2012 Japan Pokemon Center Darumaka Minccino And Audino Canvas Plushies

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have released 3 new Pokemon canvas plush toys. Minccino, Darumaka and Audino are the first Pokemon canvas plushies to be released in 2012. After taking a long break from making the Pokemon canvas toys, the Pokemon Centers have released 18 different ones in a matter of 2 months.

The Tympole is about 3.25″ tall and 6″ long. It has nice stitching on the eyes. Very soft and cuddly.

Audino is about 4.5″ tall. Although it will not stand up by itself, its very cute. Its fur is very soft and has very nice stitching on its eyes.

Darumaka is about 4″ tall. Its round like a bowling ball. It stands up by itself. Very cute.

Minccino stands about 5″ tall. It won’t stand up by itself, but its very cool.  Its eyes are adorable.

All 3 of these canvas plushies have the new folding tag that started in late 2011.

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Emolga The Irresistible! Summary And Review


Hey guys! Today I will be summarizing and reviewing the 24th episode of the Pokemon Black and White series. In the previous episode, Ash earned his third gym badge by defeating Burgh in a 3-on-3 gym battle. The show beings with a trio of Patrat bouncing on a tree limb to yield some tasty apples. An Emolga peeks from a tree and flops down on the ground next to them. It proceeds to use Attract on all 3 of them, and as a result, takes off with all their hard-earned apples.

Ash, Iris, and Cilan are seen eating lunch with a guest, Bianca. Iris presents some apples for dessert afterwards, to which Bianca responds negatively. Oshawott pops out spontaneously and grabs an apple. Axew is handed one as well, but mishandles it and chases after it down a hill. An Emolga takes his apple and daydreams about a scenario to take all of Iris’s apples. It thinks that if it is nice to Axew, Iris will offer her apples in return. This is exactly what happens, but Bianca comes running down and smothers it. She shows her intentions to catch it and sends out her Mincinno to battle it. Mincinno begins with Double-slap and follows that up with Hyper Voice. It uses Tickle next, but that provokes Emolga to use Discharge and electrocutes everyone. Both battles uses Attract, but only the wild Pokemon’s attack goes through. Oshawott pushes Mincinno out of the way and begins to fall in love. It turns out our new friend is a girl. It flies away as Bianca and Axew chase after it.

Axew wants to give an apple to Emolga so they go looking for it. Bianca has her own intentions and heads off. We see it find some apples and its thoughts about Iris’s apples as well as a negative view of Bianca and being caught. Iris finds her and reveals that her Pokemon has a small crush on the electric-mouse. Just when they are about to cement their friendship, Bianca interrupts. She flies away, but Iris and Axew follow it, but they end up in a forest full of Swoobat. Emolga can’t stand it and she electrocutes all of them. Ash and the others play catch up.

Iris, Emolga, and Axew find a small pond and proceed to have a bit of fun. The electric mouse decides to use Hidden Power into the pool, but gets a little carried away and provokes a school of Swoobat nearby. She electrocutes them again and they make a run for it. The others are in the forest and look upon a rustling bush. Bianca decides to launch a surprise attack with Pignite, but mistakenly attacks a Scolipede. Iris and the two take cover in a small cove. Ash and the others are able to get away from Scolipede and they come to rustling tree. Bianca prematurely attacks again, attacking a Galvantula this time. Angered, it shocks all of them. Back in the cove, a huge group of Swoobat attacks them. They are surrounded and forced to fight. Iris sends out her Excadrill in hopes that he will defend them. It stays clammed up. Emolga uses her Attract, but has no effect on the male Swoobat. Excadrill is inadvertently affected and Iris recalls him, shaking her head.
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Minccino Neat And Tidy! Summary And Review


Hey guys! I will be summarizing and reviewing the13th episode of Pokemon Black and White. Ash, Iris, and Cilan are continuing on their journey to Nacrene City when they hear a young girl running towards them. The girl trips over a rock and stumbles, causing Ash and Cilan to fall into a nearby stream. While the two boys are drying up, Bianca introduces herself and relays a message from Professor Juniper explaining that she sent Bianca to give Ash a gym badge case. Ash receives his case and hands it over to Bianca to show her his Trio Badge when, all of a sudden, a Pokemon snatches it and runs away.

