The Pidove Line

By Jo

The Pokemon Black and White games came out with quite a few flying-type Pokemon who are designed based off from existing bird species. The Pidove line is based off from birds found in cities, which makes sense considering areas found in the newest region are based off from New York City.

Pidove is a small bird. Its eyes are a golden color and most of its body is made up of grey colored feathers. Its wings have black stripes and its chest appears to have a lighter portion of feathers in the shape of a heart. It has pink feet. Pidove was the first ‘Who’s That Pokemon?’ in the Best Wishes season of the anime. According to its pokedex entries, Pidove are frequently found in cities. Because of this, they are accustomed to people and often gather in parks and plazas in large numbered flocks. While each will follow its trainers commands as best as it can, they sometimes fail to understand complicated commands. Pidove is most-likely based off from pigeons and doves, as its habitat is similar to pigeons and its heart shaped patch of feathers is probably a reference to doves as they normally are used to symbolize love. Pidove’s name seems to a combination of the words ‘pigeon’ and ‘dove’.

Once Pidove reaches level 21 it evolves into Tranquill. Tranquill is a bit larger than Pidove and its legs much longer. Tranquill’s design is most-likely based off from the Greater Roadrunner, a long-legged bird in the cuckoo family. It has a long, trailing tail that has dark markings. Most of the feathers covering its body are a light grey, though its head is colored black and almost looks as if it is wearing an old fashioned wig. According to its pokedex entries, Tranquill can return to its trainer’s location regardless of the distance separating them. Many people believe that, deep in the forest where Tranquill live, there is a peaceful place where there is no war. Tranquill’s name most-likely comes from the word ‘tranquil’ (as in peaceful and unstressed) and ‘quill’, a feather from the tail of a bird. Tranquill’s name could reference the fact that Tranquill are peaceful Pokemon with long tail feathers.
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Unexpected Favorites Of Unova: Part 1

By Jo

One of my favorite things about the Pokemon games is that with every new region, you can only ever catch Pokemon local to that area until you’ve beaten the main story line. It lets you get acquainted to the new ones that have been introduced in that generation, and really shows just how useful the new pokes can be. And sometimes you end up finding yourself attached to pokemon you never imagined being fond of.

Swanna was one of those unpredictable favorites. When it was first previewed, I hated Swanna – thought it was an unoriginal Pokemon that everybody would eventually roll their eyes at and forget about in the long run. Before the games had been released in the U.S., I had planned on using something like the Pidove evolutionary line for flying, or even Braviary. Though it became apparent to me in the fourth gym that I wasn’t as attached to my Tranquill as I’d assumed I’d be.
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Pokemon Fifth Generation Tomy Plush

By Emily

One of the major producers of Pokemon collectables for Japan, Takara Tomy has created many unique items over the years, and continues to do so for the fifth generation. While they may not produce plush with as much variety as Banpresto, the quality of the plush is great enough to rival those from the official Pokemon Center line of plush. Takara Tomy also has an exclusive line of talking plush, which are very popular and sought-after.

The first plush for the fifth generation made by Takara Tomy were of Zorua and Zoroark because of the 13th Pokemon movie. Zoroark was a sizably large plush at nearly one foot tall, while Zorua was roughly seven inches tall. Two other Zorua plush were also released, and were the large and small talking plush. The large one was about the same size as the Zoroark plush, while the small one was about half the height and was made like a keychain with a small chain atop its head. In October, shortly after the release of Pokemon Black and White, Takara Tomy came out with another set of plush featuring three new Pokemon – Pidove, Axew, and Munna. The new plush were a little bigger than the Pokemon Center plush, and cost a small amount more.
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Pokemon Black & White Episode 1: In the shadows of Zekrom

By Joey DiGiacomo

Ash, a Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town sets off for another adventure with his partner Pokemon, Pikachu, but what Ash doesn’t know is that Team Rocket is on the plane Ash is riding.

As soon as Ash lands into the new region, things get fishy. A huge thunderstorm comes towards Ash and Pikachu at a fast pace. While this thunderstorm is hurdling towards them Pikachu gets captured out of nowhere by Team Rocket. They realize Team Rocket is a problem, but Ash and Pikachu panic once lightning strikes. Ash sees a shadow of a Pokemon who is causing these lightning strikes.The mysterious Pokemon in the thunder cloud electrocutes everyone, foiling Team Rocket’s plans once again. Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt into the vortex like cloud, it makes the Pokemon even more mad, the mysterious Pokemon electrocutes Pikachu, making him use all of his electricity. After that something is wrong with Pikachu. He is now unable to use his electric attacks.
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Pokemon Best Wishes Episode 003 Review

By Trainer_Auro

After two episodes, Ash already has two Pokemon; Pikachu and Pidove. Hopefully he doesn’t fill out his party too soon, and stick us with the same six for the rest of the season. It would be even better if he caught more than six, and switched some things around every now and then. Something I’ve noticed about Team Rocket is that in both the episodes we’ve seen them in, they’ve used their classic mechanical arms to grab Pikachu, and yet they seem so different. But enough about Team Rocket for now.

This time, we start off with Ash and Iris heading towards Striaton (Sanyou city) to challenge the gym.

Introductions aside, it’s time for a play-by-play review. Warning, the following WILL contain spoilers. I recommend you watch this series on your own, but if you’re in a hurry, want another opinion, or just don’t feel like watching, this will be quick, and to the point without losing the details.
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