A Teenager’s View On Minccino (Chillarmy)

By Matt

When I was browsing Hardrock-Pokemon, I came across a strange Pokemon called Chillarmy. It didn’t look bad when I first saw it; in fact, I thought it looked kind of nice. I forgot all about it until I came across it again. This time, it was in the wild, when I was training for the Nielbasa City Gym. It was somewhere in the 20s (level), so I decided to catch it: with the first Ultra Ball I had. Of course, it worked, and I kept it, but since my team had another powerful Normal-type (Audino and Stoutland), I couldn’t keep it.

This all changed when I looked at the Pokedex app (for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad). It says that Cinccino (second stage of Minccino) has a strong base attack and speed, but weak defense and special defense. Compared to Audino, which doesn’t evolve, it is still not as strong in terms of defense, but I decided to replace it anyway. Training Minccino is a very grueling task: Since it is a basic Pokemon, it has very weak base stats. The only attacking move it had was Doubleslap, which was very ineffective.

Eventually, after I taught it Dig, it leveled up and learned Tail Slap. To my amusement, it was just another Doubleslap, but with more power. So I replaced Doubleslap, and I was on my way. Currently, the Minccino I have is level 46, about 5 higher than my team’s levels. The reason why I train it so quickly is because it learns its last move at level 49 (After You). When you use a Shiny Stone to evolve it, Cinccino will not learn any moves. Minccino also has a fast level up rate; it only needs 800,000 experience points to get to level 100, compared to around 1,000,000 for the average Pokemon. Its ability is either Cute Charm, which makes the target fall in love only if it is a physical attack (30 percent chance), or Technician, which basically makes weak moves powerful (1.5x). This would be useful for Tail Slap, but I have already replaced it with Hyper Voice, which is 90 power and 100 percent accurate.

When I first captured it, I found it strange that it was classified as a Chinchilla (which is a real animal). Usually, Pokemon names have an origin relating to what animal the Pokemon would resemble, so Minccino sounds very similar to a chinchilla. Using TMs is also another way to get Minccino to get more powerful moves, but if you check
a specific site, like Serebii, it will show that the available TMs it can learn are very few.

On the other hand, its base attack is one of its strong points, which means physical attacks will do the most damage. Fortunately, I captured a Minccino with a Brave nature, which increases Attack at the expense of Defense. This has led to Mincinno being one-hit KO’s in battles, even by Pokemon 10 levels under it.

Then, I looked up its defensive stat and it said the defense value was 40. So, it will prove difficult making this Minccino a Cinccino, but in the end, it will all be worth it.

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