Hilda, Hilbert, And The Scheme Of N

By Vanilla Titanic

Emboar (Snouty) Lv. 36
Excadrill (Mole-Roll) Lv. 34
Deino (Draco) Lv. 37
Pawniard (Pawny) Lv. 36

Vanillite (Froyo) Lv. 31
Mienfoo (Chop Chop) Lv. 30
Dewott (Teddy) Lv. 33
Swoobat (Batty) Lv. 30

Cedric Juniper- Good morning, my fellow civilians. I sincerely apologize for disrupting your TV program you are currently watching. I, Mr. Juniper, will be taking the place of Mr. Suzico as Unova’s president. My job is getting more important by the second. A dark gang has risen. We are in a stage of gloomy times, no lying. Out of Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and all of the other Pokemon regions out there, there has always been a group that will cause destruction and will not bear defeat until the very end. We, however, will not bear defeat until when time draws to the very tip. Your government remains, powerful. We will not bear defeat. A murky war has begun.

Hilda- Ever since Nimbasa City, the Pokepolice have tightened security, battling many Team Plasma members, only failing. The police have also even trying to catch me from the Nimbasa accidnet, but they just cannot do it! I actually had some close calls! Oh ya, this guy called Hilbert is now one really good Team Plasma trainer. N is promoting him. He is improving tremendously. Somehow, something inside he tells myself I will have to battle him sometime. I am also growing feelings for him even though I haven’t met face to face with him yet. Recently, Unova has been warped and twisted with fear. Turmoil has been driving many people crazy. Well, to tell you the truth, everything is crazy.

Hilbert-I have been helping Team Plasma! As N said, we have been fighting for the liberty of the Pokemon! We have almost taken over Unova! Mr. Juniper doesn’t even stand a chance. Even though his speech is encouraging, he won’t stand a chance either. Soon enough, with Unova in our hands, all Pokemon from the region will be released and stored into Entralink, with mass security protection. After that, we will have all Pokemon released into a special place called… Nevermind! I can’t be blabbling all my secrets! Just in case someone other than me sees this page! But anyways, you wait and see! Unova is about to change!

I am at the Dragonspiral Tower! We just defeated the police guards! I heard that Zekrom and Reshiram are in there! N and I are supposed to go there and catch the legendaries in there! I can’t believe it! I will meet the famous legendaries! I might even be able to catch it! I can’t keep my hopes too high though..

N-I cannot believe how anxious I am! After having Hilbert on our side, it has been a big blast! We are having many victories here and there in Unova. He has been growing stronger and stronger by the minute! However, we must act soon! The Pokemon have no right to be treated this way! It is so cruel! My papa, Ghetsis, is also one of the Team Plasma honorary members. He is really strong! He has been telling me that I will get to catch Reshriam soon! I am so excited! The Plasma Troops, Hilbert, and I are just ascending the stairs leading the Reshiram and Zekrom at Dragonspiral Tower! I am anxious! I am about to meet the most famous Unova Pokemon! Wait, I DON’T SEE RESHIRAM!

Iris-Gosh… I am so glad Hilda hasn’t been caught yet. I was on the ferris wheel that day Hilda was there with N. I found out the truth. I have to protect her. She is in grave danger. I will show her the way.

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