The trainers pursue it and hide behind a bush. It turns out to be a Mincinno and from the Pokedex, it likes to clean dirty objects, which would explain why it stole the dirty badge case. Bianca instantly falls in love with it and sends out her Pignite to battle. Pignite is tickled to submission prompting Ash to give it a go. Pikachu is ready, but Oshawott comes out of his Pokeball, pleading to battle. Mincinno tickles him and uses Double Slap and then runs away with the badge case. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has just reached Nacrene City and is surveying the city for a specific warehouse.

Back in the forest, Bianca has come up with a plan to capture Mincinno, by using Cilan’s dirty spoon as bait and a platter cover to catch it. Things are going accordingly to plan when it is caught, but it simply walks away with the cover on top of it. Our heroes chase it to a nearby tree and stream. Ash sends out Snivy and uses Attract, but Mincinno dodges it and uses Attract back at her. Ash must call her back and sends out Pikachu. Mincinno proves to be elusive and agile, dodging or blocking most of Pikachu’s attacks. It uses Hyper Voice and then starts to tickle Pikachu. Pikachu is able to resist and uses Thunderbolt on the worn out Pokemon. Bianca jumps at the chance to catch it, but cannot find a Pokeball in time and it starts to run off; however, it sees the dirty Pokeball and quickly runs over to clean it. The Pokeball opens up and catches Mincinno.

Ash finally recovers his badge and Cilan gets back his silverware. The group travels to a Pokemon Center and afterwards, Bianca challenges Ash to a 1-on-1 battle. She uses her Pignite against Pikachu. Pignite seems to have the upper hand and the match seems decided, but in a clash between Flame Charge and Volt Tackle, Pikachu emerges victorious. They become friends and Bianca goes on her way as our trio finally set out for Nacrene City.

We get to see Bianca in the episode! I found her to be an extrovert and quite expressive, much more invigorated and less timid than her video game representation. I welcome the big expression as it should be a positive role model for young girls. I thought she looked awkwardly huge compared to the others in certain scenes. I am impressed that she evolved her Tepig even though it’s her only Pokemon. There’s not much from Team Rocket these days.
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Minccino And Cinccino

By Jo

Every generation there are a few Pokemon introduced that just embody the term ‘cute’. When you think of Minccino and its evolution, Cinccino, you can’t help but be drawn in by their endearing designs. It’s really no wonder that both of them can be caught with the ability Cute Charm.

Minccino is known as the Chinchilla Pokemon, though it obviously has had its features over exaggerated. It has large ears, a long, fluffy tail, and big triangular-shaped brown eyes. Its fur coat is grey (with the tips of its ears and tail being white) and its limbs are all small. According to its pokedex entries, Minccino greet each other by rubbing each other with their tails, which are always kept extremely well-groomed and clean. They apparently prefer a tidy habitat. The entries also state that they are always sweeping and dusting, using their tails as brooms and dusters. So while Minccino is obviously based off from the chinchilla, it’s tail may also be based off from a feather duster. Minccino’s name may come from the words ‘mini’ (as in referring to its small size), ‘mink’ (an animal known for its soft fur), ‘chino cloth’ (what khaki pants are made out of), and ‘chinchilla’.
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Pokemon Fifth Generation Tomy Plush

By Emily

One of the major producers of Pokemon collectables for Japan, Takara Tomy has created many unique items over the years, and continues to do so for the fifth generation. While they may not produce plush with as much variety as Banpresto, the quality of the plush is great enough to rival those from the official Pokemon Center line of plush. Takara Tomy also has an exclusive line of talking plush, which are very popular and sought-after.

