Pokemon Black And White Daily Events

By Matt

Every day, there are various events happening in the Pokemon World. Since time has been a factor in the Pokemon games (Generation IV), there are time-based events that have existed. Specifically, I will cover the Unova region. One of the first places I go to when I turn on the game is Undella Town. If you go north and go to the ocean, you can find a way to the left. There will be a person in a black suit who will give you a random item. Most of the time, it is either a hold item for evolution, or an item that can be sold to collectors for more money. Either way, the item will be beneficial to your journey as a Trainer. Another daily event that I used to go to was the fossil excavator in Twist Mountain.

To get to him, go west from Icirrus City. Take the exit to the south and go into the tunnel near the middle of the mountain. The excavator will be right in front of you. He gives you a random fossil, which could turn into any fossilized Pokemon through the fossil restorer in Nacrene City. The Pokemon are level 25 when you get them, but make sure you have an extra slot in your party.

One event I don’t go to, because it is out of the way, is the rock-giving person west of the Tubeline Bridge. For this, I believe you go west of the shopping mall in Route 9. Go through the Tubeline Bridge, and you will meet a Parasol Lady who will give you a random rock based on the time of day you go to her. These rocks extend the effects of weather, and function as a hold item.

Anville Town features item traders on the weekends, some of which could save you money. Nimbasa City has Small Court and Big Stadium, which feature athletes and some fans who will gladly battle you. Sometimes, these places will be blocked off; this signals that a game is in progress and you cannot battle those athletes. Fortunately, only one area is blocked off at a time, giving you access to at least one place. While we’re in Nimbasa, you can also take the Ferris Wheel next to Elesa’s gym. There will be a person outside the Ferris Wheel who will use one level 25 Pokemon in a Single Battle. After you win, you can go on the wheel and enjoy the sights.

In the Village Bridge, there is a Baker near the bottom of the east side of the Bridge. He will give you a Berry if you can hand out sandwiches to the right people. The Hip Waders is also a fishing group in the Village Bridge. If you talk to the leader, he will ask you to catch something each day. I haven’t reported a Pokemon back to him, but the reward will be something good. Each day, there’s something new to do; the game will never get boring if you have a passion for Pokemon.


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