and Psychic type the majority of the attacks from the types that are super effective against it are special attacks.

Now some people don’t know this but Victini can learn Searing Shot. I laugh when I’m battling someone and they don’t know that Victini can learn that move. XD (and then I proceed to pwning them >:3) This is a really good fire type move a Victini can learn by being taught by the Move Tutor, but you’ll need a heart scale to do it of course. Be careful with this attack because it hits all the Pokemon in battle (including your own). More good moves to teach your Victini would of course be Psychic, or Psyshock because you want to to teach it at least one Psychic type move along with at least one Fire type move. Then Energy Ball would be a really nice attack to teach Victini because it takes care of any annoying water ground or rock types. Now you could go with Thunderbolt instead of Energy Ball but then you wouldn’t get the super effectiveness against Ground and Rock types. Shadow Ball and Brick Break are a couple more other nice moves you could teach Victini, but if you have the special event Victini that knows V-Create, Fusion Flare, and Fusion Bolt DO NOT MESS WITH THE ATTACKS, I can’t stress this enough.

Third Excadrill,

Excadrill has an Attack stat of 135 which is awesome, so you’re definitely going to want a nature that boosts that stat, and it would be best if that stat that is lowered is Special Attack since it’s a very low 50. Also if your Excadrill doesn’t have an Attack boosting nature that doesn’t mean it has a bad nature. As long as your Excadrill doesn’t have a Special Attack boosting nature you’re good, but as for the second best stat to boost; that would be Speed. Therefore the best stats to put the EVs into are Attack and Speed, so you can get in fast with its killer attack strength. 🙂

Two of the best attacks to teach Excadrill are Earthquake and Rock Slide, I’m sure you already knew this though because those are a couple really good moves to teach any ground type. Earthquake is one of the best physical moves there is (and getting the extra 1.5 same type power boost), and Rock Slide gets great coverage hitting both of the opponent’s Pokemon in one attack and has an added chance of flinching. If you teach your Excadrill Earthquake though, just be careful that you don’t hurt your own Pokemon if you’re doing a double or triple battle. If you’re really worried about this, or you do double and triple battles often, Drill Run is a good alternative ground type attack that won’t hurt your own team. 🙂

Some other good possible attacks to teach your Excadrill would be X-Scissor, Aerial Ace and possibly Return. X-Scissor because Earthquake and Rock Slide wouldn’t do a lot of damage to grass types, and Aerial Ace to get rid of Fighting types.

Sandstorm would also be a good attack to teach Excadrill to activate it’s ability (Sand Rush or Sand Force), or another good status move is Swords Dance because that with along with its 135 base Attack makes Excadrill crazy powerful.

Lastly Unfezant! :3

Now for Unfezant since it has a base Attack of 105 you’re definitely going to want a Physical Attack boosting nature. Defense is Unfezant’s second highest stat so that would be ok to boost also I suppose. The worst stat to be raised by a nature would be Special Defense since it’s Unfezant’s lowest base stat, that doesn’t mean it’s the best one to be lowered though. The most beneficial stat to have a nature lowering would be the Special Attack stat since most of the attacks you teach Unfezant should be physical attacks.

As for Unfezant’s ability, Big Pecks is ok but the best ability Unfezant can have is Super Luck. If you don’t already know, Super Luck increases the chance of getting a critical hit, and allows simultaneous use of the item Dire Hit and attacks like Focus Energy. That coupled with a high critical hit ratio like Sky Attack, or Air Cutter gives a really high chance of getting a critical hit.

Some good attacks to teach your Unfezant are Sky Attack, Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, and Taunt. Sky attack is a really good attack to use with Unfezant’s Super Luck especially with it’s 140 attack power. Aerial Ace is good because it never misses and is also a physical attack so It takes advantage of Unfezant’s high attack. Steel wing is a really good move to teach it also but it’s one of the hardest ones to teach because it’s an egg move. If you do manage to teach it to your Unfezant though, it’s really good because it’s super effective against Rock type Pokemon, and has a chance to raise your Defense one stage.

You could also teach it Swagger if you want to immensely annoy your opponent, but that’s where Taunt would come in, to thwart anyone from trying to do that. 😉 MWAHAHAHA! (since it seems like almost every Unfezant knows Swagger D: )

With all of Unfezant’s speed U-Turn might be a good move as well if you know how to use the attack skillfully.

As for Fly, well it’s a good move to teach Unfezant if it’s your main Flying type and if used skillfully can be a really useful move but if your Unfezant isn’t your main Flying type this attack isn’t essential.

Until next time – Harry Ackerman

Aka. DrDude25

Aka. Xeerinare

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