The first plush for the fifth generation made by Takara Tomy were of Zorua and Zoroark because of the 13th Pokemon movie. Zoroark was a sizably large plush at nearly one foot tall, while Zorua was roughly seven inches tall. Two other Zorua plush were also released, and were the large and small talking plush. The large one was about the same size as the Zoroark plush, while the small one was about half the height and was made like a keychain with a small chain atop its head. In October, shortly after the release of Pokemon Black and White, Takara Tomy came out with another set of plush featuring three new Pokemon – Pidove, Axew, and Munna. The new plush were a little bigger than the Pokemon Center plush, and cost a small amount more.
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All about Pokemon Minccino, Cinccino, and Emolga

By Emily

Both Minccino and Emolga share top spots as the cutest Pokemon from the fifth generation, with Cinccino trailing behind by just a little. While their strengths and attacks may not be perfect, their overwhelming cuteness and flood of merchandise more than makes up for it.

Emolga is a bit harder to find than Minccino since it only in shaking grass. Both Pokemon can be found on multiple routes, so you can get one at a relatively high level if you so desire. Despite needing an evolutionary stone to evolve, Cinccino can also be found in the wild where Minccino is normally found, but like Emolga it will only be in the shaking grass.
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A Teenager’s View On Minccino (Chillarmy)

By Matt

When I was browsing Hardrock-Pokemon, I came across a strange Pokemon called Chillarmy. It didn’t look bad when I first saw it; in fact, I thought it looked kind of nice. I forgot all about it until I came across it again. This time, it was in the wild, when I was training for the Nielbasa City Gym. It was somewhere in the 20s (level), so I decided to catch it: with the first Ultra Ball I had. Of course, it worked, and I kept it, but since my team had another powerful Normal-type (Audino and Stoutland), I couldn’t keep it.

This all changed when I looked at the Pokedex app (for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad). It says that Cinccino (second stage of Minccino) has a strong base attack and speed, but weak defense and special defense. Compared to Audino, which doesn’t evolve, it is still not as strong in terms of defense, but I decided to replace it anyway. Training Minccino is a very grueling task: Since it is a basic Pokemon, it has very weak base stats. The only attacking move it had was Doubleslap, which was very ineffective.
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A Teenager’s View On Cinccino

By Matt

Pokemon White Version has currently been bringing me a lot of surprises, especially with Minccino. Since I have limited knowledge of the fifth Generation Pokemon, I do not know which Pokemon evolve and which do not. In the Japanese versions of Pokemon, Cinccino is referred to as Chillaccino, which sounds like a type of coffee. Cinccino is a Scarf Pokemon because of the scarves that it appears to be wearing. Of course, it’s not a scarf, maybe just fur.

In the game, I have yet to evolve a Minccino into Cinccino. As a guy, I find Cinccino one of the few Pokemon that are really, really hot (serious). I find Cinccino sort of strange; this is one of the few Pokemon (maybe even the only one) that undergoes a one-letter name change. But I still love them, no matter what its name is; I can always just rename it. I find Cinccino so hot that I could talk all day about it, but explaining more about it would be a better choice for the audience (sighs of relief). Cinccino has a capability to learn more moves through TMs.
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Minccino And Emolga Large Size Pokemon Plushies

By Brian Grabow

The Pokemon Centers in Japan have just released two new large size plushies. They are Minccino and Emolga, or Chillarmy and Emonga as they are commonly known in Japanese.

Chillarmy Large Plush
Minccino Giant Size Plush Toy

These are only sold in Japan at the Pokemon Centers and not at any toy stores. These two large plush toys are bigger than most large size plush toys, but smaller than the lifesize plushies.They both have incredibly soft fur that is like velvet. Very soft to the touch. They are very nicely detailed too.  Both of their faces have nice stitching and are very adorable. The eyes are really nicely made and Minccino’s ears are also really cool. Very nice quality I think.

Both plushes are about 14-15 inches tall (about 35-38cm), so they are quite big. Not as big as the lifesize plushies, but pretty big.  The Minccino plushie is alot wider than Emolga Pokemon plush because of its gigantic ears, but they are both similar in height.
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