Unexpected Favorites Of Unova: Part 3

By Jo

One of my favorite things about the Pokemon games is that with every new region, you’re introduced to a bunch of new pokes that you eventually become really attached to. The only thing is, sometimes you don’t expect to become fond of some Pokemon that actually end up becoming your favorites.

Pansear was one of those pleasant surprises that I never guessed I would end up liking. When I received mine from a generous trainer (who just happened to have a Pokemon they were willing to part with that would have a type advantage against the gym leader I’d be battling) I thought, “Great! Now I’ll use him for the first gym and never touch him ever again. Just another poke to fill up my pokedex, and then a box”. Pansear did end up helping me through the first gym, though somewhere around my third gym I realized that he was actually more useful than I’d first thought. It turned out that he ended up staying in my main party until I reached my fourth gym and even now I still have a soft spot for that little red monkey with the crazy looking hair and silly attitude.
Solosis was another one I never expected to even like. When I first saw it I thought it was based off from some sort of ameba and was suddenly brought back to my freshman year in high school, learning about meiosis and mitosis. Not a favorite subject of mine – at all. But the thing was I’d always had a soft spot for psychic-type Pokemon.

Out of all 649 Pokemon, my favorite has got to be Espeon (I was a bit put out that they changed Espeon’s sprite back to the Platinum one for Pokemon Black and White, when Heart Gold and Soul Silver had such a nice one) and with each generation I end up swooning over its awesomeness. But since you aren’t able to get an Eevee before finishing the main plot of the game, and since you can only finish the main plot of the game by beating the Elite Four (one of the Elite Four members specializes in fighting-types, which are weak to psychic-types), I knew I’d need a powerful psychic-type to fill my Espeon void. My Solosis, Misha, was just the first one I ended up coming across and catching. Over time, my Solosis grew and evolved and eventually became a Reuniclus that was even superior to Caitlin’s. And I came to adore my Reuniclus to a point where its green goo doesn’t unsettle me anymore and I just find it endearing.

Pansear and Solosis (as well as their evolutions) will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s kind of shocking to think that I didn’t really like either one when I first obtained them, though now I’m pleased that I did give them a chance. They’ve turned out to be unexpected favorites.

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