Hilda, Hilbert, And The Ferris Wheel Incident

By Vanilla Titanic

Herdier (Doggy) Lv. 23
Simisage (Sim Sim) Lv. 23
Pignite (Snouty) Lv. 25
Sandile (Sandy) Lv. 21

Tranquill (Feather) Lv. 19
Mienfoo (Chop Chop) Lv. 20
Dewott (Teddy) Lv. 22
Vanillite (Froyo) Lv. 19

Hilbert-I am so happy! I have just defeated the Nimbasa City Gym Leader! I cannot believe it! I thought I did not stand a chance! Now, my team consists of Sandy, Doggy, and Sim Sim, and Snouty, which are all stage 1 evolved. However, that red thing keeps on following me… I am starting to think that it might actually be a Pokemon… Oh well-I am so happy!

Hilda-OMG!!! I just can’t tell you what happened today…

That guy N, the turquoise color hair guy, took me up to the ferris wheel. He seemed as though he wanted to tell me something private… I was pretty eager and anxious along the way. However, he did tell me something private, but he told me something that almost made me had a heart attack. He is the leader of Team Plasma! Remember, the weird people in the gray and black suits, hats, and pants!??? I was really shocked! I just could not believe what happened! After that, he came to me, and he grabbed me on the collar. He told me that I could join him to become the Team’s leader also. He also mentioned if I did not want to, he would throw me off the ferris wheel. I punched him in the face. After that, I sent out my Chop Chop I caught a few days ago. It used Karate Chop on the window, shattering a hole. After that, I sent out my Feather. I hopped on its back, and then it flew out of the shattered hole. I could not believe it! I just committed a crime… I cannot stand it… My mind is collapsing… UUUUGGGGGGHHHHHH!!

Hilbert-A weird thing just happened.. Actually, 2! First of all, I just walked outside of the gym, and the Ferris Wheel at Nimbasa was locked up. A bunch of Policemen came. There was a broken part in one of the carriers of the ferris wheel… Weird… After that, the green haired guy I last saw at Castelia came to me. He said that he was N, and that he needed someone to fulfill his destiny. He told me that I could be one of them. I was skeptical at first. However, N pulled out 2 Pokeballs. After that, when they popped open, a small black and blue dragon with a small steel warrior popped out. He told me that those Pokemon were called Deino and Pawniard. He then told me that if I would join him, I would get both. What a great deal! Getting two rare Pokemon for just joining someone. I then agreed, and they were mine. I am so excited to start our journey!

N-Plan succeeded. Except when the little foolish girl escaped out of the ferris wheel. Oh well. She will be considered as a criminal soon… Good for her… The boy… He has the power to become the one… He already agreed to go with me… So far, Poppa also has ordered that we also should try to take over Unova. We already have started to put a few spies into the president’s, Suzico’s, office and headquarters, which is located on the other side of the nation… We have also tried to see inside Entralink, a dreamy, natural bank vault that contains every Pokemon in the world with a different ability. However, we mustn’t start. We have to take over the President first… Things are working out…

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