The Solosis Line

By Jo

The Solosis line was one of the game-exclusive evolutionary lines released in the fifth generation. It can only be found in the wild and caught in Pokemon White. Though, like Gothita, its evolutions can be seen in either game and can thus be traded for and bred to get the entire evolutionary line to fill the pokedex.

Solosis, the Cell Pokemon, is a transparent, spherical shaped Pokemon. It has two light-green blobs that make up its inner body, black oval eyes, a red diamond shape for a nose, and a yellow spiral coming off the left side of its head. It has the highest Special Attack of any unevolved Pokemon and shares that honor with Abra. According to its pokedex entries, Solosis drive away attackers by using their psychic power. They are able to communicate with others by using telepathy. It also says that because they are enveloped in a special fluid, Solosis can survive in any environment. This may be a reference to an ability Solosis can have, Overcoat, which allows it to be unharmed by changes in the weather when in battle. Solosis appears to be based off from a cell, and the green gel-like substance surrounding it seems to be based off from cytoplasm. Its name most-likely comes from the words ‘solo’, ‘meiosis’, and ‘mitosis’.
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